25 Finally Getting Rid of the Extra 36HH

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After researching for about 2 years and visiting...

After researching for about 2 years and visiting several doctors I finally found one who was amazing and made this process soooo easy. Dr. Samir Rao and his staff have been amazing from the very start always prompt with answering my questions and my requests. After my initial consult his coordinator Danielle put my paperwork in right away to see if my insurance would cover it. Within a week of her putting it in I was approved and had a surgery date set for about 3 weeks after my approval. Tomorrow is the big day and I'm super excited to be going from a 36HH to a D cup. He hasn't told me an exact size but it'll be in the D's. I have had large boobs since the 4th grade and the back pain and the pin of finding clothes that fit and paying triple the price for bras is just unbearable. I'm hoping this procedure goes off well and that I love my new boobs

24 hours after surgery

Soooo it's been 24 hours since I had my procedure... in pretty scared to look at it so I haven't taken the bandages or bra off yet. But I feel completely different. I weighed myself this morning and I am 7 pounds lighter. My surgeon did tell me he took out about 2.5 pounds of fat from each breast. They are sitting pretty high up. I'm still swollen but the pain is bareable. Like it's not as painful as period cramps. It seems like everything happened soooo fast the anesthesia really helped a lot lol. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery.

Looking amazing

So it's been 2 days since my reduction and I'm happy as hellll I decided to go through with this procedure. I'm healing and doing well taking it easy of course and can't wait til it's fully healed.
Chevy Chase Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Samir has been extremely kind soft spoken and respectful. He listens and gives you his honest opinion and he doesn't rush you at all.

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