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I have my rhinoplasty surgery appointment in two...

I have my rhinoplasty surgery appointment in two days. Going with Dr. George Murrell in Chesapeake, Virginia. I've been wanting this surgery for years. Back in 2009 I was in a terrible care accident, flown to the hospital, and underwent emergency reconstructive surgery. My nose was one of the things that had to be repaired. I guess they did the best they could at the time with what they had to work with, but I'm very self conscious in photos due to my nose. On a more important note, I have an extremely difficult time with breathing, which ends in me being a mouth breather a lot of the time. My insurance is covering my procedure, so I'm unsure of the price of it right at this moment. I've been researching doctors for a couple years now and seen a few different ones. I ended up choosing a different doctor based on reviews and photos, but when I went to the consultation with that doctor, he advised me that my nose was a difficult one and he was too afraid to operate. That doctor sent me to Dr. Murrell. Both of which were confident in Dr. Murrells ability to give me the nose I need and want.

The day after..

So, I had my surgery yesterday. All the staff was wonderful. Took them 3 hours to get me into surgery. Surgery took 2 hours. As soon as I woke up, I was talking (excessively lol), and ready to get out of there. I also had peed in the bed while I was under. My nose hurt pretty badly, but they gave me a popsicle and 2 percocets. The pain medicine kicked in when I get home. I was prescribed hydrocodone , but from 1 am until 6am I was in so much pain I was crying. I took 3 pills and it didn't help at all. My husband called dr murrell around 2:30 in the morning and he advised us to either go into the e.r. or if I could wait then to come to his office at 8 am and he would switch out my prescriptions and take my nasal packing out. I went to his office instead of paying and er bill. My nose and surrounding areas are swollen but only a little bruising, on my right side. Breathing out of my mouth the whole time, not a big deal bc I did thathe half the time before anyway. Slept sitting up and snored due to the packing anytime I fell asleep. Didn't sleep much at all. Oh, the breathing tube def hurts your throat and it scraped my bottom lip too. My top teeth are sore and the meat behind my teeth are sore as well. I'm pretty groggy and talking isn't something I'm interested in. I was able to eat last night. My husband made vegan Mac n cheese and that was pretty easy to eat. I'm only using my bottom jaw to eat and not moving the rest of my face. Taking the packing out this morning didn't feel good at all and my eyes started pouring. Dr murrell was very caring and gentle though and took his time. I probably changed my gauze 3 or 4 times last night. The first thing I noticed was that Dr murrell fixed my nostrils. They're now the same sizecolor when before, one was half the size as the other. So far I'm very happy...and tired with some pain going on lol.


40 some hours later

I think I'm done with the "mustache" gauze. I only took one pain pill today. Still using a cold compress. I can't breathe out of my nose due to internal stints. My follow up appointment is on friday to remove all the bandages. I can see that I'm really swollen on my nose and on the right side of my face. Could have been worse I suppose. I feel like things may start getting better. Well, I guess they already are lol

5 days post op

Still in the cast. 5 days post op

I get my cast removed friday

I'm really excited about getting my cast removed this coming friday at 11 am. I now have a little tiny bit of airflow in my right nostril and a little more in my left. My husband just sent me photos of myself right before I went into surgery , so I'm uploading those . Idk what the dots on my nose meant

Cast removal

So exciting!!! I got my cast of this morning at 11am. Thank goodness. It was starting to get itchy under there and I've been dying to see what was hiding underneath. I'd read that the removal was very painful, so when I arrived, I took two percocets. First, they clipped the stitch that was holding my splint in my right nostril. It was painful because the inside of my nose is swollen and tender. After the stitch was clipped he removed the splint from my right side and then my left. Omg, it hurt so bad. That was the worst pain. I have very small nostrils as well so that's one of the reasons it hurt as bad as it did. It felt like he was ripping my nose off of my face. I cussed and cried and my legs shot up in the air. My husband made jokes later mocking me and said "alright, alright I'll tell you where Osama is". The cast came off next and it was a breeze, thank goodness. No pain at all. Came off very easy. They sprayed out my nose and did a little suction. I'm suppose to go back in three weeks. Hopefully it'll be to remove the rest of the stitches. I didn't ask if they were the disolvable kind or not. I took some gauze with me bc my nose bled a little bit softer the removal. Anyway. So glad all that is over with now. My nose is very swollen inside and out. I still can't breathe out my right side.

11 days post op

I am officI ally not a mouth breather as of today. Still no air flow through my right side bc of swelling, but I'm making progress. Here's a collage that rangeshe from the day before surgery to 11 days post op


So, it's only been a couple weeks since my surgery and it seemed like it would turn out perfect after the swelling went down, but that isn't the case. I'm really afraid I might have to do a third surgery. I had my first surgery within an hour of my car accident and this was my second surgery which was to fix all that mess. Yes, my nose is smaller now and it's cute from the profile. The tip could definitely stand to be smaller. It's also going to one side of my face. Then there's a dent in the top of my nose and if I run my finger along one side I can feel all kinds of bumps. I see the doctor in two weeks and will discuss all this with him

Before and after

Here are some photosimple. Before and today. My nose looks a lot better than it did prior. Maybe I'm striving for perfection and should just leave it alone

So happy

My nose isn't perfect, but my doctor did a phenomenal job with what he had to work with. I'm so happy with how my nose has turned out ! It still hurts and it swells up in the mornings sometimes, but I'm no longer self conscious and it's taken a lot of stress off of me while doing makeup or just being out in public. Best decision ever

Slowly changing

I can finally breathe out of both sides of my nose. It took a long time though and still has more swelling that needs to go.


Well it's been about 6 months since surgery. I can breath put of both nostrils and swelling is pretty much time. There is a huge improvement in my nose and I'm very happy. I think in a few years I'll end up having one more surgery. Id still like to even out my nostrils and take a tiny bit more out of the tip. I'd also like my nose to be straight down the centrr of my face and have a little more slope.

Follow up

I just met with dr murrell today for my follow up appointment. He is such a wonderful doctor and I'm so glad I went with him. He said that my nose still had some swelling left to finish going down but that he could see that my nose needed to be moved over and that he could bill my insurance and schedule it anytime after September. I'm so glad to hear that he can do the touchup
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Dr. Murrell was very knowledgeable and confident. I felt comfortable with him the entire time, every visit. I highly recommend him

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