33yr W/ Thyroid Disease Liposuction of Hips Abdomen Flanks Bra Line - Cherry Hill, NJ

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After careful consideration and researching a Dr....

After careful consideration and researching a Dr. I decided it was time for me to do something for myself. Im 33 no kids not married I definitely live life to the fullest but have stubborn fat around my midsection (Thanks mom :) My 90% healthy with the occasional indulgence. It is EXTREMELY HARD for me to lose weight, I have a thyroid disease that seems no matter how strict I am I can barely lose weight. This is pretty hard considering most of my friends live a healthy lifestyle and are jacked!!! I love the lean toned look, but I am curvy and embrace it but would love a flatter stomach and waist. Who doesn't?? Im not sure of other who battle the thyroid bulge and live with it. Its pretty hard considering it effects my menstrual, metabolism, sleep, weight, concentration, it has its really bad days. I try not to let it all bring me down. I decided to join real self because with out this site and you guys writing about your experience helped me make an informed decision about liposuction.

SURGERY DAY! 4/16/14
After consultations I decided to go with Dr Sorokin in NJ, he was confident in my expectations and answered all my questions I had. I booked a date 3 weeks from my consultation, and was not nervous not even once. I was surprised as I get super nervous over everything! I guess it was pure excitement.
The worst part was standing fully naked in font of people getting photos, not even in the O.R was I naked, they supplied me with generous warm blankets and knocked me out with anesthesia. I was getting liposuction on my bra line, abdominal, flanks, & pubic area. Yes pubic area! For some reason I have a lot of fat accumulation there which makes me extremely self conscience. It sticks out in skirts and dresses so I can only wear certain styles. The whole surgery would be worth it just to get rid of that part. Can you say, Embarrassing??? To even admit that is a feat!

After being marked up, pregnancy tests, Iv drips, my glamorous surgery gowns, and cozy in the O.R I was ready. I want to point out the staff was pretty awesome, super comfortable, and I felt zero judgment from them. They all treated me like they were just as excited as I was.

With in 60 seconds of giving me something to relax me, I was knocked out!! Woke up with a bad cough and sore thoat from the breathing tube. I wasnt sure if I had the surgery or not lol it was so out of it and dont remember falling asleep. I had virtually no pain, and they gave me a cherry Popsicle for my throat.
I was pretty drugged up, and numb. I seriously felt like a water balloon, I was swollen and I can feel fluid and water it was so weird but expected. They did supply me with a handy dandy drain with red goo in it, yes gross. They said it was going to help remove excess fluid and speed recovery a lot since my body didnt have to reabsorb it. I was also stuffed like a sardine in a black compressed girdle. I was so high and out of it still I barely remember leaving the facility. The other great part is that the Dr. office also has a surgical center inside his practice. Very convenient, it was very comfortable and done all in one place.

I came home ate some food, drained my red goo a few times, took my meds and spoke to my DR. He said everything went great! He said they took 5 liters from me, which is considered a lot. Thats equivalent to 11lbs of fluid, no its not all fat but tumescent fluid, blood and yes fat!!! Hes said I should see a dramatic difference in my shape, what I needed so badly. My torso is shorter and I have really no waist. It sucked having hips the same width as my waist! Im not expecting to be hour glass rocking bikinis, although that would be awesome. I really just want to have a better silhouette and fit my clothes better.
I have an adverse effect with percocets they seem to have me awake and talkative instead of groggy and sleepy. Im having funny conversations with my sister and probably wont remember them tomorrow. At least I made her laugh. I honestly dont feel any pain, even when the meds wear off. Its like I worked out, which Im surprised about. I had surgery on my appendix and cool sculpt like 8 months ago (it seriously did not work!!! The med spa sent proof to coolsculpt for a refund for me) I apparently had a lot of scar tissue from both things and told me I might bruise a lot more then expected. I over heard them say I had a lot of bleeding as well, but nothing serious it was probably due to the scar tissue.

I feel great so far, but lets see how tomorrow feels. After 15hrs the swelling has gone down a lot, Im thinking from the grenade red ooze drain. It seems to really help!! Im going to continue taking the meds and tomorrow see if I even need them. I dont want to peek at any results until a bit more swelling has gone down. Until them it will be like a Christmas present ready to be unwrapped!! Ill give it a few days.

