32 Yr Old Breast Augmentation. Dr. Placik Chicago. 5'3 127 Lbs - Chicago, IL

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Ok. So i had a tummy tuck back in May and I had...

Ok. So i had a tummy tuck back in May and I had been toying with the idea of BA. Right now i wear a 36 A but don't fill it in. I'm a 32 year old mom of 2 and i nursed my son for 3 months and my daughter for 2 years. (My son was colicky) I loved the size I was when i was nursing. Full B small C, however I feel if I'm going to spend 7 grand on boobs I might as well get my monies worth. :)
I'm 5'3 1/2
127-130 pounds. (I fluctuate)
Starting at 36A with room

I'm so confused right now on the major decisions. Should i get saline or silicone? How many CC's? And worst of all...incision...armpit or under the breast.

I think I'm going to do silicone, but the thought of it rupturing and me not knowing scares me. The incision... With my hide tummy tuck scar i hate to add more to the front and really wanted the armpit cut, but I'm worried they will fall to the side, look sloppy, or the pocket won't be done right. I want the best results and I am nervous they may not come with the armpit incision. :( please please help.

Making decisions

Oh goodness. This has been difficult. I keep researching and researching and just kept getting more and more confused. I contacted my doctors office to ask a few more questions before my 9/5/14 appointment and price was one of them. I had no idea there was a price difference between saline and silicone. I just figured boobs are boobs they will cost the same. I was completely shocked to see that the saline were $1300 cheaper.
Well... I've already saved enough for the silicone so the money is not a big deal. However it totally is a bonus should i sick with what I'm thinking at the moment. (It keeps changing day to day)
Right now I'm thinking saline through an armpit incision, at 400 cc's.
The reason i am leaning towards saline is usual "it is dissolved easily by the body." And "A rupture is known about right away" . I'm a little worried about the heaviness, but other than that I'm pretty confident about this.

some pics

Sorry. I tried to add before pics but hit post too soon. :)

rice sizers

OMG! I made rice sizers last night and tried 400 cc'd which was huge. Then i tried 350 which was big but tolerable. Then 325 i thought was perfect. I'm so so scared of being top heavy and not looking proportioned. I also noticed that the bigger my sizers got the smaller my butt looked. :( anyone have that happen in fall life??? I can't wait until this is all over. I feel like rushing to get it done just so i don't have to research anymore lol


Rice sizer pics.

consult, payment, and paper signing

Ok. So today I met with Sharri and Mireya the two nurses at my doctors office. We went through and tried on 325's which i loved how natural they were and then 350's which didn't seem to be much different. I tried 375's and said they were too huge.Sharri stuffesd 400's in and said what do you think? I said I really like these. Then she said with your measurements this will look best. I tried on a few different shirts and loved them. She said, "I knew we hadn't gone big enough because you didn't gasp and say that's too big." She had me keep them in awhile to get used to the shock and i kept getting more and more comfortable. She showed me her boobs and she had the areola incision. I could barely barely tell there was a scar, so seeing as how worried i was about the armpit scar and the crease scar i decided to move forward with it. I just didn't want more scars on the front of my body. These will work great. Ok. So big deal is saline or silicone. Two people i have talked to had rippling. One had iver the muscle saline which rippled badly. The second had a tiny bit after 14 years. I was told my breast tissue is thick enough to cover saline and it would probably be best. So. Final decisions.

Areola incision
375 filled to 440

I'm 5'3 1/2
127 pounds
I have 2 kids and nursed
I am a 36A 34B (don't totally fill it)

I paid in full and signed my paperwork. Now I'm just counting down to surgery day. :)

surgery update

Ok. Since I'm super excited and i have already paid i figured I'd see if i can get this done sooner. Turns out i can :) new surgery date is 9/29 :) :)


So surgery is in 6 days. I'm so so so nervous. I keep looking at my boobs and thinking what if I'm making a mistake. They're perky, I'm not super flat. What if they sag And i don't like what i look like with boobs. This is so i am. I often identify myself with small boobs. Is this a mistake. Am i vain? What if i look ridiculous? ! What if I'm not meant to have big boobs. I've come close to cancelling the appointment and losing the money. Is this normal? ??????

today is the day

Today is the day. On my way there and so nervous! I will check in later

and we're done :)

frankin boob any one

I have a bad case of frankin boob can anyone give me advice on how to b get rid of of

day 4

Ok I'm getting nervous day 4 and no change..plus i think I've developed huge strtchmarks. Omg I'm gonna cry!


