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Like a lot of women on here, I've wanted boobs my...

Like a lot of women on here, I've wanted boobs my entire life. I waited excitedly for puberty, but it came and went and my boobs stayed baby sized. I've been disappointed ever since. I mean, I don't hate them. I don't even dislike them. I'm just disappointed by them. They have a nice shape and they're certainly perky, but they are so unproportionately, so unbelievably, so horribly SMALL. Like infant small. Like nonexistent small. It's just so sad! Once I realized that my boobs would never have any size to them at all, I decided I wanted a boob job. I started researching breast implants over ten years ago, but it was always something I figured I'd do "someday." And then a few months ago I got sick of waiting. I realized that "someday" would never come if I didn't do anything about it, and so I did. Now there's only four days left until my surgery and I can't believe it's actually happening! I literally just can't wrap my mind around it. It's so crazy.

I went into my consult on July 30th planning on getting saline implants and I left having changed my mind to silicone. I felt the silicone implant first and it felt so soft and squishy and nice. I was honestly surprised by how nice it felt. Then I felt the saline implant and it literally felt like a ZipLoc bag full of water. At that point I was pretty sold on the silicone. I also initially thought that I wanted to end up with a C cup (I'm barely an A now) but I changed my mind to a D. I've looked at a lot of boobs, and I realized that C's weren't really as big as I was looking for. I mean, if I'm paying all of this money for boobs, they'd better be nice and big! I want them to look proportionate and natural and not scary huge. But I definitely want them big.

We decided on Natrelle style 15 moderate plus profile implants. They'll be placed submuscular with an inframammary incision. I'm not sure how many cc's I'm going to get, and I won't know until surgery is over. She wants to keep me in the range of 339 - 421, although we both agree that 339 will most likely be too small. She's going to bring 371cc sizers, 397cc sizers, and 421cc sizers into the OR and she'll pick whichever ones she thinks look best.

With only a few days left I'm trying to get everything ready. I dropped my prescriptions off at the pharmacy today to get filled, and I'm slowly going through my To Do list. One of my best friends is driving me to my surgery and she's going to stay with me for the rest of the day and that night. I made massage appointments for us for the night before. I figured it would be good for me to go into surgery nice and relaxed and I figured it was a nice way to thank her for being my nurse.

Within the past week or so I've started getting a little nervous. I'm not crazy nervous but I'm still feeling it. I've never had surgery before so this is all foreign to me. I also can't really grasp the reality that this is actually finally happening. Like I know it's close, and I'm really excited, but I almost can't believe it.

12 More Hours...

In just 12 hours I'll be arriving at the surgery center. I've felt ok today, but I had a lot of anxiety last night and barely slept. I can't believe it's almost here!

Post Op Day 1

Surgery went really smoothly. I was a little nervous but didn't have any anxiety. I also woke up really well, which was awesome. I've read that a lot of people wake up crying or swearing, but I felt so cozy and warm all bundled up in the blankets; it was great. I have 5mg tabs of Percocets and 5mg tabs of Flexeril. The Perc's say to take 1-2 tabs every 6 hours. A couple of times I've felt ok enough to only take one tablet, and that was definitely a mistake. I'll be taking two at a time from now on so I can prevent as much pain as possible. The meds definitely don't take all of the pain away but they do take the edge off. I'm not in as much pain as I was imagining, but it still really hurts. My left side feels a lot better than my right, which is awesome since I'm left handed. I've been walking really slowly and doing everything in slow motion, because everything makes my boobs/arms/back hurt. I've been able to pull my pants up&down, open doors, get out of bed, and open pill bottles on my own, which is great. I've heard that the second and third days are the worst so we'll see how tomorrow goes. My surgeon ended up using 421cc mod plus silicone implants which are the largest recommended size for my measurements. I was definitely happy about that when I woke up. They're really high and tight right now which I expected. They're so full on top they make my nipples look really low. I can't wait for them to drop and fluff! They look like they're good sized from the side, but head on they don't look very big at all. I'm hoping that will change as they drop.

Help! Boob Concern

So tomorrow will be one week since my surgery. My left breast is doing great. The swelling has gone down and it's significantly less painful. The right one on the other hand is a completely different story. It's still just as swollen as it was day one. It's tender and painful and I can feel fluid swish near my armpit. My right arm and armpit still really hurt. I've been icing it like crazy but it doesn't seem to be helping. I know it's normal for one to progress faster than the other, but is it normal for a breast to still be so swollen at six days out? I have a follow up appointment tomorrow, but this is really bothering me.
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