Chemical Peel: Day 4 and Looking Terrible

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Well I am on Day 4 and it looks terrible. I had...

Well I am on Day 4 and it looks terrible. I had someone stop me on the street yesterday and ask if I was OK...

First off the dermatologist said very little about side effects or what to expect. She said "oh it will be red and then it will peel, and it can heal in 5-10 days". So I expected it to peel on Day 1, which it doesn't!

It was very red and blotchy on Day 1 and 2, at the end of Day 2 it started to go brown and crusty. Day 3 it started peeling, which I was happy to see because I thought that meant it was over (not at all). I peeled off the dead skin because I thought I was supposed to - the dermatologist said not to scratch but that was all. The skin underneath is bright fire engine red!! It is very tender and it has only peeled in some areas, so my skin is crusty brown on the forehead and bright red across the cheeks and half the nose.

I was also told I could go back to work straight away. I'm a nanny, and I think my appearance is scaring the children.
I won't be doing the next one until I have a week off.

Am hoping to see results next week. I have mild acne scarring that I would love to get rid of.

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Very little information given about what to expect, side effects, treatment etc.

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