Chin Implant, Neck Liposuction and Laser Facial Treatment. Chicago, IL

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I've hated my profile since I was a teenager....

I've hated my profile since I was a teenager. Always felt I was very pretty from the front but felt I had to hide my ugly profile with long hair and always holding my jaw forward. I was a thumb sucker until I was 3 and I think this is what caused my maxilla to grow more downward, and my mandible to stay back and not grow as much forward. I have an anterior open jet as well, meaning there is about 6 millimeters between my maxillary and my mandibular anterior teeth when my jaw is closed in its normal position. (I'm a dental hygienist btw so thats why so technical) lol

I had always assumed I would get surgery on my lower jaw to advance it. However, between the surf and orthodontics needed it would be around $40,000. A little out of my price range.

So a few months ago I found this website and saw a very good alternative, in chin implant and neck lipo.

Just had it done 3 days ago, and decided to share my experience.

Here are some before pics to start.

First two days after chin implant, lipo, and laser

On the way home from Dr Shaw's office ALL pain medicine wore off. Both the oral as well as the novicaine. We live in the suburbs and it was rush hour. Talk about a long drive home. I thought I'd go crazy from the pain. According to my Percoset instructions, I wasn't doe to take one for another 3 hours. Luckily I texted my neighbor who's a nurse and she found that other timetables for my RX allowed for every 6 hours, not 8. So I was able to take one and by about 1/2 hour after getting home, I thought I could survive again. Lol. I'm not a wuss. I endured the 25 injections in my neck and chin without even flinching, but the pain later was excruciating. It never got out of control like that again, though. Just something to ask a doctor, can I get an alternative med for breakthrough pain like that.

Anyway, I guess I should start with the procedure itself.

That morning, arrived on time, doctor running late. No problem, we walked around Macy's which was accessible one floor down. Then they called us back once doctor was back. Began by consulting with dr to make sure we were on same page. He had originally said a small implant, but then changed his mind and went with large. I agreed. I didn't want to go through all of this to have a less than noticeable result. I also stressed that I didn't want a manly squared off chin and he told me he would file lien the edges to make it feminine.

Next I was given Percoset (it would have been Vicodin but I have bad reactions to that drug) Keflex (antibiotic), Benadryl, and Valium. I explained that I really wanted to be relaxed so they gave me 3 total Valiums eventually.

After the Valium took effect, I was brought back to an operatory. After a whole lot of injections (not exactly sure how many, but MANY) and I won't lie, it was very uncomfortable, but got through it. Then I was numb enough to begin. He started with liposuction first. He goes through the same incision under the chin that the implant goes in through so so extra scarring. Lipo took a while. Lots of tugging and pressure, especially at the edges you could feel that a bit but never pain. After that was completed, chin implant pocket was made. LOTS of tugging! Felt like he was pulling my whole chin over to one side. Again, not painful just weird. Implant then placed.

After those two things were completed in that room, went to laser room. The laser skin resurfacing was more painful that I had thought it would be. Not sure if any topical cream was applied, but I think it may have been (it's a little fuzzy in my memory) All I know was that it lasted maybe 10-15 minutes and my cheeks were the most painful. I actually hadn't done much research into what this part entailed, but at the first consult he recommended it and it didn't cost much so I said, sure! Lol why not get it all done at once and be totally beautiful, right?!?

Once that was done I was wrapped up like a mummy and sent home.

I'm including pics from in the room, right after the lipo and chin implant were completed. (I love my selfies, evan after all that! Plus I just wanted to see how it looked. And since it was directly afterwards, there was no swelling yet) So actually, these pictures from directly after are very good indications of what's to come after the swelling subsides.

The other pics are from later that day and the next day. When the swelling was crazy. I looked so terrible!! But thought I'd share anyway.


Day 3 pics, Recovering Quickly

Got up Saturday morning resolved to feel more like myself again. Took off the head wrap bandage and took a shower.

Felt so much better.

Continue to spend all waking moments watching Millionaire Matchmaker on hulu. It keeps my interest long enough with each episode. I'll probably never want to watch the show again though, after this marathon!

Swelling is still there, but WAY down. Not too much bruising either, which is surprising.

Taking Liposomal vitamin C, arnica Montana, Quercetin/Bromelain, turmeric, Astaxanthin, vitamin D, and K

Basically all the anti inflammatory supplements.

Dr prescribed antibiotic which is taken 2, every 4 hours.

10 days post op

I'm absolutely thrilled with my results so far!! There is still s lot of swelling in my chin and directly below my chin. It's all rock hard. But each day it gets a little smaller.

Going back in a week for fillers. Going work on plumping up areas of my face that have lost volume over time. Also in my upper lip.

Started Latisse 4 days ago too. Why not have thick lashes too?!? :)

My life has completely changed...

Not that looks are everything, but they do play a huge role in our confidence. I don't think I ever realized how much my self consciousness of my chin held me back.

I can finally say that now I never give my profile a second thought. I don't have to go through and erase any accidental profile pictures, etc. I have so much more confidence in my appearance that it has really changed my life for the better. A lot of things have changed in this past year and a half, and all for the better.

I only wish I had gotten this chin implant and neck lipo years ago! To anyone considering it, I say to you, GO FOR IT!!!!

Thanks to all of you who have posted such nice comments too!!
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is a very personable man. Assessed my face and gave me ideas of what I could do. Decided to do large chin implant, neck liposuction, full facial laser skin treatment and fillers in upper lip, under eyes and possibly the jowl lines if necessary. Day of surgery was a little rushed because he had ran behind on a previous surgery, but all seems to have gone fine.

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