Won my Exclusions of Coverage Appeal! 37, 34G to 34B? - Chicago, IL

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I've wanted a BR for years for the standard...

I've wanted a BR for years for the standard reasons - back pain, etc, etc. I have a couple of aunts who have had them and saw a surgeon a couple of years ago: I didn't like him so didn't pursue it further. I have particular issues with upper back/neck pain and nerve compression in my right arm. I am also hypermobile (double jointed) so my neck is especially strained because my ligaments don't hold things together the way they're supposed to

I got absolutely fed up and my sister's friend had recently had one with a surgeon she liked so I made an appointment. Then I discovered my insurance had a blanket exclusion for BR. I spent about 3 weeks being furious and started physical therapy to try to stabilize my neck.

Then I started researching. I found some court cases where judges ruled language like the one in my plan didn't excluse medically neccssary breast reductions and wrote a very lawyery letter arguing that their interpretation was wrong. I was absolutely stunned when they called me to tell me I won my appeal this week.

That almost never happens with these kind of exclusions.

When I met with the surgeon she told me she tries to get to a B. I have no idea what that looks like - any suggestions on an app or the like? I currently measure 43" around the bust and a B would be more like 36". I'm a medium framed 5'4"

I don't have my pre-op visit until 8/3 so I have way too much time to wonder what to expect.

I work at a desk in an office - nothing physcial. The surgeon said I should be able to go back to work on Monday (following a Wednesday surgery). Thoughts?

So ready to get this show on the road. 5 days.

I am a little concerned about the anesthesia, but otherwise I am just so impatient.

Q - how long did it take for the swelling to go down enough that you really *felt* smaller?

I was getting dressed for the gym yesterday and thought "I will never have to wear this bra again."

We're going on a trip in January. I bought a regular tankini top. Two actually, and even with a pair of bottoms it cost the same as one bra sized bikini top. I will so have to fight the urge to buy a bunch of new clothes ($$$). I have a stash of stuff that barely fit when I was 25 and things I never should have bought that I am getting out of storage this weekend.

48 hours to go

We have a boat on a local lake. When it's choppy, it bounces up and down. The running joke when there are big waves is "hold on to your boobs." It was very choppy yesterday. Ouch.

When I was taking off my bathing suit, I thought "This is the last time I'm ever going to have to wear this one." I think i will burn it.

I bought some front closure sports bras at wal-mart yesterday. I forgot how cheap bras can be. Wow.

4 days post-op

I had a ~700 gram reduction on one side and ~800 on the other. The worst part was the absolute miserably sore throat afterward. I made DH stop for a slushie on the way home. The awkwardness of the drains sucked too. I didn't take any more Norco after the doctor pulled them on Friday. I drove myself to the fabric store on Saturday.

I have steri-strips over the stitches and instructions to leave them alone unless the tape is dangling. I feel the stitches but don't really have any pain. I feel like I have a lot of swelling in the side boob area. And man, does my stomach look fat. I moved down to a 38 sports bra today as the swelling continues to come down. I keep having a little clear oozing that is bringing the iodine color along with it. I have some itching, which i deal with my lightly running my hands over my breasts. Apparently I do that in my sleep too according to DH.

I will post pictures, but I am black and blue along the bottom of my boobs like someone beat me up. I am very fair skinned.

I've been doing some sewing and embroidery as I am climbing the walls. I'm working from home tomorrow. I could go to the office but managing the itching and the adjusting could be awkward.

Climbing the walls

And I look like someone beat me up. The purplish shadow on the right side is from the light, not an actual bruise.

I think the numbness wore off....8dpo

I felt absolutely fabulous - no real pain, but super-tight. I got to 6dpo and not so tight... now tender overall, especially along the incisions. Driving is kind of uncomfortable. I drive 2 miles to a train to take to work or I think I'd be staying home longer.

I am normally a terrible snacker. This whole thing seems to be suppressing my appetite. I got to 5:30, at the grocery store when I realized I hadn't eaten since breakfast. My blood sugar crashed and I was miserable for hours. Oops.

I worked from home M-W and am back in the office today. I have a very undemanding job and a very understanding boss. I worked with similar or greater levels of back/neck pain for years, so I can certainly do my job.

I have got to get out of the house. I spent 3 hours sorting fabric scraps last night.

Getting dressed for the office is very different. I am close to my all time highest weight and everything I put in seems to have a great big arrow at my stomach. I'm not discouraged. I was warned and I can lose weight.

It's kind of funny because people keep telling me "you must be dying to go shopping." Aside from being kind of broke, I really don't want to spend money to dress my current body. Talk to me in a couple of months.

I took a walk through my (extensive)!garden and winced last night - 80 degrees plus of rain equals tons of weeds that DH will not get to. Laundry and cooking yes, weeding, no.

I have been home too long - I'm ready to strangle DH when I have to ask "would you please move this thing from point A to point B" for the third time.

3 months post op.

I think they're between a B and a C. I'm very pleased
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