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After 2 caesareans, my stomach had a hanging pouch...

After 2 caesareans, my stomach had a hanging pouch. I'm pretty even all around and curvy, but that pouch just bothered me. At 5'3, 177 pounds, and a size 8, I didn't do the surgery to lose weight. I did it to look the way I wanted. Breast, butt, and thighs were nice; but that darn tummy Was not nice.

Waist is snatched!

It felt so good to be out in clothes. So far I've lost 7 pounds. Still slightly swollen (day 17), but that pouch is gone and tops fit! Shirt is a small and so is jacket. Haven't been able to fit it in a while...

Pics from day 17

Bindeless for 24 hours...

So yesterday I thought " I wanna see if I can go without my binder." I read doc reviews where they said that it isn't proven if the binder helps with the abdominoplasty. I've worn the garment everyday since the procedure and have not had any problems with it (I know many of you wanted to snatch yours off).
On with the story:
It was awful!! I felt unguarded. I felt puffy, although, upon checking in the mirror, I looked great. The worst part came at night. I slept without it. Woke up and had two Lipo lumps on the side. They hurt and are hard! Needless to say, I am safely and securely back in my garment and won't let it out of my sight again! Lol.

Day 25

Feeling good. Learning what swells me: vodka!!!
I've developed an insane sweet tooth (cycle is due soon), so really need to work out, but haven't been okay'd yet. Here is a pic. Thighs and hips...whoa! Expanded out of nowhere.

2 1/2 months post Tummy Tuck

Whew!!!! This surgery is a journey. A journey of pain, swelling, and flatness. So here is the honest truth:
Lipo and tummy tuck are cosmetic surgeries. Yes, my stomach looks dope. I'm so glad to have that pouch gone and that bloated look out the window. But man oh man, my damn thighs have enlarged! Lol. I guess fat cells really travel. I have to be extra careful of what I eat. Alcohol-no! Sweets-bad. Lol.
I literally weigh the exact same as when I had the surgery. My tummy is flatter, but again, he butt and thighs are bigger. I'm still glad I did the surgery. Definitely should've had thighs done at same time. Not getting anymore surgeries because the pain was just enough for me!
All in all, I feel wonderful. I think I look awesome. I'm thankful. I do need to step up the weight lifting techniques because just treadmilling isn't working.
The pics aren't enough justice. I'll update once I'm 3 months post.

Fat has traveled down...

So I had the surgery March 23. Very pleased with my results. The one thing that I didn't expect was the cellulite!! My thighs are huge now (I've always had big thighs, but they've grown since surgery). I really don't mind the thighs-a great trade off for a poochy tummy. Unfortunately, the cellulite is crazy! I just cannot believe how much cellulite is on my legs in such a short amount of time. 3 months and I cannot wear shorts! At all! To say I'm sad is an understatement. I wasn't warned of this and now I need to warn everyone: FAT TRAVELS TO OTHER PLACES AFTER ABDOMINOPLASTY! Sigh.

4 months later...

I'm really shocked that 4 months have passed. My tummy looks so dope! Let's see, I now weigh 165 (diet pills and treadmill help). I was 177 post surgery. Size: 8 or small in tops and medium in workout pants.
Honestly, I don't regret the decision at all. It was a rough road and I'm finally seeing the benefits.
Now bad stuff: weight distribution. My arms and thighs are much more flabby, hence, the diet pills and treadmill. If you look at my pics, you can see they work.
I still wear my garment at night. Gives me a great contour by morning.
If you're in debate about the surgery I'll say this: Do it, but have help for the first 2 weeks. I'll update next month.

7 months flatter....

I'm happy. Stomach is tight. Pics show for itself. I didn't think so in the first month, but this is THEE BEST DECISION I HAVE MADE

8 months!!!!

The first two months went slowly and painfully. Now, I can't even remember that time. Went to Cancun and was just amazed at my body. If you are debating....DO IT!
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kung and his staff is amazing! He treated me and my concerns with great care. My scar is so even and so low! I could not have chosen better and would recommend him to ANYONE considering plastic surgery. I call often with questions and concerns and I've always been responded to immediately and without delay. That speaks volumes for anyone post-surgery.

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