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I am getting a full mommy makeover April 14th and...

I am getting a full mommy makeover April 14th and I am crazy happy! I have had 2 cesareans and multiple abdominal surgeries that has left my tummy scarred and me self conscience for the last 15 years. The doc says he can get rid of the scar completely! I'm thrilled. Also getting a breast lift. I'm a size ddd and I don't mind the volume, just want my nipples to sit higher and smaller. really didn't want the scar but hey, we do what we have to.

13 days pre-op

My meds.

Filled my prescriptions. The doc is having me start an iron supplement before surgery.

More pre-op pics

Happy Easter


Getting my supplies together. Front closure bras, wipes, gauze, tape. Etc. From another real selfer I got the idea to use doggy training sheets as an absorbent, cheap form of protection for your bed or furniture, in case of leaking blood. Thought it was a great idea, and 50 come in a pack, so super convenient to just toss when soiled. After knocking off some things on my list today getting really nervous about the surgery.

Some supplies

3 days post op

Super swollen? And more painful than I expected.

5 days post op

In lots of pain. My stomach is upset and I can't poop. Did I mention I'm in pain? The pain and discomfort is no walk in the park

A must buy

Bought this at Walmart. It was i think $10. It's huge and bendable and I love it. Buy three! For the tummy and back, so worth it.

The pain is real.

Having had 2 cesareans and abdominal surgery I really thought I could handle this. IT HAS NOT BEEN EASY. I was prescribed norco for pain that has me a hot mess, I'm super high, or nauseated or in pain cuz I'm scared to take it. I'm tweaking it. I'm finally cutting half in half.
The ab tightness is excruciating. But what is worse is the back pain from the full back Lipo. I finally went to the bathroom but still feel crappy. Patience. Trying to have patience and I keep telling myself it will be worth it.

Feeling better

Still sleeping in 4 hours intervals ( when the pain meds are due) but feeling a lot better. Moving around a lot more but still pretty limited. Hubby only planned on taking a week off, he's now taking 2.

Feeling Great

Spent a lot time on my feet yesterday, woke up today feeling really good. Showered with little to no effort. Moving has gotten a lot easier. My biggest pain is my lower back. The muscles are tighter than ever, I try and stretch them every opportunity, But they ache. Also this drain is a real nuisance. Can't wait to have it pulled. But all in all the 1st few days I was in this hell of pain and regret feeling like a bus hit me, but now the sun is shining and the birds are singing lol.

Looking back, and loving today

Had my last drain taken out today. Moving around much better. Really feel like I turned a corner today. Got the steri strips taken off my incisions on my breast today too. I really love how my breast came out. My tummy is too swollen to appreciate it just yet. But still very happy all in all. Right now I'm putting triple antibiotic on the incisions.

swell hell

Woke up super swollen. What I did different, had some french fries, and walked. Though everyday I feel an improvement in mobility and being able to stand straight, I know it takes time. I walked yesterday for 20mins and it pretty much finished me for the rest of the day. Probably shouldn't of done it. Patience is vital in this journey. My doc said 2 months to start seeing real results and feeling close to normal. 2 months to erase years of being unhappy with my body, piece of cake ;)

The good ,the bad, the ugly

Swollen. And achy. The wounds are healing and the scabs are starting to itch and crack when I move. My binder... My bestfriend. Get more than one. Pics are of breast scars.

Bl scars


Still very swollen, going to have to really pay attention to my diet. Other than that feeling good. Everyday gets better.

Ready to move

Feeling good but still not a hundred percent. Still swollen. My friend suggested arnica and echinacea tea. Huge difference, less swelling for sure. I'm ready to be full recovered and start moving normally and work out!!! Ah!!! This process is slow! Still walking hunched over too.

Bunching of the skin

So I have this bunching of the skin where my doc pulled my waist in. He says it's suppose to go away. Other than that everything is healing fine, no infections. I was cleaning the incisions 2 times a day with gauze and triple antibiotic. Now that they are not seeping anymore I'm leaving them alone and just letting the scars fall off by themselves. Still swollen. I watch everything I eat. Eating very raw n clean. Still walking hunched over too. Though I try to stand up straight I can't do for long periods of time. I had full back lipo too, and my back still hurts. It's been a sllloooowwww recovery.

Still swollen

So still swollen. I've had a lot of lipo, muscle repair so I've come to conclusion it's going to just take time. I feel good though , very happy with my results and still feel that it's absolutely worth it. Working on standing up straight but not rushing things by any means. My scabs are itchy!!!! And I am still sore too. And taking Tylenol at this point. But I'm not going to lie, I have my moments where I get sick of being limited and feeling crappy because I'm so swollen.

Turned a corner

Feeling really good today. Went on a bike ride, spent the entire day on my feet, and my swelling is not so bad. Standing up almost straight and I'm not in any pain.

More progress

Standing up straight. Swelling is still there. I can lay flat. Added pics of my breast lift scars. Using palmers shea oil. But have docs appt the 22nd and will discuss alternate scar care because I'm not liking the scars at this point.

One month post op

Cleared to workout

Doc says I can workout. It's game on. Enjoying buying Victoria secret too. Still swollen. At the end of the day it's the worse.


Working out

Well started working out, and surprise it creates even more swelling. Swelling is my biggest problem. Plus with the holiday and not eating so clean as u can see in the pics I'm super puffy. My breast lift scars are gross. Going to start silicone sheets. Laying flat but not comfortably. I wear my binder all day still and just these past couple days I take it off to sleep at night. I tried using spanx but they are so uncomfortable and I feel like my inside are falling out if I'm not wearing a binder. Anyone else feel like this???

Almost 6 weeks post op

Still swollen

Moving around like normal pretty much. Sleeping my side some what comfortably but not on my stomach yet. Working out like mad. Patiently waiting for the swelling to go away. Using silicone scar strips and gels.

3 months post op

Swelling has gone done significantly. I'm loving how everything is healing. Bunching is almost gone working on my diet and other areas that bother me. Thinking about getting a quote for inner thigh lipo and lipo my arm bat wings

3 months post op

Happy with my results

Very Happy

I think I got great results! Very happy!!!

1 year later

Scars are still very much noticeable but I'm still very happy.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Best experience. He calmed all my worries, and changed my life. The proof is in the pictures. The staff is welcoming, kind and knowledgable too.

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