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I wanted a tummy tuck because I was tired of...

I wanted a tummy tuck because I was tired of feeling deformed when I was otherwise pretty. It just didn't add up. After having two children and gaining excessive weight with both, I had virtually no belly button, and although my skin shrunk back well, it was still a bad texture. Last summer a doctor did smart lipo, and made it even worse. So it was time for the real deal. Tummy tuck.

14 days Post

Yesterday was my first day back to work, and it was uncomfortable. Plus my co-workers were curious because I couldn't walk straight up, and that got worse by noon. Got home at about 4:30, went to cook dinner, and decided my right leg was showing symptoms of a clot. Went to the ER and they did an ultrasound, which didn't show any clot, thank goodness. ER doc said our blood vessels are not really symmetrical, so sometimes one side of the body just has a harder time moving the fluids out.

I wish I'd started posting as I've been going thru recovery, but I'll try to recapture some of how it's been for me.

I got my TT on May 16th, a Thursday morning. 7 days later, I took myself off the diazepam and oxycodon regimen. 2 reasons why: I had never been more constipated in my entire life, and also because I needed to be able to drive one of my kiddos to a doc appt. Sorry about the constipation part. But do not be afraid to use a suppository when all else fails. Oh, and as a side note, I started my period a day after surgery. It was frustrating.

I did have one drain, and though I thought it was insanely strange to have a piece of tubing inside my belly skin, I was relieved because every time I emptied it and recorded the amount (usually 25 cc's) I just knew that fluid would have been filling me up if the drain wasn't there. That thing was removed the following Thursday after the surgery. Felt a burning sensation at the site, at first, but then it felt like a slithery worm was being removed, then it was done. I could not look. The day that it was to be removed is the day I took my first shower because I was scared of getting sick when I took of the binder (happened to me everytime after I got implants last summer). I was also not sure what to do with the drain while showering (ended up finding an elastic headband which I somehow was able to put my leg through, pulled it up my thigh and pinned the drain on it. Worked great. So, yeah, that first week I was irrational, anxious, hurting, and extremely filthy. Take a shower when the doc says you can. It won't hurt you even if you think it will. Just take a nausea pill about 15 minutes before you take off your binder so you don't get woozy, and try to make sure an adult is close by for the first couple of showers.

My first few driving outings I brought a cane with me, and I was glad to use it. It helped me remember to take it slow, and it made me feel like people who saw me walk so hunched would actually look less than twice. My kids hated it though.

The kids have been a huge help, and one of them has slept on the couch next to me the entire time. I'm still sleeping on the couch, partially upright, with my feet on an ottoman. I actually sleep really well like this, but the kids still have to help me get my legs onto the ottoman sometimes because i do not want to lean and twist or anything that might pull apart or aggravate the stitches. Wish I had a recliner for this!

This is something I was prepared for only because I had implants 350cc silicone Mentors put in last summer. Make sure you tell you doc that you want an extra binder. And if there is a choice, a black one and a nude one, so you won't have to worry about it showing through certain clothing, plus you'll always have a clean one to put on. It was an extra 100 bucks of well spent money.

I've read that for a TT, the average time for people to feel more like themselves is about 25 days. I can't back that up with references, but I will say that about every 3 days I notice a difference, an increase in recovery that I can actually feel and enjoy. I'm just at literally 2 weeks right now, so I'm hoping this healing curve continues to increase as noticeably as it has so far.

I know this is not a very fluid account of my story, but I've tried to include the highlights as I could remember them. I'll try to keep up more currently with how things continue to go for me.

Hi Ladies, 15 days after TT and...

Today felt long. I think the binder cinched up in a weird way. When I first put it on, I can almost walk upright. But after I sit down in it and then get back up it feels like it is trying to grab the skin right off my muscles. Which causes me to hunch over when I walk. It eases the uncomfortable "grabby" feeling in my new belly.

I was supposed to see my surgeon today after work but had to reschedule for Monday since I couldn't get out of work on time. I feel kind of in a funk just because I'm tired of the way I'm having to walk to get around, but I know it should get better. I had asked my doctor if I was supposed to be trying to straighten up and he said no. It would happen on its own because he sewed me pretty tightly.

