Twenty Plus Going For A Brazilian Butt Lift & Miami Thong Lift!!! - Chicago, IL

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Hi Dolls, I'm new to RS. Been snooping on this...

Hi Dolls,
I'm new to RS. Been snooping on this site since Dec '14. After 3 kids (a set of twins included), I decided that it's time for me to get the body that I once had. Decided to go with Dr. Shifrin after reading great reviews about him and actually meeting with him. He made me feel so comfortable

Exactly 2 Weeks From Today

Time is flying by. I'm so anxious about my procedure. Met with Dr. Shifrin on Friday, May 1st, for my pre-op. We discussed what look I want to achieve and again, he reassured me that he can get it done. My vitals were taken, before pics were taken, and prescriptions were given to me. Oh, I decided to get a BBL for now in which fat will be taken from my abdomen, flanks, and thighs. When I go back for a tummy tuck in July, he's going to lipo the back of my arms if I still need it. He stated due to health risks that it'll be best if I have the arm lipo done when I come back. Anyway, after being very specific with how I want my butt, he suggested that I get a Miami Thong Lift as well. So on May 19th, I will be getting a BBL and a MTL.

Before Pics

Another Before Pic

Here's a before pic of me taken 6 months ago before my weight gain hit me out of no where. Depo birth control shot is definitely not my friend.


So excited. In less than 2 wks, I'll be ShifrinFIED! 5/19/15

Only 48hrs To Go!!!!

Hey Dolls,
I'm soooo excited. This doesn't feel real. Been waiting for the day and now it's finally here...5/19/15.


Got a text and phone call from the sugery center with the time to arrive. Can you say patient #1. So happy, now I can have the Dr. when he's full of energy. Don't want a tired Dr. working on me. 6:00 a.m. here I come.


Sorry for the delay but Ive been in so much pain. Everything is looking great. My hubby cant keep his hands off me. Ill try to upload something later. I just want to go back to sleep. Thanks all for your support.

Hey Dolls!!!

Hey Dolls,
These 3 days has been painful for me. I had a BBL and Miami Thong Lift. Fat was taken from my abdomen, flanks, and the upper part of my legs. Legs are super swollen. It's been very painful for me to walk and stand because of the leg lipo. Took my first shower last night. Felt better afterwards. Downloaded a pic. Will take more later.


I know yall have been waiting so here it is....Just a recap of what work was done...bbl, miami thong lift, and upper leg lipo.


So, I had my surgery on last Tuesday, 5/19. I arrived at Mokena Surgery Center at 6:00 a.m. I was Dr. Shifrin's first patient. Signed a few papers at the front desk and was given a $25 gift card. I was then taken to the back for a pregnancy test and changed into my surgery wear. I'm not a fan of needles so getting an IV terrified me. Not only that, but I was poked 4 times because the nurses couldn't find a vein in my forearm. Pissed to the max. They eventually placed the IV inside my elbow. Shortly after that, Dr. Shifrin came and marked me up. I was given anesthesia and was knocked out as I wheeled into the surgery room. My surgery started at 7:30 a.m. At about 11:20 a.m, I was starting to wake up. It was a little blurry but I still noticed my surroundings. There was a nurse right there calling my name...girl..why you keep calling see I'm Anyway, I guess I was propped up on a stretcher or something with lots of pillows surrounding my bottom. I was asked to transfer over to a let out chair. want me to do what...didn't you get the memo that I just had upper leg lipo and a bbl. Now mind legs are wrapped up on swollen mode and I have this tight garment around my waist. Ok, find...I'll move over. So I moved over to the chair and the whole time I was thinking about how I didn't want to sit on my butt. The dr. came in to reassure me that it was ok to sit on my butt because the pillows were cushioning it. Chile please...I ain't taking no Anyway, they gave me more pain meds, juice, and a cookie. I was out of there by 12:30. Now the real journey begins at home during the 1st week...Stay Tuned. About to get some sleep. Hope yall enjoyed some of the pics. Will post more.

