27 Year Old, 6'6 /270 Lbs, Getting Lower Body Lift After Losing 140lbs! - Chicago, IL

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Let me start off by saying hello to everyone at...

Let me start off by saying hello to everyone at RealSelf! Your reviews have been extremely helpful with helping me make my decision to move forward with my lower body lift. Now that I have a date on the books I feel it is only right that I document my journey in hopes that I can also help anyone that is looking to possibly schedule this procedure (though I'm honestly very nervous to post about his since it is a topic I am insecure about!!).

A little about me -I'm 27 years old, 6'6 and currently weigh 270 lbs. My highest weight was over 400lbs (414 lbs I believe), in total I've lost about 140lbs. I did not have any surgery to lose the weight, I joined Jenny Craig and exercised consistently (6 days a week). It took me 12 months to lose the first 100 lbs. I am now at a weight that is comfortable for me and very manageable (it has been 2 years since I've lost my weight and I've been around 265-270 for 6 months). My original goal was to be at 250lbs, but I realized I was looking at things all wrong. The number on the scale has nothing to do with the excess skin I have and no matter how much more weight I lose it won't go away or look any better in clothes. I'm very happy at my current weight and therefore elected to do the surgery now.

Ok so at this point and time I'm FREAKING OUT!! I officially scheduled my Lower Body Lift for the last week of April which is literally only 5 weeks away. I kept telling myself I was going to schedule it for sometime during the summer, then I said no I'll wait until December so I can have a few extra days off with the Christmas and New Year holiday, then I noticed I kept wanting to push it off further and further so I literally just told myself, do the next available date that works and get it out of the way! So here I am, scheduled to cut in half in 5 weeks (well not literally but it feels like that's what I'm doing).

Even though I chose to get my LBL very soon, this decision was not made hastily or without MUCH consideration. I researched this website and other pages for about a year. When it was time for my consultations, I chose two top surgeons in Chicago to meet with (and one from Minnesota that came as a recommendation from my boss). That in itself was a strange experience -especially in the waiting room! Each time I was waiting to meet with the surgeon, the waiting rooms were full of people who were talking to others about the procedures they were going to get done. It was almost as if everyone was shopping for designer clothes except they were talking about body parts, it felt very odd. I honestly felt out of place. I am someone that NEVER EVER would have imagined opting to have surgery done because I HATE needles and am very sensitive when it comes to pain. I played sports for the majority of my life so it's hard for people to understand that deep inside I'm actually a big baby! The only reason I am doing this is due to the fact that I have excess skin that will not go away regardless of the time spent at the gym. I owe it to myself to be happy and proud of the hard work I put in, and therefore I elected to move forward with this major operation. That, and I'm so tired of not being able to wear certain clothes or shirts that are made of certain material that clings to my sides or areas where there is more skin. I want to be able to wear whatever I want, and be comfortable in swim trunks!

I will try not to write a novel, but for those of you who are like me and want to know every detail, just message me or comment with any further questions and I'll be sure to answer them.

About the surgeons -I met with Dr. Michael Horn and Dr. David Shifrin in Chicago. Let me start by saying that both of these doctors were very professional and their office staff were very professional. I met with Dr. Shifrin first during the week day and had a scheduled appointment time of 2:00pm. Upon arrival, his office was PACKED. I'm talking wall to wall with nowhere to sit. His consultations are free of charge, so I'm assuming that has something to do with it. Needless to say, my appointment time was irrelevant as I waited to see the doctor for about TWO HOURS. I was a bit irritated as I am very punctual and very busy, but due to the fact that this is something that means a lot to me and he is a highly recommended surgeon, I waited. When I finally met him he was very nice and polite. The first thing he said was "sorry about the wait we are so busy…" and of course I said no problem. They ask you to take your clothes off so I did and he knew started just looking at my stomach and back area as I explained what I wanted done. I actually had come in just for a tummy tuck, but after speaking with me he mentioned a lower body lift and what it entails. A tummy tuck only takes care of the front area, and yes some lipo is done to the flanks, but lipo just removes fat, there is still skin there and it may droop or protrude still. Being that I exercise daily and like to wear form fitting clothes, it still wouldn't look very appealing. He said he suggests that to all of his patients that have lost weight and are very active/healthy because they seem to be type A personalities and "perfectionists." I couldn't disagree with that statement…. So therefore he basically said the lower body lift will remove the hanging skin from the front and also remove the fact from the back (love handles). Other people on here wrote about their but being lifted and outer thighs, that wasn't really discussed with me. I'll have to ask when I go for my pre-op consult in two weeks. My butt is fairly big for a guy so I'm hoping the "lifting" isn't excessive as I don't want to look like Nicki Minaj lol but I digress… In talking with Dr. Shifrin I just told him about my journey and what I hope to get out of the surgery. He smiled and said "that's awesome and I want to let you know I plan on being very aggressive so that you get the best results -you're going to look amazing." That made me feel very good. I like that he was upfront about being aggressive for the best results, and that stuck with me.

