Chemical Peels Were a Big Waste of Money

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I have hyperpigmentation from years of back acne...

I have hyperpigmentation from years of back acne and I am Indian American so I have brown skin. I went to this group b/c they were "experts" with ethnic skin. They told me the peels would definitely help and even though I also had hypertrophic (raised scars) they said it should work.

So they had a contract set at 6 peels for $2400 and they said probably 8 peels would be best and I was very eager to get rid of these and they kept reassuring me so I agreed to pay. Then peel by peel nothing changes.

Then the doc tells me that I look like I would need 10 peels. A nurse there says that yes usually patients see changes in peels 6 thru 10. Then at my 6th peel they offer me a package of 6 more peels at about $2000 and I'm like why did you say 10 would work and now you offer 12? Oh yeah the doc keeps telling me each time that it is looking better and better while to me it hasn't changed.

So peels keep happening and nothing changes. Then at my last visit she just does it and leaves me be and says okay I will see you in a couple of months. Then I find out from the nurse that the research she cited was for the face and not for the back.

So barring any further details I was basically lied to and taken advantage of at this place. I have a complete mistrust for this office and I hope no one else goes through what I did with all the money and time I spent going there overall maybe $5000 including transportation costs.

Save your money!!!

Greenwich Dermatologist

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