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I'm 5'5 and fluctuate between 130-135lbs. I've...

I'm 5'5 and fluctuate between 130-135lbs. I've always had weight issues but in the past four years have maintained a very healthy lifestyle. I have been able to tone every other parts of my body by working out several days a week but my stomach is proving challenging. After weighting my options I've decided to have a full Tummy Tuck. This site has been a Godsend on helping me make my decision. It has also put me in reality mode that this will not be an easy recovery but very gratifying in the long run. I'm scheduled to have my pre-op visit on Friday, Dec 18. So many many emotions but mostly super excited!!

Pre-Op Appointment

I had my preop appointment today. It went extremely well. Dr. Sorokin answered all my questions and I felt 100% confident I chose the right doctor. He staff is very pleasant and helpful. I left there feeling very at ease and knowing I'm in great hands.. 21 days to go!!

10 days to go..

I couldn't be more excited.. I started coming down with a cold so I hope it goes away quickly..I'm hoping drinking lots of tea will flush it out. I was also suppose to get my period the week of surgery but thankfully it came early. That would've been awful. Have you ever second guessed your decision? I had that in my head last week. It took an awful night of NYE dress shopping to snap out of it quickly.. Lol.. Everything looked great on except for that pouch.. I'm so ready to be on the flat side.

Two more sleeps!!!

I can't believe the wait is almost over. I only slept two hours last night. I'm a nervous, excited wreck. I will post pics as soon as I'm able.

It's done!!

On my way home.. Wonderful experience from beginning to end. Jen my nurse was absolutely wonderful. Pain is there but manageable. I was binded right away so no pics right now.

Now that I'm more coherent.

I got to Dr. Sorokins office around 8:45 am. Immediately taken into a room where is dressed and gave a urine sample. I was taken into a small room to have preop pictures taken. Then my nurse Jen came in to administered an IV. It contained fluids and an antibiotic. Then the anesthesiologist came in to ask a ton of question ( she was great), I believe her name was Dr. Morton. Dr. Sorokin came in to make his markings. He said he noticed I needed Lipo on my hips so he marked them also. Then my OR nurse Barbara, came in and we took a stroll down the hall into the OR. I laid down in the table and that's all I remember. Jen woke me up in the recovery room and gave me some water. I was so thirsty. On a scale my pain level is about a two. I had exparell used which is a 72 hour pain injection. Dr. Sorokin spoke to me after surgery and just called my cell to check up on me. He told me boyfriend after that the procedure went perfect and he was aggressive with the lipo on the sides but it will look fantastic. I won't post pics till my first post op visit, which is Monday. On a great note I'm not hunched of and walking straight, which I'm happy about because I have back issues.. I can't say enough about Dr. Sorokins office and staff. They love what they do and it shows.. So excited to see these results. Sorry about any typos.. I blame it on the drugs. ????

Feeling pretty darn good. 1 Day Post Op

Morning!! I slept great. I'm able to lay in my own bed. I keep two pillows propped under my head and one under my legs. I'm a back sleeper anyway so pretty much feels the same. I'm also very thankful I'm not walking bended over. Maybe a slight hinge buy nothing dramatic. I'm walking around as much as possible. I'm sitting in the kitchen right now drinking my coffee and watching TV. I do want to give a shout out to my amazing caregiver (boyfriend). He's keeping track of everything. I felt bad I had to wake him up twice to pee last night but he was great about it. When I got up I told him to go back to bed. His comment, don't do anything silly.. Again pain is about a 3. It's really more discomfort. I'm sure in a few days my reviews might be different but I'm loving the Experell. I am retaining a lot of water, which Dr. Sorokin said is normal BC they gave me a ton of fluids. I'm peeing a ton so I'm not concerned with the swelling. I refuse to peek until he changes dressings Monday. However, I can just feel through the binder my pouch is gone.. Yay!! When I sat, my lower stomach would lightly hit my leg. It's not even there anymore. I've already pulled out my Venus magazine to look at bathing suits this year. Have a great day everyone ?

