Chemical Peel Review: Confused

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I am a little confused about how my chemical peel...

I am a little confused about how my chemical peel went.

I had a few pimples on my face some months ago.I don't have an acne problem and i am sure these were just pimples. Paraniod to see so many pimples spring up suddenly on my chin area, i applied alot of acne creams and lotions and instead of just drying the pimples up, they left bark brown spots on my face. I think my skin got burnt with the overdose of acne and pimple creams. I waited for many months for these scars to vanish but when they didn't i decided to have a chamical peel two weeks ago. I read on a lot of sites about the process, including this one and decided to give it a try myself too. The results were not so satisfactory. Maybe i should wait longer since it has been just 15 days, but still, i don't know if it really worked for me or not.

So it all started with the cleaning and toning of the face by the doctor. After that, he applied the solution on my face and in a few seconds, it started to feel as if i had placed my face inside an oven! It was buring too much. After some time, the pain started to go but i must say that the pain and the heat was a little too much for me. After some minutes, my face was washed off with cool water and i was instructed to keep using sunblock and moisturizers. After a few days, my face began to peel. It was red, dry and strange. Maybe this is how chemical peel works, but sill my problem is that now after 15 days, my forehead still has not peeled and the skin on the forehead looks way too different from the rest of the face.

My face has new skin now, slightly pinkish, but my forehead is the same brownish colour and it looks like my forehead does not belong to the rest of the face. I am still waiting for the skin to peel. If it doesent, i am sure i will have to go to the doctor to get the peel again on my forehead. I wonder if that will be a good thing to do. I have been told to wait some time before going for a peel again and it is going to be hard to wait, because my forehead and face dont match at all.

So like i said, i don't know if this has worked for me or not.

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