Seriously Thinking of Having my 18 Year Old Breast Implants Removed. Age 45, 1 Child - Chesterfield, UK

I've only just come across this website. I've been...

I've only just come across this website. I've been sat at the computer for 2 hrs now trawling through all these very brave women's stories and I am seriously thinking about having my 18 yr old implants removed, my initial thought was to have them replaced.....I am 45...... But the thought of having to go through breast augmentation again in my 50's /60's is just unbearable. I am so scared of the outcome of either operation ! I have been experiencing some pain/uncomfortableness in my left breast. Nothing too bad but i am conscious of it on a daily basis to the point i have booked a GP appointment. I am going through early menopause and after some research it is quite common for the left breast to be tender. I guess i'm just really confused as to what to do.....''Don't fix whats not broken'' springs to mind ! But my gut says for my long term health they need to come out. I'll update this post once I have seen my GP. X

My 18 year old Implants !

My current boobies 'before' pictures ... Deciding on explant or new implants. ! No real problems as such. Just some discomfort in my left breast, a slight ache. I've starting exercising, could be muscular pain ? The implants are under the muscle.

GP & PS appointments booked !

I have made an appointment with my GP to arrange to have an MRI scan hopefully at my local hospital. Even though I'm 90% sure I want them out anyway ....I think having a scan and knowing the condition my implants are in will help in my final decision. There is a slim chance this may be done via the NHS , it really depends on if the implants are PIP . I have no way of knowing as the clinic no longer exists , but hopefully my GP will refer me to the breast clinic where they will decide once my MRI results are back if I'm eligible for funding. I'll update once I've seen my GP next week.

GP Appointment UPDATE

I've been to see my GP today who after examining my breasts and hearing my concerns is referring me to the Breast Clinic for a further consultation and imaging. I got so upset in the surgery and broke down in tears. I feel so stupid for having putting my body through all this. I'm desperately trying not to obsess over everything. I'm constantly on this site and the Internet researching explants and BII but I think I need to just ease of a little and just get on with life until my appointment comes through for the breast clinic. My PS consultation is booked for Aug so I'll keep updating as I get to know more about my what's happening with my implants. On a lighter note I took 2 Donut Peaches out of the fruit bowl to eat whilst in the car on the way to my appointment this morning and I thought this might be how my new boobies will look once I have them explanted ! :-) But you know what I'm ok with that !!!! Lol X

Trying to keep it light hearted !

Photograph wouldn't upload on my last post .

Breast Clinic Results

I went to my Breast Clinic appointment yesterday for an ultra sound on my boobs. The initial Doctor I saw was very nice and was sympathetic to my feelings regarding my implants and wanting them out but she did not really comment about BII. She said my boobs looked fantastic and natural and would never have known they were 'fake' from looking at them. I have always thought the same & loved them ! However the nurse who did my ultrasound was not quite as nice initially , she made me feel silly for refusing a mammogram. I explained about the risk of rupturing my implants and she said it was nonsense. She asked how old they were and once I told her 18 years old she changed her attitude slightly. I'm happy to say that she could find no evidence of a rupture in my implants and no leakage to other areas as far as she could see. She put the lumpiness of my breast tissue and my swollen glands down to being in the menopause. So hopefully that is the case. The Doctor then came back into the consulting room and said she was happy with the radiographer's accessment and said if I was sure I wanted them out she would be happy to do this free on the NHS. I was flabbergasted ! I didn't even know that could be an option. She even said it would be a total capsulectomy. She is going to send me through an appt with the PS for sometime in the Autumn ,after the summer holidays. Now I don't mean to sound ungrateful with my next comment but.... will the NHS PS do a 'good' job and care about the results ? I'm worried that because it would be a 'Freebie' that I won't get the best care/ results possible. I'm happy to pay for my surgery but does that mean my results will be any better. I'm not ungrateful... Just cautious. It's such a huge decision I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. I have a consultation booked with a private PS in August. :-/

7 Days until Explant !

Sorry for not keeping this post updated. I've been doing so much research and have been completely obsessed with reading every post on the UK Breast Implant Illness page on FB. The ladies on there have been absolutely wonderful. It's a journey many of us are going through and that helps with this scary process.
So to update you with where I'm at right now. I went to see Mr Whitby a plastic surgeon based in Manchester for my consultation ( highly recommended ) and he talked me through the whole explant process. I stressed to him that it was important for me to have the capsules removed and he said he would do his very best to get it all out without putting my life at risk. Sometimes the ribs have to be scraped to get the stuck capsule off but because that it so near the lungs he has to be extremely careful.
I was happy with the consultation and felt confident with the surgeon so my explant surgery is booked for Oct 31st !
Not going to lie , I am extremely scared and anxious. The thought of not waking up from the general anaesthetic is overwhelming me ! Paranoid .... yes possibly. Normal ... I think so. So this is my last week with big boobies. I have so many mixed emotions. I love my boobs but they are coming out because I know it's the right thing to do ... for me. I have no idea what my boobs will look like after but I promise to upload photographs on here for any who are following my journey. See you on the other side :-) xxx
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