I'm more upset I didn't win the powerball

Morning. I was so bummed to find out i didn't win the Powerball ????. The Experell is definitely wearing off. Pain is about a five. I feel much better walking around so I have my coffer in hand, walking and typing. Caregiver (boyfriend) and I had a little incident last night. He was helping me into bed and went to swing my legs over. Silly me decided to engage my core muscles and boy did I see stars. He felt terrible so now he's watching me like a hawk. Note to self: don't engage core, let beefy boyfriend do all the work. I assumed when I woke up this morning I was going to be in major pain but I'm feeling much better. First on today's agenda is try to go to the bathroom. I really think this is the worse park of the procedure. I'm still able to stand up straight and sit down comfortably. Going to try to taper percocett and just go with motrin. I hate taking pain meds. I guess I'll take it at night if I need it. My weight is up from 134.7 to 141.1 but I know it's all water weight. My upper back and neck is starting to feel a little stiff and moving helps with that.. More photos.. Still not peeking until I see Dr. Sorokin on Monday.

Positive thoughts even though I just threw my back out.

I was fearful of this.. I'm not walking hunched over at all so I assumed I was good. Wrong, went to sit down to go to the bathroom and left side went out. Ice, ice and more ice.. Walking helps. Fun times..


I have my first post op appointment today at 11:45. I'm hoping to see the results since I've been under strict orders not to take the compression garment off. My weight started at 134.7, after surgery I was 141.1 and this morning it was 137.1. I don't feel like the state puff marshmallow man anymore. Yesterday I threw out my back and took too many laxatives so it was a bit challenging. Today I'm feeling much better thankfully. I'm just taking it a little more slower. I'm not having any pain and I'm able to stand pretty straight. I cut my pain meds in half.. So last night before bed I did half percocet and half Motrin. I'm more stiff from not being as active as I'm use to being. I will post pictures after my post op..

Post Op went great!

Post op went really great. They changed my dressing and made sure everything was healing properly. The Dr. I'm impressed how great I'm doing. My stomach looks absolutely amazing. I couldn't have imagined this result in my wildest dreams. It's still very swollen so I can't fathom the final result.

Side by side comparison

Now I just have to call daily with my output. Hoping to have the drain out by Thursday.

Cabin Fever!!

My daily routine before surgery consisted of getting up early with my kids, getting them ready for school and off to the bus stop. Then I would head to the gym with my boyfriend. Besides my kids the gym is my happy place. I hate that I can't go to my happy place. I'm jealous he gets to go off to the gym while I sit at home and virtually do nothing. My kids have ton of activities so he's been doing the leg work while I'm healing. I feel really bad I'm unable to just get up and go. I may try to go to my daughters dance class today and my sons basketball game tomorrow. I think I will feel much better once the drain is out. Anyone else feeling bad they can't do what they are use to doing? I know healing is the first priority now but I feel like a bump on a log. The pain is very minimum at a 2. I've only needed to take the Motrin; 300mg yesterday morning and 600mg before bedtime. I think that's pretty good. Swelling is going down a lot and I'm keeping away from salt. I forgot to ask my PS yesterday how long I have to wear the compression garment after the drain comes out. It's sorta annoying and keeps bunching up. I'm allowed to take it off to adjust it but it would be nice to get rid of it completely. Have a great day!

It was nice to get out today.

First outing. I'm feeling pretty normal today. I got up and put a roast in the crockpot, peeled potatoes and cleaned up the kitchen a little. No nap needed and only too one Advil for pain. I rode along while my little one went to dance class. It was so nice to get out even though it was freezing. My drain output was 60 yesterday and so far today about 23. Hoping this will be out by Thursday. Still can't believe I'm feeling so good. I'm learning how to maneuver without using my core. I still can't figure out to get out of my bed ( since I'm laying flat) without help. I'm hoping to master that soon. I'm still not hungry like I use to be. The appetite has definitely taken a hit but I don't see that as a bad thing. I'm down another pound since surgery. Yay!! I'd like to get down to 127, which I was last year. Baby steps.

Off pain meds!!

Finally done with all meds. I took two Tylenol before bed thinking in might wake up a little sore. I feel great! Last night I did feel a little swollen which felt uncomfortable but this morning it feels like it went down. My stupid stomach is acting up again so I'm still going to take the colace. I hate not being able to go to the bathroom. My drain output in 24hrs has been about 40. I'm hoping tomorrow is the day it's removed. I was finally able to get out of bed by my self thanks to the advise from this site. Just a little roll and wiggle did the trick. This really was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Self confidence is priceless.

Swollen at night!

