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Feb. 4, 2012 10 days til surgery I'm 30 years...

Feb. 4, 2012 10 days til surgery I'm 30 years old and have been thinking about a tummy tuck for about the past year. I had a breast augmentation about 5 months ago and I have been looking into having a tt since then.

I have had a few surgeries that have left my belly with lots of scars and an appearance that embarasses me and makes me very self conscious. I had a hysterectomy at the age of 25 because of cervical cancer and my bladder was damaged. Five months after that my bladder ruptured which left me with a scar vertically all the way from the top of my belly to the very lower part. Then as a result of that surgery I ended up with a hernia I had to have repaired. I feel like I could lose weight and the appearance of my stomach is never going to change regardless. I have the extra skin that I cant get rid of.

I had my BA over 5 months ago and it ended up somewhat of a nightmare. I got an infection about 3 weeks into recovery and had to end up having my right implant removed so it could completely heal. I went to see my PS a few weeks ago and he has cleared it for me to have my implant replaced and I talked to him about the tt. Talking to him helped me with alot of the doubts that were going thru my head. He assured me that it could help remove some of the scars on my lower stomach and definitely give me a tighter belly.

I am about 5'0 and I weigh around 135lbs. I feel that is too much for my height. Im ashamed to say that I dont really work out much but Im hoping this motivates me to do better afterwards to keep my results from the tt. (thinking about joining a gym after I recover)So I am very excited to be having this done but also very nervous.

Finding this site has helped me so much. I swear I feel like I've probably read about every review on here. I kinda freaked myself out the other day bc I checked the "not worth it" box and read some of those reviews. I felt almost sick and had to make myself stop reading. Lol I am a single mother with 3 beautiful children ages 12, 10, and 5. Knowing that they are all pretty independant will hopefully benefit me in the healing process.

I work a full time job and one of my biggest fears is that I am planning on returning to work at about 2 weeks post op. I am able to take more time off but I would really like to be able to go back then. It would be nice to hear some feedback by people that went back to work soon after thier procedure. I am a Quality Control Auditor for the company I work for which doesn't require physical work but I am on my feet alot during my 12 hour shift (I have a desk I dont get to use much!).

Another of my biggest concerns is getting an infection. I'm very nervous about that. My parents will be helping me during recovery so all that is covered. Well I feel Ive somewhat gave a little history on myself so I'll be checking in again soon. Im working on a list of some things Im going to buy before surgery.

I went in on Feb 14th(yes Valentine's Day) and met...

I went in on Feb 14th(yes Valentine's Day) and met with my doctor to have my tummy tuck. He showed me were my incision would be and explained the process some to me. I was put to sleep and the next thing I know Im awake and the nurse is helping me get dressed and into a wheelchair so I can sit up awhile. I went home shortly after that, the ride home is about 45 mins. I had no problems at all during the ride. The first night I tried to stay on the pain medicine and I was very surprised that I had hardly any pain. I came home with 2 drains which are connected to one drain bag, its really not bothersome at all. I was sent home with antibiotics, nausea medicine and Oxycodon.

One day post op the tightness and pain are a little worse. But it still isnt anything that one pain pill won't knock out easily. Mostly I stayed propped up on the couch and slept alot. I am taking one pain pill about every 6 hours and emptying my drain around the same time. Its went from about 30cc's to about 20.

2 days post op I actually had to leave the house to go to the bank, and it went well. I tried to stay in the car and take it easy but I had no problem at all getting around. I came home and cooked dinner and rested for the rest of the day. Im just really surprised because I expected to be in a lot of pain and it isn't near as bad as I thought. So far the worst of the pain is my lower back and tightness in my stomach. I can tell my belly is swollen but it doesn't seem to bad.

Day 3 post op and today was a little rough. I had my first follow-up today so I thought I would get up and it would be easier on me if I took 2 pain pills to get ready and make the trip. My prescription says I can take 1 to 2 every 4 hours for pain but it was obviously too much for me. I had a reaction from the medicine and it caused extreme itching and my skin felt like it was on fire. So I had to take a Benadryl to ease it up some. My doctor took off my binder and changed my bandages and said everything looked really good so far. I got to see my new belly and even though I can tell its swollen I know I'm gonna love it eventually. My doctor called me in a new prescription and so far so good on it, and I'm hoping I wont need it much longer anyway. I didn't get my drain out but the nurse is gonna call me Monday to see how much I'm still putting out and let me know when it can come out. Ive been trying to drink lots of water and my appetite hasn't been great but Im eating some applesauce and stuff like that.

I have a couple before pics to post so hopefully I can get to that tomorrow and also take this binder off long enough to get a shot of the new tummy. I'll post those as soon as I do.
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