50 Year Old - Chicago, IL

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Well I have been on this sight for months...

Well I have been on this sight for months researching and with the encouragement of my sister am moving forward with Lipo and fat transfer to buttocks. I have recently consulted with Dr. Schierle and am leaning in his direction wanted to have surgery the 2nd week of February but couldn't get fit in at surgery center and am starting new job on 15th so had to wait til can figure out where I can fit in the time.

Still deciding

So since couldn't get surgery last week I have decided to see one more Dr. I think I'm going to see Dr. Shifrin I hear he is really good. I like Dr. Schierle and Lexie but feel that I didn't see enough BBL pics to know but his credentials are amazing... Oh well gonna see what Dr. Shifting says and then hopefully schedule in March. Would post before pics but right now they r so hard for me to look at....all I can think about is any time I was getting out of my bed that's what it really looked like from the back uuugggghhhhh

Got the date

After numerous date revisions finally getting done on 6/19.....so sad when I saw these......I didn't know it looked like that from behind.....uggggh it's time

Not looking for anything unrealistic just trying...

not looking for anything unrealistic just trying to get a bikini body for my last hoorah... I hv been waiting to get this done for awhile but now that I'm a month away I'm getting anxious and scared.. This is a very emotional journey ur changing the person u r to what u wanna be n with that comes the mental adjustment that has to b made too

7 days!!!!

Kinda mervous 7 days before surgery n I got sick...been in bed sleeping 16 hrs a day for 2 days ....should I let the dr know???

5 more days

So in cause it was missed I changed to dr shifrin glad about my choice.... Excited 5 more days but I think I'm gonna see him Wednesday with last minute questuins

Post op night one

So had surgery yesterday afternoon Dr. Shifrin and team great so many laughs before surgery made me feel so comfortable... Surgery was at 1pm n I was home by abt 430 pm walking by 530 and walking every 2 hrs in fact was up sweeping floor abt half hour ago started out with 1 pain pill every 4 hrs n at 730 switched to one pain pill every 5 hrs....my throat was more sore than anything ....got nauseous after walking a cpl time but took cpl sips ginger ale and laid back down n was great..... Most soreness is when getting up n down but I'm sure when I get my compression garment will be better because pain mostly due to gravity.....I have had minimal drainage only cpl spot of blood on my chuks and about grapefruit sized blood stain on dress,... All in all feel really good.... I'm sure dr shifrin would be telling me to relax more especially about sweeping floor at 130 am....would send pics but will wait till tomorrow but every cpl hours I can see the changes as swelling starts to subside

Post day 2

Today not to good .... No real pain can remember when too last pain pill pretty sure was 9 am...anesthesia wearing off so really sick to my stomach cold sweats and neck hurts from laying on stomach....I can only be up abt 20 min before need to lay back down

Dr. Schierle and his NP Lexie are very nice and made me feel very comfortable

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