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I am getting liposuction of my entire abdomen ,...

I am getting liposuction of my entire abdomen , waist, hips, love handles. I went to the doctor previously in 2007 and had inner thighs done and scar revision on my belly...she did a outstanding job. I have two grown children that were born c- section the vertical way ( don't know what the doctor was thinking)-not the norm. Well I ended up having to get a hysterectomy 2009 and that doctor went thru the same scar that & had a revision on... Talk about pissed. I was even more pissed when he came into the room and said I did the best I could but I am no means a plastic surgeon-so this time around I decided to get liposuction and not get the scar revised AGAIN...when I saw the plastic surgeon she was like hey what happened to my work? I was like you are not going to believe this ....anyway to get the scar revision added would have brought the total to like 11,000.00 - that was with my military discount. I am posting the before pics, in one you will see I am self conscience about the scar I hate it, slowly learning to live with it and not be ashamed. On the side view picture you can see around the navel where it is a bit puckered-hope to be rid of that mess the surgeon put back together after my hysterectomy. Not sure why he cut thru my belly button...Nevertheless I will post additional post after my procedure. All in all I don't think I look that bad for someone turning 47 this year

Additional liposuction

I forgot to mention I am getting lipo on my mons additional charge ... Maybe doctor was planning on doing that anyway...doesn't make sense having a flat stomach and a bulge below ...

Won't be long now ...

A week away, I been thru this before why can't I sleep at night ....strange...I will just spend this time to clean house at my leisure ...I can't wait, very is providing the stage 1 and stage 2 garment ...when it is all said and DONE...I hope to look like Jessica

1 day post op

Ok I had my procedure yesterday 5/1/14, I slept all day after I came home woke up to have hot tea and lemon and tomato soup, well only a couple of sips and spoonfuls and I was out again...I have the binder on my waist and feels like foam on the inside from me touching the outside...I don't want to try and look because so far so good it is not moving and binder is in the same spot. I am sore which is expected, I only have been taking my antibiotics, no pain meds yet...just because it is not at that point for me to take it...I am a soldier and can take pain, I had brain surgery and never took pain meds....all and all I feel good, soreness which I can follow up visit is on Tuesday 5/6/14, thanks for the support ladies... each and everyone of you ROCK .....will changes occur...take care.

Updated photos

Sorry I have been out of the loop and missing lately. I have been trying to assist taking care of my 23 year old daughter that has become ill with Lupus, Scoliosis, Raynauds Disease plus 3 other illnesses. I am attaching pics from various days..2nd day post op. I am sure your wondering why so many entry marks well between appendix removal, removal of a ovary, hysterectomy mad two caesarean births caused alot of scar tissue than she was expecting but I am happy with it and the scars are not bad at all....a little sore. This is the last time for liposuction on my stomach. I cannot believe not one bruise...

7 days post op

Still a bit sore but moving around faster .....NO PAIN MEDS AT just the required antibiotics. These pics are from approximately 7 days out ...from the front I look a little smaller and can tell where the waist is making progress but from the sides ugh looks like no improvement ...bit I am ok, I have nothing but time. I have been massaging, the sides are getting softer faster than the stomach. I had the punis mons done and it feels like I have baseballs down there...I am not in a relationship so nobody knows this but me

19 days post op

Sorry ladies I am running behind on posting pics ... iPad locked up on me and had to reset to factory settings lost everything...these are the latest pics I took and they are approximately 19 days out..I can't wait to see end result. I am massaging but seems the mons pubis area is the worse area and taking longer to soften. I am still wearing my compression garment, I was told to wear it so many times a day I wear it all day. I am on the stage 2 garment in a Large and I will say I will probably invest in a medium in a couple of weeks because the large is not as snug ...yeah...enjoy the pics I really like the one back photo with my floral underwear, my plastic surgeon snatched that fat right out...I like the way it looks...marvelous ...I will post more later....take care sisters!!!

New Garment Needed in awhile

Ok I am a month and two days out from the surgery, wearing a stage two garment just because the brand I have holds well does not look bad at all under clothes, I love it. Stage one was XL, THIS is a Large and becoming less snug on me even after I wash and dry it on hot setting..I have some harness still going on so I figure that is swelling and will go down eventually...and I will be smaller ...I am so excited and cannot more later..

I month 10 days post OP, doctors appointment today 6/11/14 ...

I am liking the way I am looking, going to be dynamite when all of the swelling subsides in the final end. Just found out High school reunion is 26-28 June and I cannot wait to prance like a Clydesdale horse for the High School haters. Random thought, I must be looking good, I now have a boyfriend that is 16 younger than me, the crazy thing is my ex husband was 13 years younger than the real crazy thing was this KID that is 16 years younger than me...I REMEMBER WHEN HE WAS BORN ...GASP..THEN I FAINT ...LOL..his mom is my moms friend...

Sorry I am late on updating ...

Hi sisters! Sorry late on updating-I went out of town for the July holiday and came back for a week and a half then my mother got ill and almost died from an allergic reaction to a new Gout medicine she received it almost killed her and she was in the hospital for a month and a half-so I have been living in the hospital with my mother-we only got one and have to take care of them. I haven't even gotten a chance to see my doctor for my September 11th check up, well I am back now and mom is fine other than getting over Steven Johnsons Syndrome. So I just took these pictures and the more I thought of it I should have taken them in the same bikini...I will do that in a few more days. Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Take care.

Scar revision

Hello Realself family, I have decided to go ahead and get a scar revision on my vertical scar. I should have done it when I had the last lipo. But I am going to get it done as well as a little lipo here and there in some areas that needed a little tweeking here and there. I will be having the procedure done on the 27th or the 28th of May, not sure which date yet. I will know more when I go for pre-testing on the 12th of May. I will be having this surgery done by my Doctor BFF Gurley. She is the best. If you ever get a chance to go to her for a consult, you will be glad that you did. I am sorry I haven't posted in here for awhile but I have been taking care of my mom and daughter -as they had health issues. I will post after the surgery. Take care RS Family.

3 days until the surgery

I can hardly wait!!!!
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Judith Gurley is one of the best doctors in the St. Louis, Mo area- the other plastic surgeon that is just as awesome here in the St. Louis area is Paul Rottler. I never had a problem with either doctor and have always been satisfied. A+.

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