Next I met with Dr. Michael Horn on a Saturday. His office was not as packed and he charges $100 for his consultation (I'm thinking this is why it wasn't packed like sardines). When I arrived for my appointment I was taken in right away. After a few minutes Dr. Horn walks in, very nice guy and very polite. VERY VERY shy. He literally stared at me for a minute and I felt like I was leading him through the consult instead of being asked questions. When it came down to take my clothes off he also suggested a body lift but said his are broken down into 2 different surgeries (that wasn't very appealing to me as I'm already scared of going through one surgery). His feedback was very similar to my first consult so I was happy that it was consistent. Dr. Horn was very quiet and not very personable (as in making small talk, joking around, etc.) Some people may like that, but I'm in sales so I'm all about building rapport and establishing a connection. That, and when he first went to touch my stomach I got a huge static shock (his floors are carpet) and I felt that was a sign he wasn't the one lol Call me superstitious, but it was very odd. This doesn't take away from the fact that he is a highly recommended surgeon with great reviews, just giving my honest review as this is what I would want to read if I were still a fly on the wall looking through reviews.

QUESTIONS: So my pre-op appointment is in two weeks. I'm very nervous, but WAY MORE EXCITED than I am nervous. What kind of questions should I ask at the pre-op appointment? I want to make sure I'm not missing anything! Also, I'm starting to prepare for my recovery and I need to know what kind of items I should purchase to make my recovery smoother (the essentials). During my recovery I will be watched by my grandfather who is in his 70's but very active and strong. I'm a little worried that it may be too much to handle for him, but at the same time I'm trying to be positive in that I won't be a complete vegetable after surgery and can move around slightly and be kind of self sufficient. Did anyone else have this similar situation? Or is it best to opt for professional care? Also, any advice on pain management is greatly appreciated as I am very much aware it will be painful, but I want to try my best to control the pain as much as possible!!

I will keep you all posted on my journey and any questions or tips I have along the way. I have also included some before pics for those of you interested in the different body types that get this surgery.

Looking forward to interacting with all of you!


Procedure Details!

Hello Real Self Fam!

I have been getting a few messages asking about the duration of my surgery and what exactly it all entails. Though I've answered it in some of my replies, I figured I would make a post about it in case you all have any questions or comments. The Surgery itself will last 4 hours. This includes: Body lift along with Liposuction to the Abdomen, Flanks and Lower Back.

Speaking of liposuction, I've been so focused on the body lift portion that I almost forgot to ask if anyone else got liposuction along with their procedure (body lift or tummy tuck)? Did you feel it made much of a difference? I've worked really hard at losing 140lbs at the gym and workout constantly which is something I enjoy, I'm just wondering if the lipo actually does anything to enhance those results? It seems like everyone writes about bloating/swelling, and at times this can last up to 6 months or more. So it seems kind of strange to get all of this additional fat removed only to swell up like a balloon and not see the results. Eventually do you actually see the results? Sorry if that sounds dumb, I'm just trying to figure out what I should expect. I don't want to have unrealistic expectations, but this surgery is a pretty penny so I would hope to see some good results and maybe even a bit more muscle definition (of course I plan on hitting the gym as soon as I am able to so that I can reach the definition desired :-) ).

Also, does the liposuction add any additional pain to the recovery? I've heard of people having pain around the liposuction punctures? Every time I see a video of someone getting liposuction it looks so brutal :/ . Thanks again for all of your advice and feedback! You guys rock!


Pre-Op Q&A Revealed!

Hello Real Self Friends,

I'm up bright and early this morning and first thing on my mind was to log on and let you all know about my long awaited pre-op appointment yesterday!!

