24 Hours with Invisalign

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So far the only con I have is the pain lol I'm 23...

So far the only con I have is the pain lol I'm 23 years old and paid for the invisalign in full in march and due to three cavities I had the process was slower. It was 600 for one side 300 for the other... I was pissed but couldn't blame anyone but myself lol anywho; it took 6 weeks for them to come in (yesterday) and I was pissed because the first tray did not fit ! I wanted to cry but they put the second set in and they fitted perfectly.. I only need them for 50 weeks (24 trays) and I get my attachments in two weeks :) anyway I'll let you all know the process June 10th

Random pic lol



Invisalign update

Month and a half pics

Not too much difference to me

Tray 1 vs Tray 5

Can't tell a difference at al ????????????????

Going on 2 months

Tray 2 vs tray 8


9th tray

FINALLY seeing results lol sheesh

Tray 11 ... Seeing my facial features change as well

My teeth are getting soooo straight !!!!!
My jaws look different lol I can't explain it

Tray 1 vs tray 11

I see it

Beginning to end

Beginning to end
Small video of how my teeth will look in May 2015 !!! My teeth look better than what the video is saying, my orthodontist agrees lol

Tray 15 of 26

Love my teeth so far
Tray 11 vs 15 short video I see a difference already I can't believe I only have 6 months left
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