Anyone else feel completely blown up at night. As soon as I start eating dinner I get really bloated. We do no/low carbs and eat fairly healthy. I guess I could cut back on my eating but I already eat about 1600 calories a day. Maybe it's just the process but it's so uncomfortable. On a good note only 20cc of fluid today.. Let's get this drain out already.

Happy Scale!! The drain is coming out today.

When I get up in the morning I like to weigh myself to see how much fluid I'm still holding on to. To my surprise my scale is down two pounds pre-surgery weight. I called my PS today with my output and they said drain can come out. That means I get to take a really long shower tomorrow. Yippee!! I'm hoping to take a bunch of photos today as well to show all the wonderful work Dr. Sorokin did. I love leggings but mostly had to wear them with a bigger top. I'm wearing them now with a cami and nothing is sticking out, even with the binder on. Yesterday I took a trip to the grocery store which really tired me out. I was hoping to return to work next Friday but doubt I'll be ready since I'm on my feet most of the day. I've also notice that I'm much more impatient with my kids and find myself getting annoyed much more easily. I'm chalking it up to just being overly tired and not feeling like myself. Plus raising my voice requires a lot of abdominal muscles. lol I'm hearing each week gets better so I hope this is true. Don't get me wrong I feel really good and recovery ( at least for me) isn't that bad. I will post pics later once I get home from the doctors.

Drain Fail!!

I went to get my drain removed because of the little output. Dr. Sorokin didn't like that the blood was still very red in the tubing. So I need to keep it in until Monday. I'm sorta bummed but would rather keep it in to avoid a Seroma or any complication from taking it out too soon. On a wonderful note I'm allowed to shower. The nurse also took off all my extra bandaging. I'm allowed to drive if I want so I'll take a spin around the block later to see how it feels. I will have a little photo shoot after my much needed shower tonight. ????

Post Op photos

So happy with the results!!

More photos


I'm having trouble eating, especially at dinner time. For breakfast I'll have yogurt with granola and a protein shake for lunch. If I try to eat real food at dinner I get so full and uncomfortable. I feel like a blown up tick at night. I go to check and see how much I swelled but my stomach looks small. Also feeling a lot of pulling and muscle soreness. I drove for the first time yesterday which felt fine. Still hating this tube being in. It's starting to irritate me which stinks. Two more days to get this out. I'm actually going to try to go out tonight for drink with my boyfriend, he won't leave me so I'm sure he's going stir crazy.

I'm going out!!

Not so shabby for 8 days post op. I'm wearing dark to hide my binder and drain. Yes I'm going out with my drain. (don't judge) Going to listen to a friends band locally so I'll be sitting. One a bad note I'm going to have to throw away these pants. They are big with the binder on and I'm swollen. It will be nice to get out with the boyfriend and socialize a little.


I'm feeling more swollen today then I usual. I'm guessing this is all part of the healing process.

Said goodbye to the drain!

Dr. Sorkoin took my drain out. It didn't hurt one bit but what a weird feeling. I'm feeling so much better without it. He did say I might be a little more swollen in the next few days. He also wants me to sleep without the binder but wear it during the day. I'm cleared to go back to work on Friday.

Slept without the binder

Dr. Sorokin said I could sleep without the binder. I must admit I was a little scared. I took it off right before I got into bed. It felt so nice not having that thing on. I don't move in my sleep so I wasn't concerned about moving. I woke up feeling flat as could be. No swelling due to not wearing it. I promptly put it back on when I got up.

Two weeks Post Op.

Hi all. I'm two weeks out from my TT with Lipo on my flanks. Technically 13 days but I'm heading back to work tomorrow so I doubt I will post. If most of you have been following I've had a pretty easy recovery and continue not to have any complications. I'm excited to get back to work tomorrow but nervous at the same time. I've been driving my kids to all their activities and getting around pretty well. My weight has remained down three pounds since my pre-surgery weight. Holding steady at 131. I show no signs of a seroma and just have normal swelling at night. I do love how flat I am when I wake up. Don't get me wrong I'm still swollen even in the morning, especially in my lower abdomen and flanks but that's to be expected. I am having difficulty eating. I can eat but I get very full quickly. I'm eating a much bigger breakfast then tapering off at lunch and dinner. Around 6pm I do feel very uncomfortable. I have weighted myself around that time too see and I'm only up a pound. I do have a few questions for my doctor on my next follow up which is Monday. 1. When I wake up in the morning my abs contract so tight. It doesn't hurt but It's a weird feeling. 2. When can I start walking on the treadmill (remember my gym is my happy place) people are starting to think I've been kidnapped. lol 3. When can I get intimate with my boyfriend again. We've done stuff but it's not the same. He's been extremely good and hasn't even brought it up, I think he's afraid he's going to break me... I am nervous about the upcoming snow storm. When you can't engage your core everything is out of wack when walking. Just thinking of slipping for falling will keep me hibernating until spring. My incision is looking better everyday. My belly button is looking much better but I can't wait until the red ring around it goes away. Rome wasn't built in a day right?!

