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Just scheduled my consult with Dr. Shifrin. Really...

Just scheduled my consult with Dr. Shifrin. Really excited and hope we can get the ball rolling on my new body soon! I'm a mother of two amazing girls and my current height and weight is 5 feet tall and 135 pounds. Working on loosing at least 10 pounds before I schedule my surgery. My weight prior to having my first child was 115 After my first daughter was born at 22 inches and 11 pounds via csection and I had gone up to 170 and shortly after that down to 128. Three years later i gave birth to my second daughter through a scheduled csection which was 22 inches and 10 pounds!!! Very very large children! No gestational diabetes during both pregnancies or any medical issues. With my second pregnancy I didn't gain as much weight about 165 but both were very different pregnancies and belly shapes.

After giving birth to my daughters I felt horrible about myself and could barely stand to look at myself in the mirror. I began to work out and eat healthy and I'm not about to give up on myself. I'm not expecting perfection and although I do have a ton of wish pictures I'm hoping for a positive and realistic outcome. So excited to go through this journey and to finally feel like myself again!

Will keep everyone posted once I meet the doctor and ask him all the questions that I have. Wish me luck!! And good luck to all of you!


It went great. When we arrived we were taken in immediately and met with the doctor within only a few minutes of being there. They were polite took the time to listen to my concerns and explained everything in great detail to the point that they pretty much answers all of my questions before I had the time to ask. He said im a good candidate for the mommy make over which would include a full tummy tuck, with lipo of the flanks and upper abdomen and a bl with lollipop lift and silicon implants.

After, we met with the financial woman and she was incredibly nice and took the time to ask if we still had any questions, financial or otherwise.

When I got back and discussed with my husband. We went through our fanances and decided we'd go through with it. So we will be calling them back soon to schedule.

So excited and nervous all at once. Have lost about 5 pounds, so now at 130. Trying to get down to 125 before surgery. I've been working out at home every other day and eating lots of lean protein and fruit and veggies with 6 small meals a day.

So grateful to my amazing husband who has not pressured me and wants me to feel good about myself. And so grateful to my mom for coming with me and helping out with everything. I really hope this all goes good. And I really hope for any of you ladies out there going through the same thing get your wish too!!

Surgery date scheduled!!

Yaassss!! Can't believe his is finally happening but after the approval for the loan that I did not think we were going to get, I have scheduled my surgery date for July 11th!!!! Now just to start not only physically but mentally preparing myself for this. I've read so many of your stories and followed quite a few of you through your journey with Mommy makeover/tummy tuck/ bl with implants and I know that the healing process will be hard but in the end it'll be so so worth it. I'll try and keep everyone posted as much as possible and if anyone has any questions for me please don't hesitate to ask. And if anyone has any tips or tricks please let a girl know :-P So excited to feel good about myself again and be able to wear jeans and not have his huge flap of skin to tuck in. And so incredibly grateful for my husband and mom who have decided to split the payments of my surgery. I wouldn't have been able to do this without them! Literally!!! And the amazing support of my sister, who has always tried to make me feel amazing about myself and is just so supportive, I don't know where I'd be without her. Can't wait can't wait. Now time to really focus on getting fit and spending as much time cuddling with my littles seeing as come July I won't be able to pick them up for a little while. Good luck ladies!!! New me to come ????????????????

Couple more before pictures ????

Some more before pics. Officially down to 128 pounds. My goal is still 125 and with 30 more days to go, I'm hoping I get there soon! Getting more and more excited and nervous. Really hoping the hubs can handle the girls on his own for the first couple weeks. They can be a bit wild and every now and then even i need a little break. I feel so lucky to have such a supportive husband. Single parents are my Heros! It's hard enough being a parent with a significant other, to go at it alone has to be so hard! Good luck to all of you and happy healing!