Removed my drain yesteday, 2nd day post op visit

4/18/14 Yesterday was my 2 day post op visit. I was surprised I didnt take any pain meds yesterday. The previous 2 days I was high as a kite and kind of hated being drousy all that time. I was uncomfortable but not in pain, you would think I would be barely able to move. So far so good. I wanted to grab some groceries while I was out today since most of my fresh stuff was wilted or getting moldy lol. I couldnt find a thing to wear that didnt show off my gross blood ball, all my pants and sweat clothes were more fitted so Ive opted for a hippy dress that hid almost everything incase I ran into someone or the store. I was moving around pretty well without much pain other then the soreness when I stretched for something.
At the Dr.s office I was waiting for my appointment, there were a few others waiting for the their post op appointments too. It was kinds funny to know we all had something done like a mini secret society lol. One women joked about getting her strawberry preserves tube out. Gross lol But I laughed knowing what she was talking about.
I get undressed in the room and had my 1st peek at my new but swolen shape. My stomach is sooo flat, omg Im sooo giddy!!! I can feel my flanks, and hips are so sore, and swollen protruding out more but Im sure will go down. Its a different kind of fat and much more sore there. As Im naked and slightly embarrassed to be once again in all my bruised swollen glory. My dr comments that I doing way better then expected. He said he IM acting as though I didnt have surgery 2 days ago. I have slight bruising, my swelling has gone done more then expected and im walking around without a care. He takes out my drain, and Im happy once again to be ball-less. He informs me that the swelling will subside more in 3 weeks and my hips flanks will take more time since it was dense fat. He was surprised that I am doing so well based on previous scar tissue I had. I do think eating really well and taking supplements has helped thus far. A few recommended anti-inflammatory supplements to use to help. If you consider any of them I URGE you to speak to your DR 1st
-I was taking pre/post op Bromelain for swelling, eating plenty of FRESH pineapple which bromelain is derived. I think fresh is best just because it has all the natural enzymes & nutrients before they degrade.
-Arnica Montana pills are great for bruising and swelling, you can even find a scream with Arnica flowers in them for topical use.
-Turmeric/ Curcumin is a super anti inflammatory but can cause bleeding if used too soon. I plan on taking this in a few days. You can use as a topical for wound healing. I have a tendency to keloid my scars so my Dr glued my incision up and I will being using a cream I make of turmeric and avocado butter (avocado butter is super fatty and rich in omega 3.6.9. I also take post surgery vitamin supplements supplied by my DR. at the moment im off all pain meds.

4/19/14 I was approved to take my 1st shower which I didnt do I actually did more of a sponge bath. With my girdle off and not feeling that comforting pressure I didnt think I wanted to be in a shower that long without it. It definitely made me feel a bit weak without it, probably due to the swelling. The warm water of a shower without my girdle would have made me swell like a balloon and feel lightheaded. Im going to 2 houses tomorrow for Easter I wonder how that is going to go. I know I am feeling like I can do anything, but realistically I just had surgery 4 days ago, and will allow myself to rest. I will stop by have a small plate drop a pie off and say im not feeling so great!

Ill try and post a few without garment on.

5 days post op HAPPY EASTER!

Happy Easter everyone! Today was hard lol...
Im 5 days post op and decided to dress nice for to visit 2 households today. I changed my black full piece girdle from the DR. wash it, and put on something I had. I used TWO bra line girdles and a since I felt one wasnt tight enough. It took soooo much out of me just getting dressed. I realized I was as bounced back after surgery as I thought. I did look skinny and stylish though so that made me feel better lol. I also lost 7 lbs in the past 2 weeks just from eating really clean and Im assuming the compression of the garment might restrict the the amount of food I eat? lol who knows but I really happy about that as well since thyroid issues make it almost impossible to lose. I was told DO NOT go on the scale since most of the time you are a lot heavier then when you 1st go in, your body retains water for healing and a bunch of fluids are still there. So that also made me happy.
I felt weak as I got into the car, I felt a bit nervous to drive since I was uncomfortable and sore. If I felt I was putting myself in danger, I would have never even gone. I figured Id spend an 1hr or 2 in each house and come home.
At my sisters house, I was talkative, pleasant, eating and in good spirits. After an hour I felt like I had to lay down for a good half hour and rest, It took a lot out of me standing around looking hot lol. I stayed another 2 hours, and had so much good food, god I love the Holidays

RASH? 6days post op

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day out I decided I felt well enough to work on my garden, and yard. Yes my yard looks awesome and I planted so many pots sigh...... I have a nice little tranquil reading nook :D

Today I went to work 1st day back, I didnt really do anything but kept an eye on the place nothing physical or hard. Ive been feeling a little more pain in my back today then the past 6 days Im assuming from doing gardening yesterday. I took a peek like normal everytime I come home to see if I lost any swelling inches. I cant help but look as often as I can ahahahah. This time however I have a big blotchy red rash. I dont know what it is, but its only in the areas of lipo only. I started using a natural butter blend to massage very very lightly some small lumps and swollen areas. Could is be a reaction to the butters? healing? or more conern issue? I will call the DR tomorrow just to be sure since I had it for 2 days. I am seriously ghostly pale so the rash is pretty contrasted. I hope all is normal and its part of the healing but Its pretty jarring in my opinion.

Happy 1 week! Photos.

