30yrs, 5'7,129lbs, 300cc Memoryshape. Chicago, IL

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I am 5'7 and 129 lbs with an athletic figure and...

I am 5'7 and 129 lbs with an athletic figure and currently I am a 32 A. I wanted a natural look with additional fullness. I would like smaller implants as not to feel bigger or top heavy; I like having a slender look- maybe a small C. My ps suggested a mentor memoryshape implant for a natural look anywhere from 255cc to 300cc. I may want to go up to 340 but my width is small (10.5) so I am not sure if any larger of an implant can fit unless I choose a round implant. I'm worried about the size- take a look at my "befores" and let me know what you think!

4 days post op and feeling great!

I did it! I had my surgery 4 days ago and I am feeling pretty normal besides some back pain. As planned, we went with the memoryshape (teardrop implant) at 300 cc. I'm pretty happy with the size (still looks big to me) but there is still a lot of swelling. I also am happy with how symmetrical they are. I can't wait until they drop down and get softer. They are pretty firm right now. I have been taking it really easy since the surgery, slept most of the days and took all meds. I have slept on the couch/recliner in an upright position with a HEATING PAD behind my back. I cannot stress enough how much relief this has brought! Definitely a must. I plan to go back to work in 3 days (7 days after surgery). I'm a lawyer with a desk job so I'm not that worried; plus it's a Friday so I can come home and relax for the weekend after my first day back. I have my first post-op appointment in 2 days and I'll post some updates. Getting more excited everyday!

One week out!

I had my first post-op appointment and my doctor is pleased with the shape, healing and the fact that there is no bruising! I can feel my boobs getting softer everyday but they are still very firm and pointy (nips at high alert at all times lol). I have been advised that I can do some walking as exercise now but nothing more. At my two week appointment next week Xmas eve, my dr will remove the steristrips (remaining bandages) and I will be cleared to go bra less or use a wireless bra. I'm very excited because the surgical bra is so uncomfortable and provides no padding to conceal my rocket nipples. As of last night I stopped taking the heavy pain meds and I was taking Advil today. This evening I don't even feel like I need to take anything for sleep so long as I have my trusted HEATING PAD! Today at work I wore a Thermacare heat band under my shirt on my back where I tend to get pain from bad posture. It really helped and will continue wearing it during the day. I'm going shopping now for a wireless, lightly padded bra tomorrow. Can't wait until they soften more; I can get them to push together quite yet. I will take some pics in clothes so you can see what the size looks like if your considering 300cc high profile memoryshape.

18 days out

I had my 2nd post op appointment a couple days ago. My ps removed the steristrips and the scars look smaller than I expected!! He said that everything looked on track and it was likely my implant had not dropped at all yet. I was given instruction to do 4 minutes of massage techniques 3x/day which is manageable. The massage is meant to prevent capsular contracture and settle the implant into the pocket. My boobs are getting softer and I am very close to pushing them completely together (one of the massage techniques). I was cleared to go bra less or wear a wireless bra. I was measured a 34D at VS which is bigger than I thought for 300cc, but I think quite good for my body size and proportion. I have posted a picture in a tank and a bathing suit for size reference. I can't wait until I can do light cardio in a week and then full cardio and weights in another 5 weeks. I will post a picture of the scars next.

2.5 months

I feel great!!! I think my boobs look very natural due to the tear drop shape. I am a 34C to 32D at VS. The only odd thing is I can feel them move around. For example, if I bend over and stand up straight I can feel the shift. It was very odd at first and now it's become normal. This is due to the fact that they are not hard and high anymore but they bounce (slightly) and can be pushed together. I can comfortably sleep on my stomach now. I also can do most workouts and weight lifting although I do not do isolated workouts for the chest (chest presses or flys). I go in for my third follow-up appt. next week and will post any new updates.
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