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I knew for a while now that I wanted this...

I knew for a while now that I wanted this procedure done, now that I'm done having kids it's time!!! I had my consultation with Dr. Shifrin Feb 5 for liposuction. Dr. Shifrin pretty much told me that getting the LIPO I wasn't going to see the results I wanted and that I should think about a TT. So I slept on it and I thought why waste my money if I'm going to do it I might as well DO IT! So TT and lipo of sides it is, My surgery day is less than five days away so I'll post before and after pics then. I'm so nervous I don't know what to expect....

Tomorrow is the day!

I just got a text to be at the surgery center at 7am!!!


Before TT

Made it to the flat side!!!

everything went as planned, I made it to the surgery at 7:30am and was out 2:30. I went into surgery at 9:30 the procedure was 2 1/2 hrs and the rest of the time was spent in recovery Dr. Shifrin and the whole surgery center team were amazing they really took good care of me and made me feel so good about the procedure. I'm not in so much pain just a little stiff and my left drain is so irritating. I haven't saw myself yet, I go see Dr. S tomorrow so thats when I'll get to take a look.

Sneak Peek

well it's day4 and nothing much has changed, still on my pain meds eating a bit more its hell getting in and out the bed and Walking I don't even want to think about it. I go to the doctor Wednesday to remove one drain and to see the results here is a little peek...

6day post op

swelling is killing me but everyday gets better

One drain gone!

today I got one drain removed and it felt like nothing! I was so scared I thought it would hurt but once again dr shifrin and his team are the best!


Hey guys! Well it's been 9 months!!!! All I have to say is I love Dr. Shifrin!!! Best decision I ever made! All I do is walk around the house naked and look in the mirror lol. Some days I still look/feel swollen, especially if I eat salty foods but other than that I can't complain. I tell everybody about my journey and promote Shifrin as if I work him lol
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