24 Yo, 5'3'', 100 Lb, 300cc Mod+

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Hi ladies! I've been lurking around this site for...

Hi ladies! I've been lurking around this site for months before my BA and found it really useful, so now that I've had my surgery I thought I'd write about my own experience in case it helps anyone in the future!

A little about me: Like many others, I've wanted bigger boobs since I hit puberty but they never came :(. I always told myself that if I wait a little longer, maybe they'll grow. Buuut at 24 years old and barely a 32A, I think it's safe to say they're not going to get any bigger. Even though I've always wanted boobs, I thought things were just the way they were and never thought about a BA seriously until my friend told me about hers. That kind of planted a seed in my head and made me realize that I could do something about it too. I was tired of looking for push up bras that made it look like I have SOMETHING there, not being able to wear the clothes I wanted to wear, and feeling self-conscious in a bikini or naked.

I met with 2 different plastic surgeons in 9/2015, and decided to go with the 2nd one (Dr. K) because of his amazing work and great bedside manner even though the first Dr was $1000 cheaper. I told him I wanted something very natural that suit my small frame. I was originally thinking 250-275, but after browsing this site and seeing all the people who wished they went larger, I wavered back and forth between 275 and 300. In the end, I showed Dr. K my wish pics and left the decision up to him but told him that 325cc was the max I was comfortable with.

My stats:
Age: 24, no kids
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 100-105
BWD: 11.6-12 (first Dr measured me at 11.6 and Dr. K measured me at 12)
Pre-op size: 32A (probably more like 32AA though but those bras are hard to find haha)

I had my surgery yesterday morning, and 300cc mod+ under the muscle . I didn't have much pain after the surgery, mostly just pressure/tightness. Dr. K does this rapid recovery program where he has you start taking medications a few days before surgery. He also dissects as gently as possible and has you start raising your arms right after surgery.

I felt pretty out of it the day of surgery, but today I feel more back to my normal self. I do have some sharp shooting pains in my right breast though, most likely nerve pain. I haven't used much of the Percocet prescribed to me either, which I take as a good thing.

Unfortunately, my work schedule has zero flexibility so I have to go back to work tomorrow :(. But I'm hoping that since I haven't needed much pain medications, I should be able to get through the day ok.

As for the implants, they look pretty symmetrical but right now I feel like they're kind of pushed off to the side. Hopefully they'll settle closer together so I can get some cleavage haha. They're also quite high and firm, but that's to be expected. I'll attach my pre-op photos, wish pics, and post-op day 1 photos.

I'll keep you ladies updated on my progress!

Quick update

Not much to report in terms of changes. They feel a bit softer and squishier, but are still quite firm and high. They also still feel tight and heavy, and I still feel the occasional zingers on the right side. Did anyone else experience this? I'm going to ask Dr. K about it during our 1 week follow-up visit. I'll also update with photos after that visit.

Returning to work was really difficult. My work isn't that labor intensive but there's a lot of walking around and light lifting. I was in a pretty good deal of pain but couldn't take Percocet because I didn't want it to affect my work performance. I made it through though so for all the ladies that have to go back to work soon after their BA, it's possible!!

Almost 2 weeks

Hi everyone! Sorry it took me a while to update, life has been busy busy lately. I feel like so much has happened over the past 2 weeks in terms of progress, which I'm really excited about!

I saw Dr. K last week for my 1 week follow-up. He was happy about the way they looked and said I've made a lot of progress for 1 week. I asked him about the pain on the right side, and he said it should improve with time. It's strange, I only get the pain when I lie flat or at 30 degrees, and it's pretty intense but usually goes away after a few seconds. I think it's muscle spasms? I tried taking muscle relaxers but they haven't really helped, but it seems like they're happening a little less frequently so that makes me feel better.

Another thing that I want to bring up. I notice that whenever I push the implants together (they're more mobile now, yay!), there's a dent in my left "cleavage". It's pretty unsightly :(, and I really hope it gets better. There's also a dent on the side of my left boob that's there all the time. You can see it in the pictures as well. I asked Dr. K about both of them and he said they should get better with time? I hope he's right!

Overall, they've gotten much softer and I think they're starting to drop. I asked Dr. K about wearing bras because I know sometimes he doesn't have his patients wear bras for a while post-op so they can settle faster, but he said that since my implants are dropping/settling faster than normal, I should wear a bra so they don't bottom out.

