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When I was 17, I had my lip pierced and took it...

When I was 17, I had my lip pierced and took it out not long after and then had it re-peirced two years later. I am now 27 and left with an ugly hole underneath my bottom lip. Today, I had the scar excised. My Dermatologist used a 4mm punch and double stitched the wound. Those who get punch excision seem to have various results so I thought I would share my experience with all of you. :) Please excuse the strange before photo! I took a picture for my dermatologist regarding my acne not the scar! However, it seems to be the best photo of the hole I was left with.

Stitches come out in a week...

The tech told me to keep this bandaid on for 48 hours (no getting it wet) and then to clean the sight with 1/2 water and 1/2 Hydrogen Peroxide. Afterwards, Im supposed to keep vaseline on and cover with a new bandaid for the remaining time. I will post another pic after the 48 hours.


Stitches came out!

I had my appointment to get my stitches taken out today. It was almost painless with just a little tugging. The doctor came in an looked at it and told me to watch it for the next three to four weeks to make sure i don't develop a nodule under the skin. I believe this is because i have a small tract of old scar tissue all the way through my lip from the initial piercing. Although, Im not a 100% sure, lol. He also told me that it would be a few months before it really started looking good. My iPhone didn't take very good pictures but I'm still going to post them. Right now it is raised and very pink and it does have a small tract from the . It does look better than the previous hole but not by a whole lot, I would say it looks 25% better. However, I think as it heals and ages I think I'm going to get a great result. I will try and update once a month for four months and then at 6 months and 1 year :) Good luck everybody who has decided on punch excision!

Healing nice...

My scar is looking really good! There is one little tract mark still left from one of the two stitches I had. The Derm said it would fill in after more time. He also hit it with a YAG laser today to reduce some of the redness. I was a little concerned that Im getting a hard nodule under the scar. However, the Derm said leave it alone for a little longer and see what it is going to do. If it starts to get bigger than he is going to inject it with something. I think Cortisone, maybe?

Photo like the first

This picture shows the little stitch hole the best. As I said before, the Derm said it should fill in over time. Hoping for the best! Still looks way better than the piercing scar!

1 year update

Never completely filled in but still an improvement. If I had it to do over I think I would have seen a plastic surgeon. When I'm smiling you can't see any scar but when I'm not there is still a depression.

Dr Seitz is super nice and seems very knowledgable. The procedure was very quick and easy.

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