45 Year Old.....Always Wanted to Do This and now It is complete!

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So I have always hated my body....always! I have...

So I have always hated my body....always! I have improved it, run, cycled, everything! This time last year I ran a half marathon. I have gone through a rough spot this year....new Job, separation, involved in a high profile event and a few other things! Life is cyclic and I went through a wonderful 15 years before this last year! I am terrified of even getting my flu shot but, all of these things have made me stronger!!!! I just woke up one day and said "what the heck am I waiting for?" I have always wanted a boob job, I would love to enjoy it for a few years!!!! Heck I am 45!!! I made an appointment with Dr. Tad Grenga and he is wonderful! Immediately felt at ease! He has a wonderful reputation in this area with the medical staff and the community. He and his staff and been so great! Went with him immediately (I have a lot of experience with the local surgeons due to my job)! My MM is scheduled for 7-14-14. That has to be lucky! Did not even realize it until I put in for my leave! Having a BL with BA (yes I want to be a DD, always have), TT with flank lipo and inner thigh lipo (I tell myself this is purely functional as I just can't run without my shorts riding up!!!) I am 6 foot tall, 190 (heavier than I have been in a while!) and ready! I have three children, 23, 20 and 15 and a great support system and I just need to do this for me! I can't believe I am posting my ugly body on this forum but I am sure that the before and after are going to be significant! I am going with silicone and get to try on my boobs on 7-3-2014. I know, with my height and my curves I will want at least a D. I am a C now. I guess you can say I am vain because none of my friends would consider this but I know if I am at peace with my body, my perspective on life is fabulous!!!! I check in at 6:15 and my surgery is at 7:30. I have never had surgery (2 terrible vaginal births, largest 10 lbs and both with a 70lb weight gain!) but I figure once the IV is in, I will be good! Outpatient, 5 hour estimated time. I have managed surgeons for 10 years an I know that it is a long, long time for surgery!!! My biggest fear is the vomiting from the anesthesia. I have started bromelain, A and vitamin C. I cycle 60 miles a week but that has been waning due to my job and the weather! Starting this Monday, no more messing around! I am so excited! This is something I have always wanted! 180 to 185 is my ideal weight and I know I can get there by surgery date. I am so ready to be healthy and sexy!

Pre-op complete, all paid for, surgery on Monday

Ok so surgery is two days away! I have gone through my preop, had botox to my forehead and juvederm to my lips. Wow, that hurt with the lips but the results are great!!!! I left work today and it has really hit me. I am in a quiet and a little moody mood. Could use a beer but being good. I hope the moodiness does not mean that my period is coming....crap, what to do then? My bedroom is clean and set up with everything I need. Just gonna try to relax. Wish me luck!

On the flat side

Had surgery yesterday, BA with implants, TT with lipo and lipo of the inner thighs. My surgeon, Dr Grenga, was excellent, gentle and kind and even went out to the waiting room to see my parents and talk to them.
The worst part of the front end of the procedure was the IV. Then I was marked and the physician told me the different rooms and temps of the rooms and that they would put a warm blanket on me. That was the last thing I remember. Also, was on my period and they wont let you wear anything in the OR so I guess I was just bleeding all over the place. Embarrassing. The anesthesia made me sick but I never threw up. They discharged me at 5pm and I had not peed yet. They told me that if I did not go by 830 to go to the ED. I pushed and drank a bunch of fluids and managed to go at 9pm. I have been going ever since. The physician gave me crotchless compression shorts and I keep peeing on them. This is the worst part as by the morning they were covered with urine and blood and oooze from the lipo. I felt like a disgusting mess but my husband has been taking good care of me.

I am bruised and sore and just feel gross. Getting up and down is the worst pain. Other than that I am doing way better than I thought. My body is already changing! Will give updates with pictures soon.

8 Days out and feel like a million bucks

Ok, Mommy makeover was far less traumatic than I ever thought! Dr. Tad Grenga was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process and I would highly recommend. I went in to have my drains removed, terrified, today as I heard it was painful. His nurse told me that he will inject a tiny bit of lidocaine at the tube site and I wont feel a thing. She was right. I did not feel anything. I feel like an entirely new person without the drains in! I have been walking a mile a day since 4 days post op! No pain meds except for an occasional Tylenol. I really can't believe how wonderful this experience this was and I look amazing. Some tips I have that worked for me (this is not medical advice just what has worked for me):
1. Pineapple load - before and after surgery. Also take bromaline capsules 2x a day.
2. Arnica Montana - My doctor said I could take it if I wanted but no medical research to say it does anything. Well, I had 6 pounds of fat lipo-ed out of me, bruised all over and most of the bruising has subsided 8 days later. Started 2 weeks prior and still taking.
3. Pre-made 100 calorie 20 grams of protein shakes - Two days prior and 3 days after. I lived off of these and fruit (mostly pineapple) pre-op and post-op. Was very worried about constipation.
4. Duculax stool softener- start the first night home. Don't get the laxative, just the stool softener. I just took one a night and have had no problems in that area what-so-ever.
5. Raised toilette seat was a one of the best things I bought. Also purchased a walker and did not use. Raised toilette seat saved me!!!
6. Pick your series, movies, whatever prior to surgery. When you are on pain meds, you can't really make a decision nor can you see very well if you are over 40. I did not read much the first couple days, just drifted in and out of "Orange is the new Black".
7. Do not try to pee in the crotchless compression shorts. It will not work or at least it did not work for me but you are kind-of out of it and need people to tell you "take them off to go to the bathroom". I know that some people have no problem with this so I would give it one shot. My poor husband washed these things a bunch of times. When I went in to see the physician 3 days later he said "these are the cleanest compression shorts I have ever seen!".
8. Stay off of Dr. Google- So far I have had every bad thing ever! If in doubt, talk to your physician. Chances are you are a lot better than you think!

One Year Later

One year later.....wow it is a transformation. It really takes a while to get used to your new body and how the opposite sex responds! I will have to say I am glad and I'm loving it!!! Had problems with my OCD thinking that everything needed to be perfect but was over that really quickly! I am very happy that I did this. Was absolutely transforming!

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