Two week post op photos

Flat flat flat/working

Hi all! I got up this morning around 5:30am to get ready for work. I was incredibly flat and my weight was 129.9.. I took a couple photos. I don't wear the binder at night, per my doctors orders. I'm very happy I'm not swelling at night. So I decided to go back to work because I was feeling so well.. I felt very out of sorts and moved around very slowly. I only worked four hours which was perfect. My next day back isn't until Wednesday, so I get a little break. I'm glad I went back but it was certainly a bigger challenge than I though.

15 day comparison. Same cheeky panties

So unreal.. It's funny mentally, at least for me, I still think my stomach is the same. How many of you need to take a peak daily so you know it's quite different. On a different note I think it's time to make a Victoria Secret run!!

3 week post op visit.

Hi all! I just returned from my 3 week post op visit. All my steri strips have been removed. I'm no longer required to wear my binder. Dr. Sorokin said that I can still wear it if I want but it's not necessary. I'm allowed to walk on the treadmill with an incline if I want! YAY!! Best news ever!! He also gave me Vitamin E oil which I will start using next Tuesday. He said things are coming a long very nicely. I have another visit in two weeks.

Heading to my happy place.

I got the go ahead to walk on the treadmill. Heading to the gym. I'm so happy. I haven't worn my binder since Monday! It's really not that bad. Swelling is worse at night but still minimal.

3 week photos in jeans.. No binder

Totally loving this!! Feels weird wearing jeans with no binder but doesn't hurt. I did cover my bb because my jeans just hit at it.


Today was great. I woke up super flat (which I normally do) but the swelling was very minimal throughout the day. I haven't been wearing my binder for almost 2 weeks now. Normally I would wake up flat but by the end of the day I would feel super tight and swollen. It was nice for feel somewhat normal. I will take four week pics tomorrow and post them. We have an outing so I'll be wearing a bodycon dress.. fingers crossed.. lol

Four week pics

I was planning to wear a body con dress tonight but it so tight I feel like I can see scar through it. So I nixed that. Put on jeans that my stomach use to hang over.. No hang anymore.

Picture updates

Hi all. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy with work and life. I'm feeling pretty good. I'd say I'm 95% back to normal. I'm at the gym doing slight cardio and upper body weights. The swelling is very annoying at times and plays with my head but I know it's only temporary. Here are some pics. Gosh do I need a tan. Lol

Returning to cardio!

My doctor gave me the OK to return to cardio! Very excited. I was on the elliptical today for 30 minutes and will return to my normal spin schedule Monday. The swelling is becoming less of an issue. My tummy is molding very nicely. My scar line is I never but that's not bothering me at all. Happy Healing!

Bikini pics

Hi all it's been a little over two months since my TT. I'm more than thrilled with this entire experience. Swelling is pretty much gone and I'm about 99% recovered. Bring on Summer!

Bikini pics

Almost four months!

I'm terrible at updating. I'm feeling pretty much back to normal. I still have swelling between my belly button and pubic area from time to time. When my diets good my stomach is flat but if I'm cheating I swell. I'm back to my normal gym routine except abdominal work. I attempted to try to plank and well yes that was stupid. Any tips on lightening the scar? I fear the red ring around my bb will always be there. I really don't want to wear a bikini advertising I had a TT.

6 months post TT

Everything has been going great. I'm back to my normal ab routine at the gym. I still swell from time to time but it's very minimal. Thinking about getting my boobs redone in the next year.. Wondering if I'll need a lift but I'm hoping to just get old ones out and pop a bigger set in. We shall see.

8 months post tt

I love how my abs are starting to take shape. I've been counting calories and doing a ton of abdominal work at the gym. The swelling is very minimal but still there under my belly button.

Love my belly

It's been a little over a year after my tummy tuck. So happy with my results!
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