First of all, leading up to this appointment I was very NERVOUS. I love what the procedure will do for my body and I feel I deserve to be happy after losing 140lbs and maintaining this weight for 2 years. On the flip, I just freak myself out thinking about going under anesthesia and feeling extreme pain afterwards for a long period of time.

Well….all of that went away when I came back for my appointment! The staff at Dr. Shifrin's office are all so helpful and polite. They put up with me and all of my crazy questions and nervous breakdowns Me: "Are you sure I'll be ok?" lol -bless their hearts :).

Beginning Recap: Arrive to Doc's office. Receive instructions on where surgery will take place. Also, you will be given a large packet that goes over the procedure(s) you are getting done -in my case I had a packet for a Body Lift and a separate packet for Liposuction. You must initial and sign every page which are your consent forms signing your life away -literally. In quite a few places it will state, this can cause blah blah blah, oh and in rare cases, DEATH. Nerves creep back in at this point. Signed everything and gave back to office staff.

Doctor Consult: Before doc comes in, assistant instructs you to strip naked (boxers optional) and put on a robe. At this point they take your blood pressure, weight (265lb WOO HOO!!) and the highly anticipated "Before Pictures." **I asked if my pictures could be emailed to me this weekend so I can share with all of you. As soon as I get them I will put them up for you.

Q&A: When the doc came in, I was ready with all of my questions thanks mostly to all of you that commented as well as a lot of you whose posts I read. All answers below:

1. Will procedure require muscle repair?: Yes, this will give best result and look. Won't be as aggressive since I am a male and therefore not looking for an hourglass physique.

2. Does a Body lift include a tummy tuck?: Yes

3. What's the difference between a Body lift and a tummy tuck/extended tummy tuck? Body lift takes care of tummy tuck and also gets rid of all lower back fat, while lifting the butt and thighs. Tummy tuck only takes care of abdominal area, but if you have muffin top from the back it won't address that. Also, extended tummy tuck just goes a bit further back, however he said if you are doing extended you might as well go for the full body lift.

4. Will I have a pain pump: No. Pain relief is injected before being stitched back up.

5. Constipation -will this occur? is this common?: Yes constipation is common, I will be given stool softener that must be taken after the procedure.

6. Drains -how many and where are they located?: I will have 4 drains total, 2 in the front in my pubic area, 2 in my lower back/butt area. Could take up to 3 weeks before removed.

7. Liposuction -why intraop instead of a few months after? Will this interfere with healing time or cause complications?: First I was told whoever gave me this question is very smart and know their stuff! Basically the answer was yes technically it could cause complications, but being that he is an expert and is doing the liposuction more as a contouring and not so aggressive, he knows exactly how far to push the limits to get the best results.

8. Shower -How does this work during recovery? He said after a few days when I feel up to it I can shower on my own. It would be best to have someone near by in case I fall, or purchase a shower bench.

9. Rest positioning -How am I supposed to position myself if I have stitches all around my body?: Short answer, you will still be resting on your back. Optimal position is a reclined position as it will also relieve tension from your abdomen.

10. Consuming alcohol after surgery?: Once off pain medications, you are allowed to consume alcohol as normal (asked because I will be attending a wedding 4 weeks after surgery!).

11. Will body lift affect my chest area?: Yes, it will have a positive affect on chest area and get rid of creases below the chest.

12. How soon after surgery can you have "intimate relations"? Best to wait about 4-6 weeks. Definitely after drains are taken out lol

13. Anesthesia -will I be nauseous? How do I avoid this?: Best way is to stay very hydrated. Also, they will try to do most of Anesthesia through IV and use less time with gas mask.

14. How long until I can go back to my regular gym routine (heavy lifting)?: 6 weeks

15. Belly button -how will it be shaped?: I am able to bring pictures day of surgery on what I want my belly button to look like. Doc says for women usually he gives a longer belly button (looks like a diagonal slit), for men a more traditional round belly button (this is what I want).

16. Anything I can do pre-op to help with recovery? Yes -stay hydrated (lots of water), start consuming a high protein diet.

That's all for questions! Hope this helped. I think I addressed most of your questions from my comment section. Will post my before pics as soon as they send them!



Pre Op photos!!! 6 Days until GO TIME :)

Hey Real Self Fam!

There are only SIX days left until my Body lift surgery and I'm not going to lie, I'm FREAKING OUT.