Pre op and then some

So preop went great got there and they took us straight back to pay off the remaining balance and sign off on a ton of papers. The staff and dr Shifrin are so incredibly friendly and accommodating. After, we were sent back into the waiting room, the wait time was quite a bit long but other than that no complaints. Once we got to the back they check my vitals and took some before pictures. The doctor then came in and took my measurements, which was kind of awkward but he could sense how tense I was and did his best to make me feel comfortable. I appreciated it more than he knows! He then asked if I had a preference on breast size and shape and I showed him some wish pics. After, they came in and the hubs and I had a good time selecting implants. he said I could go any where between 325 and 425 ccs. We ended up going with 400 cc smooth round natrelle moderate plus silicon Implants. They then handed me a list of prescriptions as well as my instructions for before and after surgery and we were on our way. So so so excited to finally have nice boobies for once in my life and for a stomach with no sagging skin.

Things are getting more and more surreal and with only 14 more days and having gotten a little off track, I'm going to kick my butt into high gear. Gained a couple pounds back this week so back at 128 but working on getting to my goal and sticking to it not only prior to surgery but after. Weight loss isn't something I only strive for prior to surgery but after to maintain a nice physic as well as having a long healthy life.

Picked up my scripts and borrowed a recliner from the in laws. Also finished up on my physical and labs and just waiting to hear back from them soon. Can't wait can't wait.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions, please do. Good luck everyone and happy healing to my fellow real selfers!

With only a few more days away and..

Feeling that guilt I've been reading so much about. Just wondering if I'm being incredibly selfish and getting myself and family into this. Money is going to be and already is very tight and with only one of us working just wondering if I made a mistake. Don't even know if I'll be able to afford the things I need after surgery. Or if my husband will be able to take care of our girls all day without us getting down each other's throats. Ugh too much on my brain. Hoping that things turn around soon. Contemplating canceling and just missing out on the 500 dollar fee. Still have quite a few things to get like a second surgical bra and body garment, the silicon scar treatments that I'll need and several other things ???? Feeling pretty low right now.

Sore and very happy

So surgery went great! Went in on the 11th and was set up pretty quickly. Doctor ran about 30 min behind but no biggie because it gave my mom and me more time to relax and talk. The nurse and staff at the magma centr were very kind and accommodating and constantly checking in on us and asking if we were ok. Once the doctor arrived I met with the anesthesiologist which bared a remarkable resemblance to Danny Divito. Like no lie when he came to the door I thought I was being punked. Lol he was very nice asked me several questions and said they would be setting up shortly. The doctor than came marked me up asked me if I had any questions and tried to get me to relax. I was very nervous and excited and glad that I had my mom with me to help keep me calm. The doctor was great my mom had a huge crush on him lol. After I met with everyone I was taken to the back where I was put to sleep by Danny Divito.

When I woke up I was assured that everything went great but that's when I felt the intense nausea and pressure from the implants. I seriously did not expect any of that to feel the way it did. At first it was very very scary i will admit. But the nurses at the magma center continuously assured me that I was ok and that everything looked great. I did vomit a lot but since I was still pretty numb from the anesthetic it wasn't painful. The nurses then gave me a liquid pain killer along with some ginger ale. Once I was all the way awake they got me dressed and had me on my way in a wheelchair.

Once I got home the reality of everything just hit me and i was in tons of pain. My mom took lots of care of me. When they tell you that you need someone to do everything for you you really really need someone there for you. It's hard to do anything. Even just walking is hard. If you keep up with your medications walk occasionally and rest as much as
Possible you will get through this. I stayed with my mom up until my first post op and it was probably one of he best decisions I've made for myself. I slept on her recliner which is probably one of the best things to sleep on after surgery. She cooked for me she helped me to the bathroom she sponge bathed me. Ladies and gents sometimes you just need your mom. And I'm so grateful to have had mine there for me. It's still very hard for me but I know that it's temporary. And this is just a small bump in the road to enjoying this new bod.