Right now I'm back on my couch, and I'm going to get to sleep early. I just have to heal from this.

Good morning, ladies!

Well it's Saturday. I was looking forward to sleeping in, but woke up at 7:30-almost flat!!! Still sleeping on the couch, and still get very tired by about 8:30 at night. Sitting up and standing up are still uncomfortable. Can't tell if its mostly the binder, the way it sticks against my skin when I move. I can stretch now, but I have to be very controlled with it. I am not having swelling so much.

My daughters are nearly teenagers and they've helped me through both my surgeries. They both have a really healthy body image, the way they view their bodies. I'm really glad, because I don't want to affect the way they think of themselves. I've been careful to explain to them that I gained 100 pounds when I was pregnant with the first (causing me to way 208 instead of 108) and a year later, even though I'd gone back to my 108lbs. I gained another 75 lbs with my second daughter pregnancy. I've told them that typically, this is not what happens when you get pregnant, and that I was young and had no idea. I just ate anything I felt like. My actions and lack of understanding of what a pregnant body required for nutrition is what contributed to my post pregnancy body damage. We've always been open, and they have joked over the years about how funny my belly was, and we could even make a face out of it and "make it talk". All the same, even though I have never liked my post preg body, it never stopped me from throwing on a bikini and walking down the beach with them. I tried not to act ashamed of myself, even though I felt ashamed. And that's just the truth. Here and there, my daughters have looked in the mirror and asked "will my breast be as big as your 'before' breasts"? I tell them there's a great chance, plus all females in my family are bigger than a "c", but if they aren't happy they can do what I did. Both of them are adamant that they do not want to go through surgery like I have. Anyway, I share this, because I think most of us are probably mothers and probably worry about stuff like this but don't really articulate it. It's something I think about with these kinds of surgeries, so I wanted to share it with you.

Moving on- I was able to wash my hair in the tub faucet yesterday very easily, because I didn't wake up in time for a shower. I was worried about bending like that, but it was fine!

Also, my boyfriend has helped me through both my surgeries, and yesterday evening he said to me that he hated that I chose to limit myself from things I enjoyed doing, but clarified that he liked the results, just meant he hated the process. I suppose I agree with that, then. Recovery happens, but it is uncomfortable at best. When he got a really good look at my incision on my belly, he was dismayed. This was about a week ago. He honestly though I had paid to be shredded, and he was really upset for me. I was prepared though, because I had been afraid I would think the same thing. I had taken 20 pictures-all different angles- of my belly before I went into surgery. I did not want my mind to lie to me and make me regret what was done! So I pulled those pics up on my phone and showed him. 5 minutes later he got up close again and looked at me, and he touched my tummy in different places, and told me yeah, I was right, and this was going to be exciting to watch heal up. I found my bikini bottoms and showed him that the line was hideable. Last time I had surgery, I wasn't as emotionally prepared for the outcome (my implants). But going through that taught me how my thinking would be. When I planned my TT, this time I went back to my doctor, simply for him to draw the incision and where the old belly button would come down to next to the incision, so I could get used to the idea. I didn't wash that line off for 3 days, and it helped me get a visual for what I would be seeing after the surgery. I think it was good for the doc, too. Like a rough draft. Because when I got out of surgery, he boasted that he was able to make the incision a few inches shorter, and get the old belly button down lower than what he's planned for.

I'll post more pics later today. I don't think there will be much of a difference from the last ones, but I guess that's part of it- the healing doesn't happen in a blink. Good luck to those of you in the planning process, and to those of you who are healing.

Happy Sunday, friends...

I graduated to the big couch, without the ottoman, and even though I slept a little flatter- I'm still not walking like my normal self.
I'm really worried about standing up perfectly straight because I don't want any tension on my incision. I've seen people with wide scars and heard revision stories on here, and it is always the supposition that it was because of straightening too quickly.

