29 Years Old, Fit 5'5.5" and 128lbs, Mom of Twins, Needing a Mommy Makeover! - Chesterfield, MO

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Eeeek ok here I go with my story!! I'm a mom of...

Eeeek ok here I go with my story!! I'm a mom of twins and breastfed them both. I've done everything possible to get in shape, but there is no cure, other than a tummy tuck, for the dreaded twin skin I have. I have also ALWAYS wanted boobs, so what better time then now! I've been looking at all your beautiful stories and absolutely cannon wait to start mine. My first appointment with the PS is next Tuesday!! I've been to others in town in the past and was thoroughly unimpressed. I found this new doctor here on this sight and both his work and his reviews are wonderful. I. Cannot. Wait!!! Wish me luck on my journey and I'll post again after I meet with him. Now for some before/current pics of my sad boobs and twin skin ????

First Consult with Dr. Kofkoff

Hello All,

I had my first consult yesterday and Dr. K was so incredibly kind and warm. He was very straight forward with what to expect and what I needed to achieve my goals. He didn't try to sell me on more procedures or anything. I'm going to be getting a fully tummy tuck, muscle repair and breast augmentation. He convinced me no lipo was needed, but I will end up with the vertical scar. My options were either the vertical scar or to still have loose skin hanging over my belly button - I chose the vertical scar! He spoke with my DH and I for over an hour and explained both procedures in great detail with demonstrations and drawings, which was great because I'm a visual learner! We looked at all the different implant options and decided together that silicone gel under the muscle will be the best option for me. Now I just need to pick between Natrelle INSPIRA and Mentor MemoryGel. Any ladies out there have opinions on which is better??

We are looking at late February or early March dates to schedule. We are flying my MIL in to help with my 4 year old twins while I recover, so we have to wait until we can get her up here since DH travels constantly.

Also, any mom's out there care to share how they told their little ones about their surgeries? My kids are quite smart and blabber mouths, so I want to be careful of what I tell them. I can't just pretend I didn't have a breast augmentation as they notice EVERYTHING. However, I also don't want my daughter to have any body image issues. I've wanted a BA since I was 16, but waited until after kids and such. I just don't want this to negatively impact her self image. I would also prefer that they don't sing to the world that mommy got new boobies ;)

Thanks in advance for any advice!!

Surgery Booked!!!

We booked my MIL's flights to come help me and help with my kids while I recuperate. We just booked the surgery for 3/6/17 and paid the scheduling deposit. This has just become SO real!!! Pre-Op appointment is booked for mid February. I'm so ecstatic. I just want these months to fly by! I also tried on a few sizers while I dropped off my booking deposit. I'm leaning towards 350-400cc silicone implants. I'll have to wait until the DH is with me at pre-op to pic the final number, however.

Hope everyone out there is doing well!

6 Days to go!!!

Hello RS community! My surgery is now officially less than a week away. I've got all my prescriptions filled and have written detailed schedules and instructions for my care takers. My DH typically travels every week, so it's just me and my kids. As such I've had to detail their schedules and activities for each day since he's not used to being home on week days. My mom is set to help out majorly and my MIL comes in town a few days after my surgery to help for the 4 weeks I can lift my kids.

Here's a list of the Supplies I've purchased:
Electronic heating pad
Frozen peas
Female urinal- so I don't have to sit to pee
Whey protein for post-op liquid diet
Stool softener and laxative
Hibiclens soap to start 5 das pre-op
Multivitamin w/iron- started 2 wks ago
Front zip sports bra

OTC Medications:
*I decided against Arnica Montana and Bromelain as my PS said the risks associated are not worth any potential aid the could give me.*
Colace Stool softener
Peri-Colace laxitive
Centrum Adult vitamin w/iron
Extra strength Tylenol

Prescription Medications:
Muscle relaxer
Precoset (pain)
Keflex antibiotic
Lovenox blood thinner injections
Valium- in case I have sleep troubles
Anti-nausea medication

Adding some pics of my sizers. I think I will be going with 300-350cc size.

On the Flat Side!!!

I made it through surgery and got to spend the night, thank goodness!!!! Im officially POD 1. I'm now at home and In quite a bit more pain then I was anticipating. Lots of mommy makeover patients said there breast really didn't hurt too bad, but mine do :( sometimes the breast hurt more than the tummy. The tummy mainly hurts at the scar line- burning feeling. Percocet is my bestie right now. I'm up and walking. So doc says that's good, but I'm completely hunched over. From what I can tell when they changed the bandages my results look phenomenal- thanks Dr. K!!! Hoping the next few days fly but and I get less pain and more mobility!


Slowly gaining more mobility. Still taking my meds around the clock, so forgive any typos. I'm napping quite frequently, but each time I get up to use the restroom I try to walk more and more. One of my best friends came over and helped me shower and blow dry my hair, basically spoiled me!! I'm so grateful for such a wonderful care team around me. My husband had been so amazing. I'm not draining that much, but I keep walking, hoping I'll drain more. Well things are still a bit foggy for me, so I'll try to update more later.


I turned a corner on Day 4 and am feeling much better. I also got off prescription pain killers on POD 4. I only take Tylenol occasionally. I'm only draining 5ml on each side for the entire day, but it's the weekend, so I'm not sure my doctor will take them out until Monday. Currently these drains are my biggest nuisance and source of pain. Anxiously waiting to get rid of them. Otherwise I'm ecstatic with my results.


Feeling sooooo much better. I got my drain tubes removed yesterday and what a difference that made for me! Today I took my first shower on my own. I've been blessed with amazing support and care from family members who have also had plastic surgery, so they wouldn't let me do much until now. I also slept in my bed for the first time last night...with around 10 pillows propping me up in all sorts of places, but still much better than the recliner!! I'm not quite standing straight, but almost there. Other than that I'm feeling great and haven't had any of the mood swings and extremely pleased with the results. Dr. Kofkoff is amazing!! I think from reading all the other women's journeys in RS, I'm much more positive about where my results stand right now and willing to give it the time my body needs to get to the final result :)

3 Weeks PO Pics

5 weeks post op pics

Dr. Richard L. Kofkoff

I had my first consultation with Dr. Kofkoff yesterday and he was absolutely lovely. H was very kind, informative and humorous. He explained everything he was going to do before he did it and made me feel incredibly comfortable. My husband and I spent well over an hour with him discussing all the procedures I will have. I cannot wait to nail down my surgery date and get the Pre-Op appointment scheduled!!

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