31 Years Old, 5.6' 158lbs Getting Lipo to Tame Stubborn Stomach Fat - Chelmsford, MA

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No matter how low my body fat percentage I've...

No matter how low my body fat percentage I've always had a tummy and I've always been very self conscious of it. It's finally the right time for me to do surgically what can't be done through working out.

But what is the best path for me? Smartlipo, abdominalplasty, or liposuction? After finding out more I've decided that liposuction is the best option for the amount of fat I want removed and the down time that can work in my life.




2 days post op

Dr. Eliopoulos managed to get 4.7 cc's from my abdomin! The surgery went by in a wink and I ended up staying overnight in the hospital. The morphine drip kept me nice and comfortable and I was feeling great. The Dr. Left 2 drains in and they were full every 2 hours. I can't imagine if all the liquid was closed up in me waiting for my body to reabsorb. I have an appointment in 4 days where I hope to get them removed.

10 days out

Just hot my second drain removed and am do excited to try on my old clothes!

Before surgery I had a 38 inch waist. I'm down to a 33 inch waist today. How does anyone have 36,24,36? 24 is so small! Now I'm 40,33,40 and looking pretty good!

15 days out

Steadily improving but going through an itchy tender period that is making sleep difficult. When left untouched, there is no pain. But when I hit a pothole driving, my cat walks on my belly, or even when shower water grazes my midsection I get radiating unpleasantness that I can only imagine are my healing nerve endings. Sarah, Dr. E's delightful RN/ sister-in-law, taught my how to do lymphatic drainage massage that is supposed to help but I thought it worth mentioning so any researchers know what they are getting into!

17 days out

I'm so very itchy! I've read that itching means healing so I'm trying to keep that in mind but even when I scratch it's not satisfying because I'm so numb.

Also, I'm really horny...Today has been a roughest yet which makes me laugh because it really isn't that bad ??.


Well my abdomen is starting to feel attached to my body again! The first 3 weeks everything was numb but now my skin has sensation when touched. Not that it's back to normal, but I imagine my nerve endings will fully heal. It feels like I'm wearing a very tight girdle made of muscles, that pinches and pokes internally. I haven't been great about massaging and can only that would help.

Offcial Pictures

Dr. E sent over before and afters better than my own. After this appointment I was cleared to work out again and am hoping to improve further!

So far Dr. Eliopoulos has been great! I had consultations with 2 other Dr.'s and chose Dr. Eliopoulos because she had a nice way about her. She spent the time to talk to me about what my goals were, going over possible options, and setting my expectations for what could and could not be achieved.

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