Another thought that I have is that my result might change because last year when I my BA I also got smart lipo done on my stomach. I had wanted a TT, but the doc had said he thought I was too little. He wanted to do smart lipo, said it would be close to perfect. Well if you look at my before pics I posted, you'll see all the dents all over my belly and around my belly button. That was from the smart lipo. And when you look at my "sitting down" picture, you see that smart lipo does not at all do what a tummy tuck can do, and that smart lipo got me no where close to perfect. Hence the refund of $1700 this year, and the TT instead, this time. I will say, the prior doc did the most beautiful job on my breasts, but it was so disappointing to spend the whole year without still being able to feel good in a two piece plus think I'd wasted my money on the stomach which turned out so poorly. When I asked my TT doc what happened to me, when I showed him the dents in my belly, he said that I was so small that there was no room for error. At first he didn't seem to want to do the TT either. I just sat there and said I was so frustrated because mine was a texture issue more than a weight issue, and it was gross that I could put a whole hand in my stomach thru my belly button. He told me to do a crunch and he felt it too, so he decided a game plan and here I am. When they have a big hernia to sew up on you, it provides more skin to work with. That's why the other doc didn't want to sew up my hernia AND do smart lipo. He said there would be extra skin hanging because of that and the smart lipo would not be able to tighten up all if that skin.

I haven't met anybody else who's done smart lipo in person, but once I had started seeing my dents, I started researching it and I saw dents even on bigger girls. I didn't see those dents before I got my surgery last year, because I didn't know they could happen. I would not suggest smart lipo to anybody, personally. Or at least see if your doc has different sizes of those sticks they use to vacuum the fat out of your body. They aren't supposed to use a big one on someone with very little fat.

Anyway, when I first got my BA last year along with the smart lipo from the other doctor, it was a bad experience for me. As happy as I was to finally have breasts, that feeling was tainted by my hideous results and fear that previous doc had probably messed up everything. It has been an emotional roller coaster year for me. I stayed angry because I had spent the money, gone through pain, and still didn't look good enough to show myself off.

I almost forgot- my TT doc had asked me if I wanted lipo during the TT and I told him none at all. I would have liked the contoured "dent" above the new belly button that looks really youthful, but I was not willing at all to sacrifice all of my money and results for any accidental dents like the ones I got before.

I cannot wait until July or August to feel excellent in my own skin finally. I can say that so far I am thrilled.

Good evening!

I've been working hard the past few days, and getting tired early. I'm not as hunched over. Doc said it may be 2 more weeks before I'm straightened out. My middle back just aches!!

I bought some silicone lotion from my doctor, and I get a little nervous putting onto the incision. He assured me that it is sealed to the point where I will not infect it by putting the lotion on. Not all the feeling has come back yet in the area between my new belly button and the middle of my incision. To the sides of my new BB and up to my sternum still feel hard and right. It is still uncomfortable to get in and out of my car, and it is hard to straighten up at all after sitting down for five minutes. The thing is, I know all of this will pass because it has no choice but to change as I heal. I am glad I finally got my tummy tuck!! I would encourage anyone unhappy with their tummy to do the same. I feel liked I have kicked nature in the rear-end and reclaimed my rightful self. Plastic surgery has been like a magic genie for me.

Busy day

Not sure how many days out I am now. Starting to have more mobility, as far as being able to bend better. Still afraid of twisting my core muscles. I figure I'm healed when my movement no longer takes any conscious pre-planning. I'm not there yet. As far as discomfort goes, I blame my binder. My sides are constantly dug into by the zipper curling in. I'm always pinching the top of the front of the binder and pulling it up higher so I don't get lines pressed into my new belly. Always wrinkles in the front when I sit. This phones about to die which I'm cutting some of this short. Still sleeping on the couch. I can't believe I went to work when I did, at 11 days post-op. if I had a redo I'd have gone back after 25-30 days, honestly!
I have used my silicone lotion twice. It kind of makes me nervous because I feel like I'm not waterproof yet. Don't want to get and infection or keep something from breathing. I do see improvements from even a couple of days ago, so I know everything is going to be fine. I'm exhausted from work today so going to upload some pics and write again tomorrow.

Moving a little better!

