25 Years Old, VERY Minimal Breast Tissue, 300 Cc HP Submuscular Inframammary Silicone Implants.

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In middle school, it became very apparent that I...

In middle school, it became very apparent that I was not like the rest of the girls in my class. While everyone else was hitting puberty and buying bras, I was stuffing socks, gel inserts and anything else I could find into my padded bras. I always hoped that boobs would magically appear once I hit high school.... then college.... then when I started birth control. But nope. Nothing.

I dreaded school dances, pool parties, the beach, halloween and any other event that would require me to try and camouflage my nonexistent chest.

Rewind to two weeks ago and I finally decided at the age of 25 that it was time to pull the trigger. I had done my reviews and found Dr. Kofkoff in St. Louis. I am a review addict and although I searched high and low for even a mediocre review, I couldn't find one. Everyone raved about Dr. Kofkoff's professionalism, bedside manner, staff, results etc. I set the appointment and I met with his patient coordinator, Teresa, as well as with Dr. Kofkoff who answered all of my questions.

I had done my research beforehand and went in wanting 275cc, moderate plus profile, submuscular, silicone implants. After my discussion with doc, I realized that my chest was too narrow for moderate plus and that high profile was really my only choice given the size I wanted to be. I was apprehensive about high profile because I didn't want them to jut out and look unnatural. We went over a chart that showed corresponding chest width and cc's to the specific profile (mod, mod plus and high). I reiterated over and over that my goal was to look natural and that I did not want too much fullness in the upper breast. We went over pictures and I was very confident that we were on the same page.

At the end of the appointment, Teresa told me to give them a call in the event that I wanted to schedule the BA. I told her I did not plan on meeting with any other doctors and that I was ready. She asked if there were any dates that we had to work around and I let her know that I was traveling to Mexico in 5 weeks so it would have to be after that. Much to my surprise and joy, she asked if I wanted to get it done prior to my trip. Heck ya! She told me that as long as I didn't do strenuous activity for 3 weeks post surgery, I would be good to go to Mexico. She informed me that I will have to take extra precautions such as diligent sunscreen application and scar monitoring, but that it wouldn't be an issue.

I have included before pictures just so you get an idea of how ridiculously flat I was. I mean no breast tissue. I will review surgery in a separate post.

2 Days Post Op

I have boobs!!!

Surgery was on Wednesday and went as smooth as I think surgery could possibly go. I checked in at 10:30am for my 12:00pm surgery. The nurses brought me back around 11:15 to weigh me and get a urine sample (of course I couldn't pee in the cup so we got an IV started). Two nurses prepped me and then I met the anesthesiologist. He explained how the anesthesia would be administered, answered any questions I had and then was on his way. Then my PS came in, marked me up, asked if I had any questions and then let the nurse team take me from there. They must have been sneaky with the anesthesia because I have no idea when they slipped it into my IV. I remember being transferred from the bed to the table and then all of a sudden I woke up in the recovery room with boobs!

I drank some water, ate some pretzels, did my arm raises and felt ready to go. The nursing staff asked me numerous times if I was sure I was ready but I felt great and just wanted to get out of the hospital bed. Mom took me back home where I had a meal and a movie waiting for me. I inhaled my food (appetite was definitely not a problem) and made sure to stay on top of my meds. The four meds I have been on are Keflex (antibiotic), Robaxin (muscle relaxer), Percocet (pain) and Celebrex. It's important to take them with food but I have had no problems with nausea or dizziness at all.

Regarding pain, I think I've been EXTREMELY lucky so far. I have had tightness and soreness but other than that, pain has been minimal. Getting up and down is a little tricky but that's about it. I have continued to do arm raises and even showered one day post op. I have been icing the top of my breasts occasionally to try and eliminate some swelling and it's actually working. The most obnoxious part of this whole process is the surgical bra. The restriction doesn't bother me but the elastic underneath is ridiculously itchy. Oh well!

I have noticed my nipples are numb and puffy but from what I've read, it's completely normal. All in all, I am beyond thrilled with my results and look forward to what the next couple of weeks will bring!

Rapid Recovery Procedure

I forgot to mention one very important fact and that is that Dr. Kofkoff uses a rapid recovery procedure which includes beginning some medications 48 hours prior to surgery, as well as utilizing minimally invasive techniques when actually performing the surgery. I do not know how much this differs from a "normal" breast augmentation but there is an excellent chance that it is the reason why I am not experiencing too much pain.

One Week Boobiversary

My nipples have been KILLING me the last 2 days! I was feeling so great after surgery that I pushed it a little too much on Sunday (picking up and moving some items, and trying on swimsuits) and now I'm paying the price. I also finished taking all prescribed medications which isn't helping matters. On the bright side, my new favorite hobby is trying on swimsuits that I've owned for years but always had to stuff with inserts. I go for my 1 week post op visit tomorrow with doc and I'm hoping for a thumbs up.
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