It's been soooooo hard resisting the urge to buy bras! I bought a pretty lacy one for fun because it wasn't very expensive. Even though it's not supportive at all, I like the feeling of being able to wear an unlined, pretty bra :). I've never owned one in my life because there has just never been anything to fill them out with haha.

On a day to day basis though I've been wearing some cheap Walmart sports bras. I bought 2 Danskin zip up bras since I was expecting difficulty getting a bra over my head post-op, but I've actually had full range of motion in my arms since day 1. I guess the zip up is nice because it's easier to put on, but I think I could have gone with normal sports bras. The zip up bras were kind of hard to find and pretty expensive everywhere, so I'm glad Walmart had them. They didn't have any at the store near me so I just bought them online. I got medium because they didn't have small, and they fit just fine, maybe a little on the looser side but I think it provides enough support.

Also, I haven't mentioned this yet but my bf has been incredibly supportive throughout all of this. When I first brought up wanting to get a BA, he said my boobs were fine the way they were and that I didn't need to change them (he's more of a butt guy haha), but if I was unhappy with them and felt strongly about getting a BA, he would support me regardless of my decision. Obviously he wasn't opposed to bigger boobs :p, but it was nice to hear that from him. He took the day of my surgery off work, drove me there at 5 am, and waited for 7 hours from registration to discharge. Thankfully I had a fast recovery and was able to take care of myself after 2 days, but he was there when I needed him so I'm really grateful for that. For a while I was worried about how it would affect our sex life. I thought that since they're fake, they'll never be or feel as sexy as real boobs. I also wasn't sure if the idea of fake boobs was a turn-off for him. He just didn't seem very interested in them or excited about them as I had thought he would be I guess? But I think that as they're softening up and becoming less "fragile" and more a part of me, he's been taking more of an interest. As for sex, I know it wasn't the best idea, but we had sex about a week after my surgery. We were pretty careful though and I didn't move much haha since I didn't want to raise my heart rate or blood pressure too much. Since then I still try to be careful about putting pressure on my arms or hands since it uses my pec muscles, but otherwise things are returning to normal.

If you've made it to the end, thanks for reading and sorry for the long post!! I just had so much to say since it's been a while haha.

Progress, scars, and bras!

Hi ladies!

Just wanted to do a quick update! No big news to report..the girls are continuing to get softer. Haven't noticed much change in dropping, but they definitely feel more comfortable. The tight feeling is mostly gone and I don't even notice them most of the time. If I walk around a lot during the day or do some light aerobic exercise, they do still feel a little tight. The night time spasms still happen, but they're not as intense or long so that's good :).

I finally summoned the courage to take off my steri strips haha, it was actually a little painful pulling them off. They don't look too bad - they're not super dark but they're still kind of raised. I think I'm going to order some silicone strips (the scaraway ones) to use in a few weeks. I like the look of the left scar a lot more than the right one, it's more straight and less bumpy. I replaced the steri strips with new ones after I cleaned the area because I don't want it to get irritated from rubbing against my bra. Hopefully they'll heal nicely in the end :D.

I tried to hold off for as long as possible but I finally caved and bought real bras lol. I probably should have tried them on in store, but I was lazy so I bought all of them online from nordstrom rack. They were all on sale so I didn't feel as guilty buying them :). I got 32D because that seems to be what most girls who are my size pre-op with similar sized implants end up. Buuut what I should have considered is that most people go by victorias secret sizing which seems to be prone to a little boob inflation. When I tried them on, they seemed to fit ok but maybe on the slightly bigger side. I think I'm going to return them and try on 32C instead. I'm actually kind of happy they didn't fit super well because the thought of 32D scares me lol.

Overall I'm kind of confused about bra sizing?? I've always wore 32A because that was the smallest size I could easily find so I never bothered to measure myself. Now when I measure, I get 26 for my rib cage and 32 for bust which translates to 30B?? That seems..kinda tiny? I should probably just be patient and get myself properly measured once they've dropped some more haha. In the meantime, it's back to sports bras and bralettes for me :p.
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

I couldn't be happier with Dr. Kofkoff as my surgeon. After our initial consultation, I had a gut feeling that he was the right surgeon for me - his office staff was very friendly and pleasant, he was personable and made me feel comfortable, and of course I loved his work. I was really nervous the morning of my surgery while waiting in the pre-op holding area, but as soon as I saw Dr. Kofkoff I immediately felt more at ease because I knew I was in good hands. After my surgery he called me later that day to check on me and answered any questions I had. I'm only 2 weeks post-op but so far I love my results! I can't wait for them to look even better as I heal. Thank you so much Dr. Kofkoff!!

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