BL with BA on mother of one after 80lbs weight loss

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I am a 26 year old mother of one and currently a...

I am a 26 year old mother of one and currently a 38DD, I have struggled with the appearance of my breasts since I was a young girl. After putting it off for years, I have finally decided to have a breast lift to rid myself of what the doctors say is stage three ptosis. Over the last year I've lost 50lbs, so to make up for the loss of volume I will also be getting an augmentation. I'm really excited to finally be doing something for myself.

Second guessing surgeon

Unfortunately I had to postpone my procedure until next year:( But this has given me time to make sure I've chosen the right doctor. Initially I was going to go with Dr. Weinzweig. When we met he was very attentive, and his staff was very accomidating and friendly. Since our meeting, a couple of members from this sight have reached out to me with concerns. These ladies were patients of Dr. Weinzweig and neither of them were happy with their results. I know that everyone's body and experience is different, but hearing from these ladies has made me second guess my choice of doctor. I am going to meet with a few more before making my final decision.

Full Anchor Lift with Silicon Gel Implants on 5'8" African American with Fit Build

So earlier this year I had to postpone my procedure but now I am back on track. The site will not let me change the info for my surgeon, but I have decided not to use Dr. Weinzweig after careful consideration. I met with DR. SHIFRIN and fell in love! I haven't scheduled my procedure yet, but I'm certain that Shifrin is the surgeon for me.

I have extremely saggy and deflated breast after a 75lbs weight loss. I currently fit a 36C, prior to my weight loss I was a saggy 38DD. I do not have enough fat left in my breast to be satisfied with a lift only so I will be getting an implant for volume, sub muscular because my breast tissue is too thin for overs. I am barrel chested and have a large breast gap which is a concern for me but Dr. Shifrin assured me that he can give me just enought volume and cleavage with out running the risk of developing uni-boob (lol).

I'm going to schedule my procedure next month for hopefully February. Shifrins fee for everything is $8500, more than the first doctor I chose but I think the price difference is worth me having total confidence in my surgeon.

Change of plans, I'm headed to Miami!!

I have decided to travel for my surgery. Although I absolutely loved the ps I had chosen here in Chicago, the cost was just too high for me so I will be heading down to Miami to see Dr. Frieman. I'm super excited to finally be doing this. Dr. Friemans coordinator Yadira has been awesome and very comforting and made this process very easy. My procedures paid in full so there's no turning back now. Let the countdown begin!! :) 26 days to go

Countdown to better boobs

March 2nd can't come soon enough. 15 more days:D

I'm getting nervous

So my bl/ba is scheduled for this Tuesday with Dr. Frieman in Miami, my best friend will be traveling with me. Up until this point I thought I was ready, but I woke up early this morning completely terrified. My hands were shaking, and my mind was racing. I'm sure that I have nothing to worry about, I'm totally healthy and I have nothing but confidence in the skill of my surgeon and anesthesiologist, but I have never had any type of surgery or been put to sleep before. Everything is paid in full and booked so I can't turn back now, plus I've been wanting to go through with this surgery for years now and it's finally my time. I'm just hoping that these last minute jitters don't get the best of me.

I'm made it!

I had my surgery this past Tuesday morning. It felt like it was over in no time, I just remember waking up in recovery freezing. Now three days out from surgery I feel pretty good, I was anticipating a lot of pain but I have none! I'm just a little stiff but other than that i really haven't needed my pain meds, just my antibiotics. I go back to the doctors office tomorrow for one more post op appointment then I'm headed back to Chicago.

Athletically Built African American, Lollipop Lift+implant

I had been dealing with stage 4 ptosis since I hit puberty, I never had the pleasure of knowing what having nice perky breast was like. To make matters worse, I had an 85lb weight loss which really sucked all the fat out of my breasts, so not only was I left with saggy breasts, they then looked like deflated balloons lol. After years of research I finally got the courage to follow through with it. I choose Dr. Jacob Frieman not only because his prices were more than reasonable but also because all of his work looks beautiful, he even did a girlfriend of mine and she was more than pleased with her results. I traveled to Miami with my BFF, we stayed for 5 days all together. I have to say the entire surgery was over before I knew it, of course I don't even remember falling asleep, just waking up in recovery with no pain what so ever. I have had a very easy recovery. I had a lollipop lift with a sub muscular 339 cc moderate profile gel implant. I'm pleased with my incisions thus far, I'm only 6 weeks post op so I'm excited to see what my final result will be once my implants have completely "dropped and fluffed."

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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