45yrs Old, Explant of 10 Year Old Silicone Implants Due to Capsular Contracture - Cheshire, GB

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Hi. I have been wondering whether to share my...

Hi. I have been wondering whether to share my story for some weeks now. I am 6 days post explant & for some reason, today, I decided to let you know my journey & experience so far. Well, I had 330cc implants over the muscle when I was 35, having just finished breast feeding my second child. I am 5 3' and 119lbs. This was a procedure I'd always wanted to have from being a teenager as I was only a 34a cup. For 10 years, they were great and I have no regrets whatsoever in getting them. However, in February of this year, my right breast became hard and following a consultation with my original ps, he confirmed Grade 3 capsular contracture - (the implant would need to be removed, the scar tissue removed which is a capsulectomy or released which is called a capsulotomy) The cost for this was £3,700 and to have the procedure and both implants replaced was £5,123. I must point out that my implants were under guarantee which is reflected in the price. Whilst I wasn't too concerned about the cost, I realized that I did have options and I now had a decision to make. I am not getting any younger and do I want to maybe go through this again my 50's? Currently I am really in to my health and fitness and I felt that they were restricting me, especially now one was rock hard!

So, following a holiday abroad and stalking most of the ladies going through explant on this fabulous site, I made my decision to explant. Our wonderful NHS were amazing. Understanding my reasons which were that I'm a different person now, I want to be natural, me again. My mind set has totally changed. I had 2 consultations, pre-op and operation within 3 weeks of my first visit to the hospital.

I have been taking marine collagen and using E-oil over my chest and breasts for a few weeks to help with the healing process.

The scariest bit is the end result! Fried eggs? Terrified of general anesthetic too. But I know I'll heal better now than when I'm in my 50's.

I was very shocked on the operation day to discover my anesthiatist was a Neighbour of mine. I'll never be able to look at him again in the same way! Anyway, the staff at my local hospital were superb. They calmed me and reassured me the whole way. As it was an outpatients appointment I attended hospital at 12 noon and was home by 7ish. A little dizzy and sore with lots of painkillers. 6 days post op and I feel much better. Not on any meds, but sore and bruised. Still too early to judge the results. Hoping for them to fluff up, please.... Follow up appointment next week, eager to establish exactly what was done. Removal of capsule? Still think I've made the right decision but did have an emotional wobble a couple of days ago when my teenage daughter saw them for the first time! The shock on her face just got me. Anyway, I'll keep everyone updated on my progress. Good luck to anyone who is considering this procedure. Believe me, the hardest bit is making the decision to explant.

Nearly one week post explant

Can't quite believe it's nearly a week ago. I was so scared this time last week but now I'm on the other side..... I'm so relieved and happy! All good so far. A little sore and bruised. Been on 4 mile walk with my dog everyday for the past 3 days, but resting up before the kids return from school. Consultant next week to establish what she found and whether capsule removed. Feel really good! Consultant said I may need to see a psychiatrist after but I think this is my therapy, sharing my journey with you guys.

One week since explant & feeling good!

So it's been exactly one week since my procedure. I'm still bruised and a little sore but stopped taking meds a few days ago. Finding it difficult to rest as I'm a very active person. Can manage dog walks & light housework, but do get tired quickly. Missing the gym! Noticed a little bump between my breasts the other day, which has gone down but just praying it's not seroma. (A collection of fluids that builds up under the surface of you skin) I'll get this checked out. Overall, feeling really good, I've been for a pedicure day, I'm driving the kids to school, shopping, etc so nearly back to normality! Consultant appointment for next Wednesday, so I'll know whether the capsules were removed or not. Going to post a few updated photos. Upper pole is a little more deflated this week, but there's still time for this to fluff up.

One week post explant

9 days post explant.

Hi, just thought I'd post a couple of photographs. Dissolvable stitches look OK. I've left the adhesive dressing off now. I think the swellings gone down but I'm very bruised still. Hoping they fluff up a bit more as upper pole is very flat. Apart from that I'm feeling good. Energy levels are ok but trying not to overdo it! Will let you know what my consultant confirms next week as to what procedure she carried out. I really hope the capsule was removed.

Sooooo relieved!!!

Been to see my wonderful consultant today, 13 days post explant and she confirmed that I was in the operating room for just over an hour and she removed the cc and implant from my right breast and the implant and more cc from my left breast. All of it, all gone!!! No rupture, thank goodness. So happy that the capsule was not left in as she mentioned on a few occasions this may be left in and scorned! Didn't want that, but she could not confirm until I was in the operating room. Overall, she was very pleased with my recovery. Said I should now massage stitches with oil and can shower too! Yippee! On leaving the consultation suite, I presented my surgeon with a beautiful orchid to say thank you and just lost it! Yeah, I cried like a baby. So overwhelmed it was all over and my results were good. We exchanged hugs and I thanked her profusely! Don't know where all this emotion came from! Just so happy that it's all done now!

Off on holiday in four weeks, so time for a bit of retail therapy over the next few weeks! Especially bras and bikinis! Maybe a designer bag too!! Lol. Will be glad to get rid of these sports bras i'm wearing 24/7!

