At Home Glycolic Acid Peel 40%

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At Home Peel 40%

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I am starting to document my Glycolic Peel to see if I have any improvement in my skin. I have rolling and pitted acne scars and I am treating some wrinkles on my forehead. I have had this product for a few months and have used it on and off but have not been consistent with it, so today I decided to follow the instructions as provided and see if it works. It's a Glycolic Acid Peel 40% strength and is supposed to help with everything from acne scarring to wrinkles. It states that frequent use of an AHA exfoliate promotes circulation and maintains a younger skin texture. The instructions are as follows: 1) Cleanse the face and rinse with warm water and pat dry. 2) Apply Renewing Toner to remove all traces of dirt, dead skin or cleanser and let dry. 3) Apply Glycolic Peel Solution full strength without rubbing into skin. I was provided with a paint brush applicator as part of the kit. 4) leave on for 1-3 min for the first week. I left on for 4 min because it's not my first time. 5) Rinse face with a mixture of 1/4 baking soda and cool water. This will neutralize the peel. When you first apply the wash you can feel the fizzing of the peel neutralizing. It's only temporary. You must make sure the entire peel is washed off, so splash for at least a minute. 6) Apply Glycolic Renewing Moisturizer. This apparently is specially designed to increase the peel process after the peel has been removed.

I will apply another treatment in 1 week. The recommended instructions advise for the first month of use repeat every 7-14 days. You can increase use to every 5 days thereafter.

Week 1 - leave product on for 1-3 min. ( I left on for 4 min. as I have done this before)

My face feels a tight and is very red right after treatment, in fact my photos were taken minutes after treatment. The great immediate result is that my face feels very soft and has a nice glow,  it is a very exfoliating treatment. 

2nd Application

Redness from the first treatment went away after 2 days and my skin remained smooth. No visible change in the appearance of my scars or pores, but my face had a nice glow after treatment. I applied my second treatment today and left on for 5 minutes. My face responded the same as the first treatment. 

3rd Treatment...Face on Fire!!

3rd treatment done, left on for 7 minutes, my face felt really hot towards the end and was very red. I did do a clay mask before the treatment, not sure if that was a good thing or not! I wanted to share some information that I learned from a local medispa. I inquired about getting a professional peel, I told her the one that I use at home and the strength and she said that it's a great brand and that they use the same strength and I should get very similar results. Their formula is a little bit different but as a test she purchased an at home kit and did a test and said the results were very close. I was happy to learn that I am saving money! I might try a Chemical Peel after this and as ILuvit suggested Dermaroller and Dermapen. I am not going to give up, these scars have got to go! 

Treatment #3

Peel #3

Treatment #4

I held off on treatment 4 since my skin has been incredibly dry this winter, and a little on the sensitive side. I felt it was ok to go ahead and apply another treatment today and it went just fine. I left it on for 7 minutes and that is my limit. My face was feeling very hot and reacted the same as last treatment. 

Final Results

I have done a total of 5 treatments, no visible improvement with my scars and minimal improvement, if any, in my wrinkles. The pros of this treatment are, my skin feels tighter and I do feel that my pores are smaller. Overall this treatment provides an amazing exfoliation treatment which leaves your skin feeling very refreshed and clean. I plan to continue this treatment and I may try a stronger peel. I hope this helps. 

Going to try Retin-A

I am going to take a break from the peel, and I think I am going to try a product that has 0.1% pure retinol for fine lines, wrinkles, and to shrink my pores.  I got a tester and have used it for 3 days. It is pretty strong and my face feels tighter already and is a bit red and sensitive. I will post a separate review should I commit to the treatment, as I have not decided if I will continue, and which product I will use. Stay tuned :)

I Have Started Retin-A

Hello, just a quick update to let you know that I have started Retin-A -- you can check out my review here . 

Wish me luck!

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