I had my post op appointment yesterday where I was taken straight back into a room. Once I sat down and got undressed the nurse and doctor came in to remove my bra binder and bandages which revealed my new body.
My mom and I were so incredibly pleased. It's just all so much better than I ever expected it to look. Everything is still pretty swollen red and bruised which is expecte but I'm hanging in there and now back home with the hubby and girls. I slept for the first night since surgery at home on the recliner my in laws borrowed me. And actually got a solid 5
Hours last night. Hubbys doing such an amazing job with me and he loves the way it all looks too. I was Okayd to take a shower so once my girls go down for a nap that's the first thing we'll do. That's all for now I'll keep you all posted as much as possible. Good luck and happy healing guys!

Ladies and gentleman

Warm prune juice is a miracle worker! That is all! I'll be BMing all night probably.


If it's one thing I hate is relying on other people to take care of me. I want to be able to make my own breakfast lunches and dinners and get up and doing things on my own. So ready to start moving and doing my own things. Can't wait can't wait! Other than that I've been feeling a lot better today has been a huge turn around in my energy and pain level. Hang in there guys the first 2-4 days are the absolute worst! This is not at all comparable to a csection. You will get through this I promise you! It gets easier and easier everyday! Happy healing people sorry about my crazy rant lol



Around yesterday at 2 am I was awoken to this itchiness. It was unlike any rash I've ever had before and I have pretty sensitive skin. I woke my husband up to take a look and it was in small patches near my arm pit area I took a benedryl and went back to bed. But when I woke up a few hours later I was covered! My fingers my legs my abdomen my entire upper and lower back in hives. So I freaked had the doctor paged which he told me it could be a reaction to the antibiotic. As the day went on the rash continued to spread even with benedryl and benedryl cream. So my sister drove me to the ER where they confirmed that I had a pretty narely allergy to the antibiotic. So now I need to take an oral steroid that may slow my healing process down. Why why me ugh this rash is so unbearably itchy I just want it out of my system.

Other than that everything else has been good with my boobs and tummy. So ready to get these drains out!!!

Things are moving along...

Things have been going good! Still super tight and not even close to standing up straight. Little by little things are moving along and I'm not rushing myself. Still pretty swollen but I've been icing 3 times a day and trying to get some steps in every couple hours. My appetite is back but beware not to eat too much because it will not feel good!
As for my rash it's been getting a lot better. I had a severe allergic reaction to my antibiotic, which is in no way shape or form the doctors fault. These allergies
Run in my family and I had never had one before until then. After my trip to the ER things got better for a little while then got worse and i woke up to some huge swollen lips. Went to my doctor where I got an additional predisone shot and things after that started to get better and better. Still have spots on me from the rash but it's no longer itchy thank goodness.
Went and got one of my drains removed on Wednesday. I did not think those things were so long inside you, I was amazed. It didn't hurt so much as was a little freaky. No stitches on the drain sight was just told to keep it clean and set and to not apply anything to it. Haven't been taking any pain meds aside from the occasional Tylenol if i feel a little sore. The doctor said everything looked great was wondering if they'd remove my tape for me but he said to just let it fall off on its own. I can feel my left boob which is the less swollen boob more than my right for now, but the doctor said that's normal. I get my last drain removed on Wednesday and I truly can not wait. still sleeping on the recliner which isn't so bad. Can't wait to have all my energy back but little by little I get there every day. Feeling good these days and I can't wait to be back and at em. Haven't measured myself yet my weight prior to surgery was 128. And after I got home I weighed 132 and now down to 127. Still very swollen though. Good luck guys and happy healing!

