Finally!! 19 Year Old - Chesterfield, GB

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I'm not from the US and wasn't sure if this...

I'm not from the US and wasn't sure if this website was just for people reviewing surgeons etc from the US but it has really helped me reading others stories about their rhinoplasty procedure and I would really love to share mine too. I'm wanting to express how I feel about my journey to people who are less likely to be judging me for it and understand how I feel! It would be nice to gain support/advice from people who have or are going through the same process.

ANYWAY. When I was younger I never really thought much about my nose, more so because it really wasn't that bad when I was younger. It wasn't until I was about 13/14 that it started to become the strongest feature on my face. it used to be quite smooth but as I matured and got older it became quite deviated, and the bridge of my nose is very wide, square and bony and the end of my nose is quite bulbous. Since then it began to get worse, no one had ever said anything about my nose until I was about 16/17 and that's when I noticed it EVERY SINGLE DAY from then and on EVERY SINGLE PHOTO that was taken of me my focus would go straight to my nose.
Tbh I never thought about rhinoplasty as I never thought it would be affordable to me. It wasn't until the last year or so I started reading every single blog I could find and researching every single surgery/surgeons I could find to see what was possible, AND IT IS!!!
I have been to a few consultations, my first I got rid of straight away, it didn't feel right at all, there was an uncomfortable atmosphere and it definitely wasn't for me. my second however gave me a really good feeling and after researching more and more into them and the surgeon I now have my second consultation next week, where I will hopefully be booking my surgery! You have to book within the 6 months of your consultation which is fine with me as im wanting it asap, hopefully between September/November - I have a few holidays and work during that time so its all about figuring out what's best and still being able to work/fly and not disturbing my recovery. Luckily I have been saving up for a while so i'll be able to go ahead with surgery and not worry about the costs so much.
I'm hoping to upload some pictures tonight to show you my nose!!

Im really anxious/paranoid even more now HELP!

I've been really looking forward to my second consultation this Wednesday, reading so many reviews on here just filling myself with more and more excitement for finally being able to count down to my own surgery!!
I also started researching more into surgeons (even though I was set on one) or so I thought :( I searched the surgeon I have chosen to have a second consultation with, and found a bad review from 2013 and now I really don't know what to do!! I worry about everything and was already full of worry (and would be regardless of which surgeon I would have chosen) but now im scaring myself and thinking of whether I should choose a different surgeon? Am I thinking too much? im pretty sure each surgeon has had cases where their patients have been unhappy etc or have had to have a revision?? I'm just really stressing out now, I was wanting surgery this year, if possible within the next six weeks and now I feel im rushing? even though ive been thinking about it so seriously for a while and know its definitely what I want!! ahhhh:(

Help!!!! I Need Advice..

I was set to see the surgeon a second time and more importantly book
my surgery! However when I went to see him yesterday I came out very
disappointed. I mean what he had said reassured me that he wasn't just
in it for the money; he suggested I get other surgeons opinions..

He looked at my nose in more depth this time and asked me what I
didn't like and wanted changing, as they do, but he kept telling me that
he liked my profile and the surgery he would do wouldn't change it? so
why would I be paying a lot of money for what I don't like not to
change? I will have to upload photos for you too see, my nose isn't the
worst from the side as I don't have a bad bump in it or anything, but my
septum is deviated so my nose looks larger from my right side which I
hate, I also have really strong bones on the bridge of my nose which is
very square/wide from the front and the bones stick out unevenly! I
wanted this shaved down and smoothed, my nose straightened and the end
of my nose taken down so it all matches up.. I wasn't asking for a
button nose so I didn't think I was asking for much...

now it means I've got too look for other surgeries/clinics and I just
don't know where to go!! It's made me sad but im determined to get it
done within the next 5 months (its not a rush as im 100% ready, but I
obviously don't want to rush who/where I choose!) Its a special
anniversary in January next year and I'm going away to mexico:(

Any advice would be great!

48 days until surgery...

48 days until surgery! woah I'm so so excited yet so so nervous. I found a really good surgeon - paying a little more than I wanted - however he uses the open approach which I wanted and he knew exactly what I wanted to change and more. He showed me what he would do by drawing on diagrams so I could see what would happen inside of my nose (which bones would be broken/moved etc.) I'm glad he did this as it helped me understand more about what would be happening to my poor face! I'm too much of a doubter and just think anything will go wrong with me however good the surgeon is, he said everything I wanted and there's loads of before and after photos he showed me as well as giving me his own personal website from other rhinoplasties he has done outside of the company.

