23yrs Old, 5'6", 135lb. Need to Feel Like a Woman!

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I'm currently a 32B and thinking I want to go to a...

I'm currently a 32B and thinking I want to go to a 32DD. I have my first consultation with Dr James Mcdiarmid through My breast booked for Nov 1st. From endless research and trawling though many many images of other ladies post op pics. I'm going to ask to go to 32DD using teardrop silicon implants. From other ladies stats I'm expecting for him to tell me they will be under the muscle. I want them to look natural so hoping this would be the best method for me. Can't wait for my consultation now, been thinking about it and researching for years now. Going to buy a 32DD bra and try the rice test beforehand. ????


So I had my consultation a few days ago. After assessing my shape and taking into account my lifestyle and wants, my surgeon and I agreed on round mid profile implants over the muscle either 330cc or 360cc which he will decide upon during the procedure. I came away mega excited and I've already got my surgery date booked for 12th Dec! Wahoo Christmas boobies! Unfortunately for my boyfriend this falls just a few days before his birthday so he'll have to wait for his birthday fun ????. I will add before and after pics after surgery for anyone who's interested ????

Surgery day!

Hi folks, so today was the day I've been through my surgery, was most nervous about having the drip in my hand and more concerned about how hungry I was with not eating all day for a 3pm surgery slot than I was about the surgery haha. Boyfriend didn't help with talk of steaks as he headed out he door for one during my surgery. The anesthetist used gas and air to send me off before putting the drip in my hand so to keep me calm. BIG help for someone like me who hates needles. Woke up in what felt like minutes in recovery. My entire body felt heavy and took a while before I could function my limbs. Very strange feeling. I was then wheeled back around to my private room to where my boyfriend was waiting. I can't say I'm in too much pain, just feels like I've had a work out on my pectorals. They feel pretty solid at the moment. But i still have sensation in my nipples which is great. I had worried about loosing that. I've drank too much tea to be able to sleep right now so thought I'd update my page. :)
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