More pics

In case any of you were wondering I still have a couple stretch marks that show but I honestly don't care. Can't wait for this most of this swelling to subside

17 days post

Things have been moving along very well. Super swollen in the belly this week but breasts are settling in nicely. Had my last drain removed yesterday and since I'm a quick healer it was a little harder to remove. And yikes it hurt but was over quick. He said the scar and everything else looked great and asked that I continue icing the abdomen and to ice breast if they get sore. No working out just yet but walking is fine. Was concerned about the edges of the scar sticking out a bit but he assure me it should settle in the weeks to come. He suggested I use vitamin E and cocoa butter. Lots of dry skin lately and just picked up the goods yesterday. He gave me the green light to start scar treatment on my tummy tuck scar but to wait for the tape to come off my breasts to start treatment on them. They offer this bio silicon cream but I'll just start with scaraway and mederma and if I'm worried about it in a few weeks at my next visit I'll just pick some up then. I asked him about silicon sheeting and he said it won't make much of a difference. How have some of you felt about scar treatment? Still pretty sore and walking about 75% straighter but sometimes at the end of the day I notice myself hunching a lot more.

I feel like I've been getting around a lot more and doing a lot more on my own. Still sleeping on the recliner but I'm going to give it one more week and then switching to my bed. Pain levels depend on the time of the day. If anything hurts more it's my breasts. My abdomen just feels incredibly tight and tingly at its worst. But for the most part not a lot of complaints. Can't wait for this tape to come off my breasts so i can see what type of scar I'll be dealing with. Loving my results so far and loving them more and more every day. The staff and doctors at Shifrins are excellent and very kind and straight forward. Will keep you all posted on any changes. Good luck everyone!

And the tape is off!

So far things are getting better and better. Have been feeling like I have so much more energy this week. Soreness is at a minimum throughout the mornings but peaks through still at night. Aunt Flo came to visit me this week and the swelling is real!!!! So super bloated on top of swollen. Weight is fluctuating between 125 and 127 so down on the weight that I started at also had not been eating the healthiest but getting better at it in the weeks to come. So glad I did this when I did so this time next summer I'll be good to go! Had a little scab under my right boob right at the t incision that started leaking. Got freaked out big time but spoke with the doctor and he assured me that it happens and as long as there was no odor, redness, fever or swelling. It's actually gotten a lot better and scab is now about the size of a grain of rice. Sometimes I find myself getting impatient with the healing process and it can be frustrating but everyday I remind myself where I started with this and I know I've gotten better. Not standing 100% straight all the time but I'm at about 85% most days. But loving my smaller than the waist and shape. Good luck guys!

Been a while 8 weeks post

So it's been a while since I've posted. Things have been moving along smoothly. Have had a few questions along the way but Dr.Shifrin and everyone in the office has been encouraging and helpful. Went today for an 8 week visit and everything went good. I had a few questions all which were answered. My right breasts areola is slightly different from my left and before I could ask the doctor about it he mentioned he would do a little revision at our three month visit along with the slight dog ears I have on my sides. Other than that I've been given the go ahead to work out and begin massaging my scars. Life has been good, have had more energy and going for walks with my girls almost everyday. Occasionally feel sore on my left side after a busy day or after a bout of allergies and sneezing fits lol. Tightness is almost non existent in the beginning of my day and afternoon but towards the night depending on how much Ive done and what I've eaten can get a little tight. I've been back to picking up my hefty baby(she's about 33 pounds.) I started my scaraway silicon gel around week 5 and have been putting it in once or twice a day. Boobs have softened up a lot since week 3 and have dropped more. Have been sexually active with my husband since week 4 finally!!! He loves the way everything looks and is happy to see me happy.

Diet has not been going well but now that I've been given the go ahead to work out it'll be my extra motivator to eat healthy. Current weight is 128 ugh. Other than that I love that I can sit and lean without a huge belly hanging over and can wear low cut tops without my saggy bits busting out my shirt. The first time since ever that I feel great about the girls and first time in 5 years that I feel great about my body.
So so happy that I made this decision and so ready for this next chapter in my life along with shopping for a new wardrobe.

Life is good! Good luck guys! Be patient and happy healing!
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