Based on other reviews it seems like it's pretty normal to go through an emotional roller coaster right before surgery, but the last few days I've just been thinking about the actual surgery itself and hoping that all goes well. I've never had surgery before so I'm just so nervous about the whole thing. That, and of course the whole recovery period is stressing me out too. I'm such a baby lol but I'm seriously hoping the pain isn't unbearable :/.

On another note, my surgeon was awesome enough to send over my before photos ahead of time so that I can share them with you all! Even though I was a bit shocked at how they look (talk about unflattering angles and lighting), I'm still so proud of having lost 140lbs on my own and having the courage to show you the physical representation of that weight loss.

Because I was so large, I have a lot of stretch marks that cover a lot of my upper body. I asked the surgeon what those darker areas are on my back, but was told they were also a form of stretch marks. I was a bit concerned since they are discolored. I'm fully aware that not all stretch marks go away even after the surgery and I'm ok with that. At first i was a bit bummed out since these photos show just how much stretch marks I have (I never really pay close attention), but either way the main point is to eliminate the excess skin, everything else I can live with and will display proudly on the beach :). I can't wait to see what the after pictures look!!

Also, thanks for all of your helpful tips on preparing for the recovery period. I rented a lift chair for a month which will be delivered and installed the day before my operation. I also will be going this weekend to buy a few more items including a raised toilet seat, latex gloves and a walker (just in case lol). If you have any other suggestions on post-op recovery comfort items let me know as this weekend is when I'll be getting everything.

As always, looking forward to hearing from you all!!


Today is the day !

I'm literally getting prepped! Update you soon!!

5 Days Post Op -Update!

Hello Real Self Fam!

Well, it's official, Body Lift complete!

I wanted to update you all way earlier but I've had nonstop family and friends over visiting me so I couldn't just sit and just write like I wanted to. Today it's just me in the living room while my grandpa (who is my caretaker during recovery) runs some errands so you all get my undivided attention.

Warning -this post may run long!

I don't want to skip anything so let me start from the beginning (day of surgery) until now. I will try to cut to the main points and answer in depth in any of the comments ;)

Day of surgery -my surgery was first since it was the longest (scheduled on the books for 5 hours -yikes!). When I got to the same day surgery center in River North they ask you to fill out more paperwork (basically sign your life away). I was full of adrenaline and nerves. Then they had me change into my gown and get prepped with an IV. I REALLY started to freak out. I met my anesthesiologist during this time -she was absolutely AMAZING. I'm talking like an angel sent from heaven. So nice, funny, and very calming. She was from Northwestern and had been doing this for over 30 years. I told her I was scared and she said "why, you have me and I'm going to make sure everything is alright." She injected me with some numbing fluid, then stuck the IV in my hand and had this cold liquid go into my veins. She said it was so that during the surgery my bladder would be slightly full. At this point she mentions during surgery they will stick a catheter through my penis that goes up to my bladder (sorry for being graphic) and it will drain any urine. I didn't know this was part of surgery and told her that sounded painful -she said "has anything hurt up to this point" I replied "nope not at all" then she said "don't worry about it you will not feel anything you will be asleep."

At this point my family came in to say a prayer. Dr. Shifrin was there and he greeted everyone and assured them I would be fine. They let him know they were going to do a prayer for me and if he wanted to be included. He said that would be fine, so my family prayed for me AND for Dr. Shifrin out loud with our hands all clasped together. It was just what I needed and I felt totally at peace. Brownie points for Dr. Shifrin for being a part of the prayer circle! He's the best. After they left, he marked me up and had me wheeled to the surgery room. I remember the room being cold, and me saying I wanted them to make sure I was asleep during the procedure. They laughed and said not to worry those "horror stories" are very rare. They put the anesthesia mask on me and I remember saying "I'm still very much awake" and the lady said "please breathe in more" I took one big breath and -LIGHTS OUT!

When I woke up, I felt AMAZING. Literally like I took a much needed nap. I was not groggy, nauseous or dizzy. I felt literally like I woke up from a nap. I remember the nurse saying "you're all done" and me thinking there's no way I was done. I thought maybe they didn't go through with it (probably a bit delirious lol). I do remember feeling like my stomach was being sucked in for me. That's when I noticed I had a huge bandage all around my torso. They warned me to get up on my own and to just lay for a bit. After about an hour, I was released. When I got up to walk, I was hunched, but I felt just fine. Super numb, like you literally can't feel anything other than a little "knot" in your stomach, it reminds me of the feeling i would get when i sleep on my stomach for too long at night.

