Bigger Butt and Maybe Some Hips - Cherry Hill, NJ

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I have had my initial and pre-op consult with Dr....

I have had my initial and pre-op consult with Dr. Dimario and Janet. I am excited and nervous. I am hoping that with my frame I can have great results. There are a lot of pre operative meds to be taken and a check list which is great so that I know I am prepared. I was impressed by the before and afters I was shown. However, I feel like Dr. Dimario is going to to do more of what he thinks is right for me rather than what I want. I don't know. Maybe that's a good thing he is the professional.

wish picture

one week away

I bought the antibacterial soap and taken all the vitamins. I just came to the realization I will be wearing depends in a week...Lol But its all worth it. I just can't wait till Christmas when I will look great in sweater dresses with my new silhouette. I am so excited . Also, I have been staring at wish pictures to maintain the excitement.

One day pre-op

I invested in papaya and pineapple enzyme supplements from Trader Joes. Both help fight against inflammation and swelling. I also bought Chorella which helps with wound healing. I plan to start taking them after surgery.

It over now....

My butt is on fire and my stomach is on fire. I am on meds so that couldn't imagine what pain I'd be in if I wasn't. I can not wait for this part to be over. How do people manage to lay on their stomach in such pain?

Treatments and sleeping on your back

I had my first treatment today...I think this where the real pain is. It was extremely difficult but the staff are amazingly understanding. On the pain scale it was definitely an eight. Also, sleeping on your stomach is extremely difficult. It is best to have firm bed to sleep on.

Thoughts and possible second procedure

During my first consult, Dr.D said that I would need two procedures to get all the fat out and obtain the large butt I wanted. Now, I see my butt is great a cute bubble round on the top and bottom but I want it larger. I have 43 inch hips now previously I had 38 inch hips. Another fear I have is that most of it will go away with swelling. So round two is a possibility because Dr.D said there was a discount. My second procedure would cost only half the price of the first. Pictures soon to come!!!

Before Pictures


After in Faja

Its is difficult and painful dont let anyone fool you

The aftercare is the most painful part. The massages hurt always. No painkiller can stop that pain. They have to reopen the incisions and drain the fluid. Moving around is a lot easier but I have a lot of swelling. Even with the dietary restrictions of no carbs and no salt, which basically means I eat fresh fruit, vegetables, yogurt and protein shakes, I am draining a lot. I can't even have salad dressing on salad. I also am having trouble driving without my butt touching the seat which prevents me from going back to work. Its a lot.


It looks like all the great results were swelling. I am very upset about this. I hope it just me. I haven't had a chance to measure yet a week or so ago I had an additional five inches. It doesn't look like that now. I'll take the measurementsto verify.


I still have fluid. My butt has also shrunk 1-2 inches. I am hoping for fluffing. I am a little disappointed that their isn't more of a projection. I bought a stage 2 faja in hopes that more compression will rid me of the fluid and shrink my waist making up butt at least look larger.


So yes I had a loss of 2 inches which was swelling I am maintaining a 3 inch increase on my butt. I am dieing to buy new clothes. My stomach looks better everyday. No fluid at this point. I can't wait to go back to the gym. My butt also jiggles when I walk or try to jog. Yay!!!!

End Result

Now Three months out from surgery there is no pain little swelling. My butt has only gained 2 1/2 inches which less than I expected. My waist on the other hand looks amazing. I am wearing the same clothes for now because they are a lot looser in the waist but fit well in the hips and thigh. Round two is in order but it may not be with the same doctor.

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