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I am a 32AA, I have always been very tiny and...

I am a 32AA, I have always been very tiny and insecure with my breast and finally am going to do this. I am very active and go to the gym three times a week. I really find this site helpful and have done so much research. I have a good base on what to expect pre and post op but still am very scared of the anesthesia and all the side effects that could happen. This is a lot of money without any guarantees. I have my consult booked already for 12/22/14 with a goal of having my BA done in February. I plan on taking two weeks off from work, am attempting to quit smoking 12/01/14, will have almost half the money saved and will finance the rest. My family thinks that I am to old for this and I am crazy, so I do not expect much support from them. I am thinking that I would like silicone moderate plus about 270cc smooth round, under the muscle. I would like to be a full B cup to a small C, I think anything larger would not look natural. I plan on talking to my PS about the decrease in size as I have read that you loose about 25 to 50cc, and I do not want to be disappointed.
Who am I kidding I have a notebook with a list of questions to ask LOL.
I will attempt to post current photos and then post after my consult all my correct measurements and the plan. If anyone has used Dr. Eliopoulos I would love to hear about your experience.

Current photo

Wish Boobs

It's done

I ended up having Dr Ali complete my surgery. I was at the surgical center at 630am on Tuesday and home by 11am. I have my first follow up appointment on Thursday and will post photos when my binder and dressings are removed.
The plan was 250cc under the muscle (mentor round), Dr Ali said that my chest was so narrow that she could only put in 200's and over the muscle. I was shaky for a good part of the day but took in more than enough water to flush my system out. I have only taken two pain pills, one each night before bed. I actually am having no pain issues so that is a positive.
My only concern is when everything comes off and the swelling goes down I will be disappointment because of the small size. I am petite and didn't want the ball look or to go very big, but so much money spent if I am not happy. I will post more with photos within the next couple days.

First photo

Day two, still very swollen

Day 5

So everything is still going well. I still have not needed to take any pain medications but am using ice a couple times a day. My new girls are still swollen and I am almost afraid to take my sports bra off because they are still big LOL. I am trying to take it easy, but it is hard. I think my right breast has dropped a bit, I am being patient as I no this may take a long while. I have added some more photos and will try to update again in a couple days.

monthly cycle

Silly question...I started my cycle and Omg my breast are so much more sensitive and tight. Has anyone else experienced this??? I would imagine that the changes I have made to my body would explain what I'm feeling but I thought I would ask.

week one down

I still feel swollen but am able to do more each day. Have my one week post op appointment tomorrow and think everything is going well.

9 days

Had my follow up appointment and PS thought that everything looked good. I forgot to ask about massaging, I go back in two weeks will ask then.

2nd week

Feeling really good. Incisions healing nicely. Swelling almost gone. Shape looks a little off today not as round but going to be patient. Nipple ' s really sensitive.

2nd week photos



Left incision



3 weeks

Everything is going well. Feeling that the space between my breast is larger than I would have liked but love the shape and size.

Just over seven weeks now

Things are very well. All my appointments have gone good. I think that my right breast is perfect but my left is lower, still trying to be calm LOL. But the right my scar is in the crease and left is in front of the crease. Sometimes I wish I had gone larger but I know that I made (and my PS) the best size choice for me. Not a family member etch has noticed and when I put on a new shirt or bra I am very happy at what I see. Most of the time I feel no difference, still once in a while I'll have some tingling. I am not using that sports bra all the time which is so nice but I feel better in a bra or a spandex tank at bedtime. At this point I am still very happy with the choices I made and have no horror stories to add. My surgery and recovery were so good, no issues at my follow up appointments and very happy with my results.
Lowell Plastic Surgeon

Dr Ali

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