Day 2 - On Day 2 I had to get up early and go in for my one day check up. I'm not even exaggerating when I say this, but I was expecting to be in A LOT of pain, and again, I was NOT in ANY PAIN. I felt literally nothing at all other than a "tight" feeling like my stomach was being sucked in for me without me holding in my breath. The drains did not bother me, I have four and they all come out of my front pubic area. Every few hours we drain them and the liquid in it is very bright red like Kool-Aid. I was told it is not all blood but a mixture of my blood with the saline that they pump in during the liposuction process. One thing I did not like, is the actual act of urinating. It HURT, REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD. Like a horrible burning sensation. It was the worst pain I've ever had, and it had nothing to do with the actual body lift surgery, but with the Catheter they put in to drain your bladder.

When I saw the doctor's assistant (Dr. Shifrin was out of town at a conference) he said I didn't even look like I had major surgery and was recovering at a very accelerated pace. He took the bandages off and all i have is the surgical tape on my scar. He said it was best so that my scar could scab up and breathe in order for the healing process to begin. He also said I could show ever whenever I want. I brought up the horrible pain when urinating and he said it would go away the more I urinate, and to drink ginger ale to speed that up. So I did, and by day 4 I had ZERO urine pain. Thank GOD!!

Day 3-5: Every day I find myself standing up a bit straighter, I can move more and sit in different positions. I sleep on my lift chair but I'm finding that I don't really need it as much as I thought. My whole abdomen and back is very numb, but I can feel it is bloated and that a little liquid pocket in the back is forming (probably from sitting so much? idk). It's not too bad, but I'll bring it up during my next visit this Friday. The drain sights leak a little bit, but i bought gauze pads and tape so I just put some by the drain entry sight and it absorbs everything. I haven't showered yet (I'm scared lol) so i just baby wipe my entire body every morning. I think once the drains are out I'll feel more comfortable. Coughing does hurt, but it only hurts around the belly button area. It's an odd feeling so I try to cough very gently and push a pillow into my stomach -that helps a lot! I stopped taking my pain med day 4 and I also had my first bowel movement on day 4 (yesterday). I was getting a bit nervous about that, but it came and went, and now I feel I am functioning back to normal. I can't wait for my consult on Friday to see how things have progressed. I notice that my upper chest area has a lump that kind of protrudes (similar to when you suck in your stomach but your upper chest puffs out), I'm hoping it goes down after a couple weeks and isn't permanent, but I'm sure it's not as I've seen lots of pictures from all of you and everyone's end results look great!

If you have any questions about the procedure or my recovery/process let me know! At this point I just want to thank all of you for being so supportive, all of your tips and advice truly made a difference as my recovery is going VERY WELL!

To end the post, I included a few pictures I took the night before my surgery along with some post op pics i took in the bathroom room a couple days ago! I'm swollen but i know my results will be AMAZING! I will be changing my official decision tag line from "Not Sure to Worth It!!" Dr. Shifrin and his team get nothing but 5 stars from me up to this point, they constantly call and text to check up on me, give me positive vibes and make me feel cared about. I went with the Best and got exactly what I paid for :)

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!!


7 Week Post Op Udpate :)

Hello Real Self Fam!!

My apologies for not posting nearly as often as I should. This forum helped me get prepared for my big day and I know that some of you are looking at my journey to prepare for yours. I will make a conscious effort to stay on top of things (at least post biweekly).

This thursday will be my 8th week post op. I can not express again how BLESSED I feel with how smoothly this journey has been for me and how amazing my results have been. I understand that I am nowhere near done healing, and things are still swollen, but even at my current state I am obsessed with how amazing my results turned out. I love the way I look in clothes…..hell I love the way I look out of clothes ;). I digress…

So to sum up the last month and a half - I returned to work after being off for three weeks (originally i took off 4 weeks, but was feeling great as well as extremely bored after three weeks and decided to go back early -best decision ever).

I started working out week 5. By working out I mean very light cardio (slow jog) and some light weights (like 10 lbs). The sensation in your abdomen area when running is so weird, it's almost the same tingly feeling you get when your foot falls asleep. Lifting was difficult as I felt weak along with the fact that I was so paranoid not to overdo it so that I wouldn't compromise any of my results.