Oh and cc's I 375 filled to 450 on one and 440 on the other, saline mentor moderate plus

5 days post

Ok. So today in feeling better. Not so sluggish, tired and worn out. Which is great. I'm starting to move around better too. Unfortunately, i have developed a small blister near my nipple which isn't all that painful but still there. My nurse says it's normal and just let it pop on its own. My breast are bigger than what i would have liked, so I'm hoping with swelling the size will go down. Oh not to mention my period came yesterday which also sensitizes my breast and added cramps i just didn't need lol . The stretch marks are still freaking the hell out of me since i hadn't seen anything like this in any other post, but I'm taking giraffes advice and smothering on that coco butter/viE Oil

1 week po

So i drove yesterday. Went to two stores, made dinner, and called it a day. My breast are still heavy and tight and uncomfortable. I'm pretty much just accepting that this is the way it will be for awhile. This is not a quick process.

8 days po

Well morning boob sucks so so so much. It is not my favorite part at all. They are still pretty hard. I just can't wit fir then to loosen and drop. These few weeks after are killer to wait through. I go back to work today. Exhausted all

po 9 days.

Work went well yesterday and i came home to cook dinner and do homework with the kids. I'm a single mom :) work was ok since i sit there most of the time. I'm an accountant. My stomach is still bloated which bites because i miss my flat post tummy tuck belly. :) i know it's temporary though. Does anyone know roughly how long it lasts? I was so nervous about going too big and i really do feel like i may have. I have gone through the boobie blues but didn't want to scare anyone on here. Lol, but i am nervous i went too large. 4 people at work made comments about how my breast look so much bigger. They didn't know about the surgery. I think I'm the only one on real self that is actually hoping this is mostly swelling and they go down. Can anyone tell me roughly how long it took for the breast swelling to be completely gone?

po appointment

Post op appointment today was disappointing. I have a blister on each boob and due to just how tight i am it may take longer to soften up. Feeling a little worn

11 days po

Now i feel more of the feeling like i have milk in my breasts. That's when i make sure to do my massages. Here's the not do pretty side to this surgery. I wish i would have known those stretchmarks were a possibility.

12 days PO

Ok ladies. I need to hear from you. So i have made the decision that i am going to ask my surgeon to remove some of the saline. I'm thinking 50 cc's from each. However, I would like to honestly know after all the swelling went down with your BA how big was the difference? Is there really that much swelling???

just a little therapy

Honestly i think I have been a big pain in the butt. I've realized that most big busted women go through this during puberty. Loving, hating, loving. But here we are grown adult women who are thrown into whole new world. At moments i think they are great, but i look at them and think... what the heck do i do with these? When you are smaller they are pretty much non-existant through your clothes, but now they are all in our face. :) plus they are sore and super hard so they are pretty hard to throw into different tops and squeeze them up in a sexy bra and feel sexy. Not only is it a healing time but getting used to a whole new body image. Sort of like losing 100 pounds. People just react to you different and it makes you question yourself and feel a little uncomfortable. I know they will heal and look lovely. I know with big or small boobs i am an amazing person. I know i will love filing out shirts better. I just didn't realize how many different feelings i would feel. Thank you ? rs family for the support through all my negativity. Lol. ????

feeling a little more comfortable

I wanted to post some pics i feel comfy/ sex in :)

po day 13

Just keeping everyone updated

day 15 PO

So I swear my right boob had been bigger than my left from the beginning. It's harder and just appears larger. So lets run down what's going on. Morning boob (where the boobs are their tightest, firmest, fullest, most painful) is starting to ease up a lot. Yesterday and today were not so bad. The actual nerve pain has gotten a lot better. They have softened a bit and don't feel life two cement balls on my chest that I'm trying to hide. I have started feeling little pins and needles here and there. I was told to just massage them out.
The blood blisters finally popped and are starting to dry up. I still put neosporin on them to keep healing and i cover then under my little braletts with a gauzy type thing that doesn't stick to avoid further bothering them. I actually slept on my side last night which felt amazing. But then i woke up i was so nervous my implant had moved and got stuck to my sides. Lol. They didn't. I was just being s weirdo. So i massaged them and went about my day. The last few days my boobs have been sooooooo sensitive. Not just the nipple. The whole thing. When i put on the oil it is even sensitive. That's it for now. Have a great day

right boob bigger? yes yes it is

Well i called my docs office because I could swear my right boob (left in the pics) was bigger than my left (right in the pic) well turns out it is. I had 440 in my left 450 in my right. Which is why it's tighter, more painful, firmer, and bigger. This one also has more blisters and stretch marks. I know they said my upper left side came out more so they may have to fill one more than the other but once they fill them they sit me up and everyone makes sure they look even. Ummm... I'm sure there has to be a reason this was left like this. So I will be asking at my next appointment because this is noticeably different.

