31 Years Old, Stubborn Fat on Stomach, Tumescent Lipo of the Stomach with Fat Transfer to Breasts - Chicago, IL

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My back story- I am 3 weeks out from my procedure....

My back story- I am 3 weeks out from my procedure. I am 31 years old, 5'4", 130 pounds and have had 1 child who is now 20 months old. I have never had any form of plastic surgery. After having my son, my breasts went from a 36 D (pre-pregnancy) to a 36 large B and have become deflated looking from breast feeding. I have NEVER had a flat stomach, EVER. I was 150 pounds when I got pregnant and I gained a lot of weight throughout my pregnancy and ballooned up to 210 pounds. In the last year, I have lost all of that and more (80 pounds total) and even though I have lost so much weight, not much came off of my stomach. Even after 6 months of doing ab workouts 4 days a week, my waist has only went from 39 inches to 34 inches.

After all of my hard work did not pay off like I had hoped, I decided that I had had enough of never being able to find pants that fit right (my legs are like a size 2 and my waist a size 5) and I started getting iLipo treatments. After I sunk $1000 into that, I was somewhat happy with the results. My waist went down to 31 inches, but after a few months, I am back in the same place at 34 inches. After researching multiple forms of invasive and non-invasive lipo, I have came to the conclusion that the only way I am going to get permanent results is to get the real deal and go with invasive lipo.

Last month I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Memar in downtown Chicago. Once I started talking to him, we decided it would be a better for me to have tumescent liposuction of my upper and lower abdomen, love handles and the area on my back on my bra line and then have the fat transferred to my breasts to try to get some volume back in to them. I went back in to meet with Dr. Memar last Saturday for my pre-op appointment and he discussed expectations with me. He said to expect some lumpiness in my breasts and that I should not expect this procedure to make my stomach flat which is surprising since all of the before and after pictures I have seen of women with stomachs similar to mine have shown excellent results. I am hoping he is under promising and will over deliver. I also understand that a lot of my results will depend on me following the after care instructions properly and keeping a straight posture. He wrote me prescriptions for vicodin for pain, a pill to fight infection, an anti nausea pill, a pill to help relax me the day of the procedure and a special anti-bacterial body wash to use the day before the procedure to help fight germs. I also got the information to order my garment (I already got it from Veronique). Now I am just anxiously awaiting the day to get here!

I am detailing my journey in hopes that it will help others as I have not been able to find much detailed information when researching this procedure. I will be as detailed and graphic as possible because that is the information I am looking for and can not find! I would love to hear from others who have had this procedure about what to expect during the procedure and what to expect afterwards. Any tips for aftercare would be helpful too! I am also happy to answer questions for anyone who is thinking about getting this procedure!

Less than a week away!

I am getting pretty nervous about the procedure now that I am closer to getting it done. I am obviously also excited at the same time. I went to Victoria Secret and got a comfy pair of sweatpants and a loose shirt last night to wear the day of (semi-annual sale). I wish I could have bought a few bras since they are so cheap but I wasn't sure what size to buy! A few questions I have for ladies that have had this done:

1. My doctor said he could give me ketamine for nerves- has anyone else gotten this? What was your experience like?

2. Did you have to remove your nail polish? It is not on my pre-op instructions and I am only getting local anesthesia.

3. Did you bring anything into the OR with you? Like an ipod, socks etc?

4. I have a few stretch marks from when I was pregnancy and I read somewhere that if you have stretch marks then you don't have much elasticity in your skin. Now I am worried I am going to have saggy skin where I get the lipo. Did anyone end up with saggy skin?

If anyone could give me their feedback on experiences you have had with any of these topics I would really appreciate it!!

Getting Ready!

I am waiting to go in and start my medicine and I am getting really nervous! I am super excited too! I will post an update with my pre-op and post-op pictures as soon as I am able!

3 days post op

Here are my pre op and 3 days post op pictures for comparison. Sorry it took me a while to post them but today is the first day that I have felt up to it. I am definitely VERY swollen in these pictures but I could see a difference right after I had it done. My breasts look more full and my waist is definitely slimmer so i am really happy with the results so far. I will post more at 1 month post op.

As for the procedure, it went much better than I had anticipated. I went to the doctors office at 1 and he marked me up and then his nurse gave me the vicodin and Lorazepam to help me get relaxed. At 3 they took me back to get started and at the time I didn't feel like I was completely relaxed (which I now know I was!) so the doctor gave me a shot of something to further sedate me and I don't remember much after that. I remember certain parts like when he was injecting the tumescent fluid into my stomach, a point where he was lipoing my back bra area and a few times he was injected the fat into my breasts. I do not remember feeling pain. Next thing I knew, my husband was in the room and then the nurses took me out to the car. I slept the whole way home and through the night. When I started to get pain was the next day when the numbing fluid started to wear off. The fluid drained out of me most of the night so you want to have dark towels and puppy pads laid out on the places you will be laying. I took my pain meds every 8 hours, and they seemed to control my pain. It's more of an achy feeling lIke what you get after doing a hard workout.

I had my post op appt 2 days later and the doctor said he was very happy with my results. He got 400 ccs of fat out and injected that between my breasts. He said i have to wear my garment all the time for 3 months and then 12 hours a day for another 3 months which sucks because it is so uncomfortable but I can live with it :) He also gave me the go ahead to take a shower and let me tell you it felt like heaven!

Dr. Memar and his staff were nothing short of AMAZING and I would highly recommend him to anyone in the Chicagoland area. He was so caring with me and even texted my husband a few times a day before my follow up appt to make sure I was comfortable and to check in which I thought was incredible!

I am 6 days post op today and am still swollen and still in a little pain but I also went back to work yesterday and have probably been overdoing it. I have a follow up appt in a month and I will update at that point!
Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon

I have been VERY happy with Dr. Memar's professionalism thus far and he has really made me feel at ease about the procedure. He was also very open to answering any questions I had and gave me detailed answers.

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