22 Years Old and Ready to Have That DONK!!! - Chicago

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Hi everyone! I've been doing alot of research on...

Hi everyone! I've been doing alot of research on Brazillian Butt Lifts for a couple months now, December to be exact. So this is what I've learned! Also, I have seen around 4 different doctors in the chcicago area and have been trying to decide if i need to travel for this procedure. So there is a HUGE possibility that i will need more than one surgery, which is ridiculous! Im already scared to death, to think that i would need another surgery to achieve the look I want smh....NO THANK YOU! So that's why im having an issue choosing the right doc for me..some doctors only inject around max 500ccs in each cheek.. And the amazing pics I've seen, the desired result i would love is at least 900ccs.. PER CHEEK! Hmmm this is hard, It seems like the best docs are in Miami.. Its March and im looking to have this done by MAY.


Before pics..can't wait to get rid of this odd shape!

Wish pics

Wish pic of me

Sooo I think I've found a couple who I can trust to give me the results im looking for.. Dr Hassan, or Dr Fisher at Vanity. They are in my price range and seem to produce "implant" like results.. Which is what I'm definitely looking for. Looking for some support and insight from the rs community.. I hope im making the right descision!

Decision time

Ok. So far ive seen Dr Weiner, Dr Truong, and Dr Memar in Chicago. My favorite was Dr weiner! He was very charismatic and compassionate. He also seemed extremely knowlegable of what he was doing..he explained every litte detail of the entire process from start to finish. I felt so comfortable with him.. It's just his pricing of $12,000 that I am not comfortable with lol! I felt that it was a little extreme for a BBL to cost that much .. He did mention some thing called Vaser Technology. Its supposed to help "snatch" your waist even more than regular lipo. Dr Memar's pricing was great, ($6000) but his ass was just so unprofessional. He was talking to me like having surgery was a walk in the park..UM NO THANK YOU! And he uses localanesthesia dont know how i feel about that. Dr Truong seemed like he knew what was he was talking about but was really disengaged and it made me uncomfortable..turn off for sure. Ughh!


Hello my loves! I have been researching a ton of doctors in the Dominican Republic. May is right around the corner! My first choice is Dr Duran but i hear she is in extremely high demand!! I hope she willbe able to squeeze me in for May.. Waiting to hear back from her! Alot of people say that she takes a lottle while to respond so I am giving her time. My next choice is between Dr Alejandro Hernandez and Dr Medina.. If anyone has any advice or previous experiences for these doctors or doctors in the dominican republic please let me know, thanks!

Need SX buddy

I am looking for anyone going to get sx in the DR in May of this year!! Need all the support i can get, not really getting much needed support from friends and bf..ugh! This sucks
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