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Hi everyone! I am loving reading everyone's...

Hi everyone!
I am loving reading everyone's reviews on here, it's so so helpful when it comes to choosing the right surgeon!
I am almost certain I will get my rhinoplasty with Dr Tahery / Cosmetick and I've got my consultation booked with him. All I've seen are good reviews and I love the noses I have seen!! However I have seen people referring to 'all the bad reviews about Dr Tahery', but I can't find any!!
If anyone has had a bad experience with him please could you comment or link any bad reviews below? And likewise share any good experiences too! :)
Thanks for any help,

Amazing! Thanks so much...

Amazing! Thanks so much everyone, you've put my mind at rest :)
I suppose even the best surgeon in the world will have a few bad reviews and you just have to go with your gut. And mine says Dr Tahery is the man for the job!
Thanks again
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