16 day po

So the filled with milk feeling is lessening a lot. The tight feeling is almost gone. I still feel really full, but now I'm getting sharp shooting pain through them here and there. Which is annoying. I slept on my side again last night and it felt better. They still feel sensitive. My back is killing me though by the end of the day. I guess that part of big boobs is normal. I had my first..."maybe i should have gone bigger" thought yesterday wanted to slap myself. One boob is officially bigger than the other. I can't wait to ask about it next week since it's pretty visible and I'm sure they had to have done this for a reason.

3 weeks tomorrow

So I will be 3 weeks PO tomorrow. I'm still having a hard time putting the seat belt across my chest. My Nipples are super sensitive so i put gauze over them so it doesn't rub on anything.
I also started feeling my implant. It felt like a muscle was popping over it and felt really weird. After three days of this I am starting to wonder if it's actually the saline swishing inside. Also when doing my exercising on one of my best i actually felt the implant. Freaked v me out. I can lay on my side when i sleep, but I'm afraid to because the last time I did the implant must have hit a nerve and I was in some good pain the entire day. My blister scabs are almost all off. The neosporin helped them scab quickly. They are softer now but still have a way to go since i didn't have any extra skin and they were soooo tight. I went to target today too and tried on bras a36C looks like it feels well. Ladies let me know what you think about the swishing and the bra. Does it look like it fits? Ugh it won't load I'll keep trying

bra pics

Bra pics. I didn't buy it. I was curious what size I would be. This was a 36C

3 weeks PO

Here are the 3 week pics although I left my updates yesterday. Yay no blisters


Great great website

1 month PO

Ok. I have to say that I am finally falling in love with my boobs. :) I mean i freaking love them. I still get the fullness feeling and need to massage it out. They are soft now but still have some ways to go. I can sleep on my sides which is great. My nurse even suggested i try to sleep on my stomach. She did i had to get these babies acting like they were mine. :) when i jog i can feel my right implant. It's like a swishing feeling. It feels weird and makes me giggle. There is still some obvious dropping that needs to happen but it looks like it's almost done. My nurse also told me if I like the upper pole fullness that i could wear a bra that keeps them high so that they don't drop too much. I want them to stay a little full on top. But natural looking. I'll add sine pics later today. Just wanted to celebrate my 1 month PO :)

5 weeks po

5 weeks po pic

5 weeks po side view

Side View just taken

more 5 week pics

Here are a few more pics taken today. Po 5 weeks. Lovin my boobies!!

po 5 weeks stretch marks

Here's updated pics of those once hideous stretch marks :)

stretch mark difference

I have to show the progress

7 weeks po

OMG I am LOVING my breasts!!!! They feel like they are totally mine. No pain and I sleep anyway I want. I've been cleared from any restrictions and I can take the tape off the nipples and start scar treatment. The scars from the blisters are still there so I am treating them too. My left nipple is super sensitive and my right I have very minimal feeling in. Doc said it should start coming back soon and a long as I have some sensation I can be assured it will all come back. The implants get a little sore now and then because they may be hitting a nerve. But nothing serious. Love love them. :)

Almost 6 months PO

Omg!!!! I haven't logged in for awhile and I seem my before pics. I cannot believe that is me!!!!! Those little boobies. Lol. Ok I am doing great. Everything is totally back to normal and I am soooo used to these babies that some times they look too small to me. Yikes!!! I lobe them though and the 20 new victoria secret bras do too. I do feel the bag in my right boon in different areas from time to time but nothing too bad. Hmmmm...I'm not sure what else to mention. Sometimes when I lay on my stomach my boobs feel weird. The incisions look ok although one areola looks bugger than the other because of the incision. My right side nipple sensation hasn't really come back either yet :( ok...now the pics
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

I love love my doc! I love his nurse Mireya. They are super friendly super helpful and super accommodating. I would never go anywhere else. :)

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