52 Year Old Non-jock Business Dude. Atkins Took Me This Far - Want to Get over the Hump! (Or Lumps!) - Cherry Hill, NJ

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Like many of you (men and women), i have been...

Like many of you (men and women), i have been reading and watching this procedure on here and youtube for months. Was looking at coolscupt, but got a bit skiddish and this just seems the best move. Very encouraged by most I have read - certainly nothing to scare me off. I dropped about 20-25 pounds the old fashioned low-carb way....now right about 203# and 27% body fat (no laughing!) according to our WiThings digital scale. Only real excercise is trying to get to 10,000 steps a day, which is tougher in the winter. Never been a 'gym guy' (obvious, I know). Booked for 8 pads tomorrow - 4 belly & love handles (dont love em though) and 2 on my back. Both for myself and for here, I tried to capture every angle. Like a few other posts, I will try to do nothing different in my routine to see how this goes. Wish me luck and stay tuned.

On the table now!

Good morning. Actually dictating this into my iPhone as I get the procedure. Right now were pads by your abdomen. It is definitely a warm tingly feeling it is up to us to advise what is tolerable or not. Very deep warming almost like a sunburn alternating with cooling and I have found a tolerable pace. No issues so far. After the four on my front, doing two on each love handle. Stay tuned.

Out the door!

Total experience was very tolerable and very pleasant. All in I was out the door in an hour and a half total having done two separate areas. As I said earlier, it is up to you to ask the provider to modify if at all uncomfortable. Stay tuned for updates down the road.

7 Weeks post Sculpsure...tough to tell

After 7 weeks, I don't see a weight change (which was never promised). Sorry I didnt take waist inch measurements. Do 'feel' difference in some pants and belts. Not sure if we only see what we want to see. Posting my 7 week post pics and you tell me (honestly please! LOL). Maybe a slight change, and will watch for another month.

3 month mark slight/subtle change at best

I do think there has been a slight smoothing of my handles. Not dramatic and can't say I wouldn't like to see a bit more progress. As with all of us, hard to see changes in ourselves. Posting 3 month anniversary pics today and would love candid feedback either way from unbiased friends in this special community.

Adding 3 month side views

Here a re side views to compare.

10 months later - what do you think?

So coming up on a year and still trying to decide. Have not done any further treatments but posting new pics same position and seeking unbiased view if change is visible. Truly no weight change from this In my case, but how about body shape? As always, candid remarks are the hallmark of this site!

Adding 10 month side shots

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