Im still pretty sore, not enough to take any medications, sleeping in uncomfortable. I hate wearing the garments at this point, im starting to itch, heal, tingly, numbness all expected. The garment makes me really agitated when I sleep. Im going to buy a new garment to see if that helps, I only got 5hrs of sleep last night grrrr.... My light bruising that I have is yellowish which is awesome. Honestly I thought I would have bruised so much more. Perhaps its all the juicing I do that help heal quicker? Juice has so many antioxidants, nutrients, enzymes etc. I would be careful though many of the foods/fruits are on the do not eat list prior to surgery, but are ok after. I do highly recommend juicing :D

I still massaging 2 lumps, 1 is a heavy bruised section where my zipper is. I think its just more swollen on the one hip. The rash is still there, but lighter.

1 week post op photos

2 weeks today!

Had my 10 day post op visit, he says Im healing better then expected. IM starting to soften up, Im massage my little lumps. I made the mistake of using silicone sheets for my drain incision, since the I have issues with scaring. All my incisions are healing great and so fine, except for the port one. It was red and not like the others. I made it worse since it opened the site back up. He said to never use those, he said a lot of people use them for some reason and always causes problems. Ooops.

Yes I have tightness, yes I have small lumps, and hardness. Im expecting that. I do massage them daily, they are sore so its not easy lol. My flanks, and back are swollen and numb still. However im moving around a lot more. I had a few people comment about how Im looking skinny lol so thats a plus. I blamed it on wearing a girdle lol.

The glue holding my back incisions are still intact is why they look so dark still. Im really hoping those spots heal well since who wants scars when wearing a backless or bikini top. My clothes fit so much better right now, i actually bought some new awesome jeans!!

1 month post op yay!!

It has been a bit since my last post, this is our busy season! You would figure I would pick a better time to recover but I did not want to go through in the summertime wearing a girdle and and being miserable so I though last month was perfect timing. My skin and belly is getting softer those lumps and bumps are smoothing out. My swelling is a big less but overall my shaped improved sooo much. People are noticing and asking what I'm doing. I told them I'm wearing a girdle lol since they already know I eat we'll and exercise lol. I have a new found confidence that I know I've lost. Just feeling better about myself is worth every penny. Even though it shouldn't come from getting a surgery I do feel like a million bucks and that is priceless. I'm still seeing how some of these lumps turn out... Ill post a closer photo of it. ;)

2 months! Feeling great!

It has been 2 months since my last update sorry its the busiest time of year for work. All my lumps, bruising & hardness are gone. I am relieved, that was a concern of mine. I started working out again about 6 weeks, I felt I could. Still feels a bit weird to run, or high impact. My shape is improving, and I still have some swelling. I still itch like crazy as the nerves and trying to mend and heal still. I take a hair brush to bed with me lol!!! Im starting to love the results, I think everything was worth it. Im really impressed and didnt think I would have this much improvement. I didnt go in with high expectations, but im happy. Id love to go in for round 2 ahahahhaahha maybe I can get the waist Ive always wanted!! My clothes fit so much better and my confidence has boosted. Im getting a lot of compliments

2.5 months Yay

Here is my 2.5 month photo, Im still itching like crazy. I swell back and forth depending on the heat and humidity outside. Its weird, one day I feel super great, next I feel swollen in certain areas lol. The itching means my nerves, & body are still trying to heal. Im very happy with the results, I know I have a super short torso so my waist will never be truly defined. If he thinks he can do something, Im ready for a small round 2 on my waist. Ive never had defined figure no matter how hard I try. I started training harder now since I feel more confident. Ive tried everything for years, and had a super strict diet/workout regimen but Im thankful for the DR giving me my confidence back. Things I would consider If I did it all over.

----Reconsider my bra line lipo. Why? The scars, wearing a bikini top is out! backless or open back style top, out! Any form of bathing suit besides high back, out! My back fat wasnt terrible but I was like hey.... Im going under right? might as well get that taken care of too! Hoping the scaring will fade in time but who wants to wait years? lol My scars dont heal so well ever.

-Asking where incisions will be? I did ask but he was like in this area, that area etc. You should ask him to mark you prior so you know. I would have asked him to lower my pelvic incisions and lower back ones, because none of my underwear or bikini can hide it. My shorts dont even hide my back ones, if my shirt lifts slightly you can see them. I was asked a few times what it was or how did I get that. Again, my scars dont heal so well they will be like this for years until they fade to white. Something to consider.

I havent had the nerve to wear a bikini, outside of my yard lol. Im hoping with the pickup in my worksouts I will be brave enough to soon lol. I cant stress enough how important it is to eat healthy, and fresh, drink water and fresh juice. I think I healed so fast with almost no bruising. If you arent such a healthy eater, I would start a month or so before surgery and have your body super healthy for healing. Im grateful my disease didnt effect the surgery, healing, or effect my thyroid/hormone levels what so ever. Feel free to ask any questions.
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