My husband, who wanted me to replace the implants has just txt'd to say he thinks I made the right decision to explant and he is proud of me. We need to love ourselves, natural, the way we were meant to be, God, I'm filling up again, happy tears though. What a journey!

I'll post some pics over the next few days.... Good luck to all of you going though or considering explanting xxxx

13 days post explant -capsular in both breasts. Full removal of implant & capsule!

Started to massage and oil disposible stitches. First shower tonight too!

2 weeks 2day since explant!

Wow, where has the time gone.?My boobs change everyday. No pain, no meds and strength in my pectoral muscles are improving. Overall, pretty good. Been reflecting over last couple of days and have been emotional! Can't lie. Just relief I hope. My son said where have they gone? He did make me laugh as it was just a passing comment as he stomped off to his Xbox! God love him! Learning to love me for me!

Photo before & after

34d to 34a!


And don't forget , tight support. Bra! X

18 days post explant

Loads of changes to my boobs over the last couple of days. Definitely smaller, I guess the swelling has completely gone down. Well, I hope that is the case. I think I'll struggle to fill an a cup. They look better with my sports bra on though. My pectoral muscles are fully recovered. Managed to mow both lawns today. I'm delaying shopping for bras and bikinis until another week or so to make sure I get a really good fit!

Finally tried it on!

Feels very strange. Not sure I got the right design? Definitely feel a lot smaller that the last few weeks. Sportbra-less today, giving them a bit of air and freedom from the tightness of the support bra.

Keep it real...,

Many changes this week. The breast that the cc was in has totally deflated. A bit like me! Sad, as immediately post op I was happy with results. I guess this was swelling. They are different in size. A and maybe aa. Don't know how I feel, disappointed. Thought they'd get beta over a few weeks, not worse. Sad and disappointed. Photos show 1 week post op on 3 weeks post op.

3 weeks post explant

Scars seem to be healing nicely.

I.B.T.C...., thought I would share!

Yeah, that about sums it up! But happy now to be natural. Fully fledged member of the IBTC. A bit of a melt down is normal I guess. Every day I'm just embracing what I've got and just getting on with it. Good luck to all you guys considering explant X

First holiday with my 'little ones'

Well, bikini on and off to show husband my 'little ones' for the first time in nearly 6 weeks since explant. (He works overseas and has not seen me since June) His response was, ' they're just like when I first met you!' I could tell he was a little shocked or maybe surprised as I had them for 10 years. My teenage daughter looks amazing in her bikini, lovely upper pole and just perfect! I'm so happy she doesn't have the imperfections I had at her age. She's got her grandmas boobage, no worries there. Feel ok! I guess but just around our private villas and pool. Off to hotel next week with other holiday makers so may feel more vulnerable then. Can't wait to work out properly. Been doing a bit of weight lifting and loads of lunges and squats but not quite back to normal yet. Hope you lovely ladies are ok out there who over the last few months have been in this roller coaster journey with me, sending you all lots of love xxxx photos taken today, changes everyday, I guess final results are in 6 months' time.

6 weeks post explant! Time just goes so quickly....

Well, it's feels like I never had implants. Seem to be adjusting just fine. Taking it day by day. Not missing them. I have been wearing bikinis for the last 2 weeks and have felt fine albeit I wore one today which was a little too big for me and I felt insecure so just changed it after a couple of hours. I still notice changes daily. My scars have healed fine but my breast tissue is mostly still not existent. Definitely going to purchase some nice bra-let's from Victoria Secrets on my return from holiday. I have been very active over the last few days, in the pool playing water volleyball and aqua aerobics was fab. Will be starting back the gym in a couple of weeks and hopefully sort out this underarm excess skin and lose the weight I've gained from eating out every night! Hope you brave explanters out there are good, we should be very proud of ourselves for making the decision and going through with it. Hugs to everyone X

The fluff fairy's visited at last! 11 weeks post surgery.

Just thought I'd post a couple of photos taken today. Definitely feel fluffier. The boob with cc has changed a lot and filled out. Still an a cup but feel squishy! Summer holidays over, kids back to school tomorrow, husband back to work overseas and I'm starting back the gym after 2 months. ???????? very nearly back to my normality..... Good luck to all you ladies out there considering explant. I have no regrets.

I'm back to my normality! Woohoo.....

My journey is over. I'm back to my natural self. Although I didn't have any physical problems with my implants apart from cc, I do feel healthier. My husband commented that my eyes were brighter, skin smoother and hair glossy. Wow, where did that come from?

Hugs are just the best. No hard foreign lumps between me and my hubbie, kids or the dog!

I've accepted my little ones and every day I just embrace them. Very proud to be an explanter and so pleased I logged my story on this forum. Good luck to anyone considering explanting, happy healing to those of you who have recently had surgery. This is my final post, but I will of course continue to follow everyone's amazing journey. Bye, bye x
Miss Hignett

Miss Hignett Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon. All amazing! Should be proud of our NHS.

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