Shortness of Breath Associated with Implants, over a Year Later??

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I nursed my kids for 2 years...and started at a...

I nursed my kids for 2 years...and started at a small B cup. Am very happy with my implants/lift, but I do worry about long term affects.

I have had shortness of breath for 3 weeks now. I had breast implants put in about 15 months ago. I have been to the doctor many times the past few weeks, had a cat scan of my lungs, an EKG, etc, and they don't know what is wrong besides 'it could be a virus'. I was on antibiotics for 5 days, and the shortness of breath went away, it was great. As soon as I was off of them, it came back. Now I'm starting my second round of antibiotics, and today I have a lot of chest pain right in the middle. I have no other symptoms, no runny nose, no fever, nothing. Is it possible there is an infection in my implants causing this??
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