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Home treatment MUAC TCA 15% : 50 years of age,...

Home treatment MUAC TCA 15% : 50 years of age, smoker, sun damaged, acne scars, ruff areas from peeling sunburn, fair skin mother and dark olive skin father. This is my second treatment, the first was one layer 15% with a little frosting did not want to go too severe too quick, some peeling mostly flaking happy with result even though minimal Day 1 TCA 15% fore head first, then nose and between brows, and then left cheek and chin finished with right cheek gave five minutes per section nice and even application with Q tip one layer immediately followed by a second had good frosting on cheeks and used the neutralizer and rinsed with water after each section one half hour later applied Neosporin to eliminate possibility of infection and I prefer Cortaid for moisturizer and warm water splashes, want it to peel but being a wound or scab not to fast, read and follow instructions carefully.
Day 2 Worked today I guess I was building character, taking the rest of week off, don't need that much character. So far looks like a good job the product seemed to highlight the bad skin areas darker looking. should see peeling begin any time.
Day 3 Holding up in home, burning car accident looking victim, purple red where frosting occurred getting ready for peeling. good coverage. I can see people making mistakes with this stuff and starting out by putting too much, strong and long which would cause a severe deep burn that could make you look worse there is no one time fix just be happy that you will look better every time you use the product. At 15% which is weak I am happy that I researched and followed the label and read about the process it could take me a while maybe a year or two with follow ups .
Day 4 Peeling coming off in sheets most of the skin is loose. hydrocortisone and baths of warm water I know they say not to hurry it up so I am making sure it is loose before it comes off, if it was a deep peel I would probably wrap my face with bandage.
Day 5 Mostly peeled little spots of flaking left, pink skin should be healed soon but to help I am eating a lot of vitamin c fruits oranges and grapefruit, happy so far will have to see if I get my optimal results when healed.
Day 6 I look good again skin is smooth, soft, less ruff areas and acne scarring diminished more treatments down the road looking at using lighter peels in between the TCA not sure which one yet, well take care and good luck with your skin rejuvenation.

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