2 Week Review!

This has been quite an experience. I haven't taken anymore pics but I will this week. The first week was very uncomfortable and painful...not so much my butt but my legs. I got my upper legs lipoed and at first I was regretting doing that because of the swelling, burning, numbness, and not being able to walk. I suggest you don't get leg lipo and a bbl at the same time...not a good combination. Anyway, I'm doing so much better now. Butt is fluffing out and changing everyday. Legs are slimming down and the numbness and bruising are subsiding. I'm walking kind of normal...just got a limp from the soreness. Still not able to clean and cook like I used to. I pretty much stay in my room all day because climbing up and down the stairs is still a challenge. Oh, let me tell yall about those bowel movements. Chile, that first, second, and third one wasn't anything nice because squatting was difficult for me. I literally had to open my butt cheeks to let it out. I still have to do that til this day. Tip of the lots of baby wipes. I still haven't sat on my butt. I'm on my stomach all day. I don't wear my compression garment all is so annoying. I switch between my waist cincher and butt lift girdle (both from to my compression garment. Also, I keep my compression stockings on 24/7 to reduce the swelling in my legs. I purchased a pair of thigh high compression stockings and they are really keeping the swelling down. If I'm on my feet for more than I should, my legs starts tightening up which is there way of letting me know to sit down. Other than that I'm recovering very well. I just listen to my body. One more thing, you dolls should purchase a booty buddy or a bbl pillow. I chose the booty buddy because it's not as wide as the bbl pillow. I haven't used it yet but when I do, I will give a review of it. Shout out to jourie for this Goodnight yall!

3 Week Review!!!

Hey Dolls,
My booty is 3 wks old today...yay!!! Recovery is coming along well. I still have a little soreness in my lower back. The swelling and bruising in my legs are subsiding. My left leg is more swollen than my right. They're not recovering at the same speed but it's getting there. Anyway, I'm walking better and climbing those stairs a whole lot better. I sat directly on my butt for half a minute yesterday....literally! It felt normal but I just don't want to sit directly on it right now although most doctors say that it's ok at 3 wks. I've read that some doctors suggest waiting until 6wks to sit directly on it. Ok...let's talk about my bootay. I am loving the results. Some days I'm a little iffy about it because one minute it's looking nice and big and other days it's just looking ok. For the past few days, it's been on point. I used my booty buddy yesterday. It's a little uncomfortable for me because my legs are still sore so putting most of the weight on the back of my thighs makes it uncomfortable. My stomach is still a little sore and tender. It swells up when I go most of the day without anything on it. I try to keep my foam binder (the pink room) on most of the day. It's really comfortable for lying on your stomach. I haven't been using my latex waist cincher a lot...only used it a couple of times. I think I'm going to purchase a steel boned corset to waist train instead. I read from one rs member that the latex waist cincher can cause the fat cells from your hips to dissolve the to the sweat. I need my hips. Oh...I'm still sleeping on my stomach and I hardly wear my compression garment. I'm going to start back wearing it for at least 12 hours a day. I uploaded some pics so enjoy.

4 Week Review!!!

I'm doing soooo much better. Still a little swollen but I can tolerate it. Thighs are still bruised but the bruising is subsiding. My booty changes everyday. I'm In love with it. Last week I was a little iffy about it...but it was only playing tricks on me. I cleaned the entire house today. I'm walking up and down the stairs like a normal person again. Walking with a limp is gone...I'm back walking normal yall!!! Still sleeping on my stomach and since surgery, I've only set directly on my butt for maybe 20 minutes. Other than that, I use my booty buddy for sitting. Has anyone heard of Calendula tea...heard it helps with swelling and bruising (pineapples are also great for bruising). Anyway that's it. Just wanted to give yall a quick update. I try to update every week. I'm not on here a lot. I will upload some pics in the morning. Goodnight!


Hey Dolls,
I'm feeling myself this morning. Tried on some old jeans and my legs were able to fit them...hallelujah! I've always had problems finding jeans that didn't fit me properly because of my big ol legs. Thanks Dr. for sucking the fat out.

5 Wks & 5 days Review

Hey dolls,
Been MIA for a minute. I try to update once a week. Anyway, life is soooo much better. Booty fluffing out...still at 45 1/2 inches. Legs are doing much, much better. The swelling and my legs has subsided about 85% and 75% of bruising has faded away. Still very cautious about sitting directly on my butt although I have in small periods. I still lie on my stomach for sleeping. My compression garment is loose...Dr. Shifrin will give me the 2nd stage garment at my 2nd post op appointment next week. I wear my thigh high compression stockings all the time. It really helps when I've been on my feet too long. I'm happy I made this decision. The pain was all worth it.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

After doing research I came across two doctors. Dr. Placik Otto and David Shifrin. Both top surgeons from my home town, Chicago. Dr. Placik was my first choice but he charges a consultation fee so I never got a chance to schedule a consultation. Why should I pay a fee just to be seen...NEXT! That is when I came across Dr. Shifrin. So happy that I did. I met with him in Feb '15 for a consultation. He and staff was very warm and welcoming. Dr. Shifrin made me feel so comfortable. I told him what I wanted and he assured me that he can get it done. He knew exactly what I was talking about. Consultation was free plus I was able to use the $500 coupon offered from his site. I paid my deposit plus most of the surgery cost on April 3rd and is scheduled for surgery on May 19th. My pre op appointment is May 1st.

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