Anyway im counting down the days now and writing endless lists to make sure I have everything ready for surgery. I've got my soft food list sorted as well as pain meds, arnica, a neck pillow, saline and all the obvious stuff; however does anyone have any suggestions of other things that they found helped with comfort? pain? bruising and swelling? Will help me so so much!
p.s I will actually get round to posting photos of my nose!!

Finally photos!

Sorry its taken me a while to upload photos im so forgetful and also very busy! You can see on the pictures where ive edited my nose because the back ground isnt plain but it shows how i would like my nose to look, specifically my profile. I was never bothered about my tip but i feel that if my nose is straightened and smoothed/rounded on the bridge my tip will then look too big for the rest of my nose so im wanting that made smaller but only a little so its in proportion. You cant always tell how deviated my nose is but the picture from the front shows it quite well.

3 Weeks to go..

3 Weeks to go until my open rhinoplasty/septoplasty surgery! Im so so excited but the nerves are starting to creep in as it's starting to feel real!! I'm not scared of the process and being under anaesthetic (I went under when I was about 6/7) it's just how I'm going to feel after as I'm hugely afraid of sick!! However if I am, it'll all be worth it in the end I'm sure. I'm almost ready with all my pillows, surgery clothes and all that, it's just a waiting game now! I'll keep posted more in the mean time and please go follow my rhinoplasty instagram -> rhi_rhinoplasty, thank you!

It's done!!!!

Hi guys, so sorry i haven't kept you updated around, during and after my surgery, I've just found it easier to post a quick pic and a few words on instagram! (rhi_rhinoplasty).

SO, i had my surgery a week ago today! i travelled to the hospital and was supposed to be first in but due to heavy traffic we were delayed so i was third!! I was so nervous and although i was there in my gown it still didn't kick in that it was actually happening. I went down at about half 12 in the afternoon and it only hit me when i was on the surgery table and then the next thing i was waking up in my hospital bed with my mum next to me!!! My surgeon came in again to see me that evening to ask how i was doing which i thought was really nice. He also mentioned that my surgery took 3 hours because my deviated was even worse inside than anticipated.

Healing process - I was unbelievably lucky with my healing process. I'm only a petite person and bruise so easily and believe i'm very weak, but i managed to have very minimal bruising (ill post pics after in Post op day order) or swelling and only took one of my painkillers the whole process, one half before bed on the first 2 days just as a precaution and to help me sleep. My teeth ached but i had no pain. The only discomfort i had was the packing in my nose which i had there for three days so i had to mouth breathe all the time - this caused me to wake up in the night with an extremely dry mouth and sore tongue, i luckily had dry mouth spray which came in handy whenever i woke up. After having my packing out i thought i would get my taste back - unfortunately it's POD7 today and i still cannot taste a thing:( i can breathe through my nose so managed to sleep through last night but not being able to taste AT ALL is horrible:( I knew this may be the case with packing but I've never really read about anyone losing taste but when i searched it is is very common, so just a warning! Now I'm just waiting for my cast off day which in is 2 days! If anyone has any questions then ask away :)

Photos! POD1-6


Cast off day - the cast came off pretty easy seen as its POD10 and the stitches made my eyes water so bad but they were bareable. Heres my new nosey!! So happy. I cried when i came out because my old nose is GONE. Made my mum cry too, the best thing i have ever done so far. Still loads of swelling especially on the bridge but can see such a difference, and its straight!!! Ahhhhh

POM1 - my journey so far!!!

My nose is bigger some days and smaller others, swelling moves around especially my tip but so far I'm happy. My nose is straight from the front but the tip is really slanted to one side (you can only see this from above) hoping some it's swelling but I know it will never be perfectly straight. Hoping my nose will go back to cast off day at the end of my journey!

About time I did an update!!

It's POM2 around 10 weeks so thought I better do an update! It's been a while since I posted anything on here. My healing process has been fine and I've had no problems! I also post a lot on my instagram account which is rhi_rhinoplasty if you want to follow that :) I don't have trouble with my swelling anywhere apart from my tip but it's still minor! I'm also starting to see more of a slope in my nose!
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