I bought this cream called Biocorneum and started applying it to my scar twice a day as of Week 4 and on. The cream is expensive ($75 for a small bottle). I'm already on my second. It did make my scar flat, the color is still dark but we'll see how it goes as time progresses.

My belly button is looking better and better each day. This was my biggest concern, I do not like the "surgical belly button" look. Like the ones that clearly are not real or have been reconstructed. I want mine to look natural. It's getting there, but it's still very dark. I don't know if I'm supposed to put cream on there to make it lighter, but I figure I'll ask Dr. Shifrin when I go in for my official "after" photos.

I still sleep with my binder EVERY DAY. During the work day I wear the 2 Xist high waisted compression boxer brief (8 inch compression band above the boxer). It's ok, not the most comfortable but tolerable. I don't know if it's in my head, but I feel like wearing all the compression garments and boxers makes my lower stomach really flat but the part below my pecs and above my lower abs seems to be "puffy" or look like I have a ball inside of it. Almost like if I was a bottle of toothpaste and someone squeezed the very bottom so now all the tooth past is in a lump in the middle. Like i said, I love my results, but do get slightly paranoid that the compression garments are making my upper torso puff out since it doesn't get covered by my surgical compression garment or my compression boxers. The only other thing i notice is that my mid torso area kind of dents in (coke bottle style lol) and my hips stick out a bit. I don't know if it's because I wear my garments 24/7, or maybe it's just still healing, but I definitely want to have my sides go straight down…not really going for the hourglass shape haha.

Lastly, I can not express enough how AMAZING the entire staff at Dr. Shifrin's office has been. Donna must never sleep as she answers my text messages within minutes morning, noon or night. She is so dedicated to making sure all of my questions are answered and that I am 100% content. She rocks!!

Dr. Shifrin really came through for me and I love my results more and more as each day goes by. Can't wait for my next visit (it's when I take my official "after" photos). Of course I will be posting those for all of you. Until then, I leave you with some photos I have taken in the last couple of weeks.

If you have any questions feel free to message me or drop a comment, I will do my best to answer ASAP!!

Later gators,


12 Weeks Post Op -Feeling Like A Million Bucks!

Hello Real Self Fam,

I've been enjoying this new body so much that I hardly have any time to sit and type anymore now that I'm in full beastmode at the gym again (where I tend to spend a lot of my free time!).

However, way over due for an update and I saw my inbox was getting full again -I will be messaging you all tonight :).

So, three months out and my body is really starting to take shape. Not that it wasn't before, but now that I can work out at full steam I feel like I'm able to mold my body how I want it and really tone up. During the first months of recovery I was very thin and felt a bit weak since I was used to working out daily. I had a thin, deflated look. Now I can see definition (woo hoo no more loose skin blocking my hard work) and can really target the areas I want to add mass/muscle to.

The scar is coming along, in the pics I've attached I have some showing the scar and some showing how my boxers cover the scar (I used to think I would have to raise my boxers pretty high to cover the scar but they actually sit just fine and cover it without me feeling like I have to raise them higher than I would if I didn't have a scar to cover up).

It is very red in the photo because I literally finished rubbing Mederma on it. Side note -I started off by using the Biocorneum cream on my scar first, but the tubes of cream are SO SMALL they both ran out in less than a month. Since I haven't had time to schedule my next post op visit where i take my official "after pictures," I opted to buy Mederma as a viable alternative. So far, I really like it and it lasts much longer. The cream is also less thick so you can use less and spread it across the scar more. It is almost half the price of biocorneum and so far works basically the same. I will update you in about one more month to see if I notice a difference. I have the Mederma Advanced Scar Therapy cream (bought it at Walgreens fyi).

As far as movement, I can bend, sit, stand, lay in any position I choose and feel zero discomfort. I never really was a stomach sleeper but if I do roll over it doesn't hurt. The only time I have any sensitivity in my abdomen area is in the gym when doing something that really engages your core like push ups.

Best perk so far post op -clothes fit AMAZINGLY WELL. I never realized what a HUGE difference it makes to not have a tire of loose skin to try to conceal in clothes anymore, now, the tighter the better (ok ok not THAT tight lol but just enough).

As always, I have attached some photos with my current physical state.

I love hearing from you guys, I mean it when I say "Real Self Fam" because you all are like my extended family. And again, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to comment or send me an inbox.

Catch you all later!


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