Had a yard sale today and was able to reach up and hang clothes over the garage door rail. I've been wearing my pre-surgery jeans this whole time, and they get uncomfortable because I swell a little in the evening. I think I'm just waiting for being able to cough, sneeze, laugh, poop, without hurting my stomach or thinking I'll herniate my brand new belly button. I love this new belly button. Basically, I'm scared to make a motion without acting like my spine is fused together because I don't want to hurt any stitching that has been done. These are the things I worry about. It sounds like I worry a lot, but my absolute joy over having done this is just uncontainable.

It's kinda' like Christmas everyday.

I'll take some more pics after shower later and upload them. I can't tell you how happy I am that I had my TT done. I wish that 13 years ago, after I got my tubes tied, some plastic surgery savvy lady had told me that it was ok to get these kinds of surgeries, and that it would be an uplifting thing to do. I just remember that after I had my babies, the only record in my head was,"Who's going to want me now?"
I made a lot of mistakes in my 20's because my esteem wasn't what it should have been. I just thought I was " lucky" if someone glanced by way. I truly thought my body was destroyed. Later on, even though I always hated what happened to my body, I cared less about who would like me, and more about the sheer wrongness of biology and the affect of childbearing on my self.
This is the way I think. And the whole past year, I loathed the appearance of my belly even more than ever, because what the previous doc had done had made it worse.
Now, everytime I see my new TT belly, I just get so elated. Since I couldn't wear a two-piece last summer even though I got my BA-which I love- now I have to find one. I tried to figure out what kind of bathing suit top would fit me, but had no luck the other day. I really feel like I got all these improvements at the same time, because I didn't really get to enjoy the full measure of it all last year. This is so exciting!
So I look forward to being frustrated about figuring out the sizes of my top and bottom, lol! I keep thinking, what if my scar travels, or doesn't smoother, and then I think-who cares! My tummy is smooth and tight, and I have a Belly Button that I think is beautiful! To any of my sisters out there who are considering doing this-just do it. My opinion is make the consultation, save your money, and go with it. The neatest thing about all of this is the pride and confidence that come back for me. I don't feel like there are two me's anymore, you know? Like the one who wears clothes and runs a tight ship and appears to have full confidence, and then the other one who gets naked and feels instantly "less than". The "less than" me who feels the need to explain why my stomach wrinkled the way it did, or who refuses to sit certain ways on the beach just so the rolls didn't lay a certain way. Ha! Forget those days! Good luck to you all, and happy healing!


I wish I could fast forward time and see the final result. And I wish I was out of my binder. For the most part, things are going well. I'll post pics later tonight.

Busy day!

Swelling a little because I walked all over the place with my kids today, and it was so hot too! Belly button is starting to clean up nicely. I'm posting some pics- I apologize because you'll see some if the silicone lotion that has dried and it looks like dry skin. That stuff is strange, but doc says use it everyday, so I have been.

Hard to believe 1 month out!

Feels like just yesterday when I was so excited to get my TT! Time has flown (at least after that first 2 weeks, lol!) and I've been so busy with work, kids, house cleaning etc. I've slept just about flat for the last 2 nights in my own bed, and it's been really great. I forgot to mention that Friday I missed a step and stepped down hard on a sidewalk which scared me really badly because it felt like I was stung by a wasp right beside my new belly button. I thought I might have to go to the doc, but the next day everything was ok.

I've got both binders in the wash right now, and I'm going to sleep without a binder on tonight- maybe get a little extra blood flow and heal better? I just can't wait to get out if those CG's!!! I've got a peeling whelp on the inside of my left thigh from where they always roll up at the legs. So gross!! Anybody else have that happen?
I bought some of those silicone sticky strips to try. I cut them all in half and stuck them on, like the directions said. They are washable-and that are super sticky and gelatinous. Taking them off might be a little nerve-wracking.

Feeling really great about myself finally!!

Healing is such a pain- but so worth it. I feel pretty, finally! I know I never updated my profile when I got my implants, and so I'm uploading a pic that has both tummy and top. I still haven't bought a swim suit, and that's my goal for tomorrow!! I'm moving almost like normal, except I can't bend to get to my toenails which are badly needing painted, lol!

Got to be a woman yesterday and didn't rupture anything.

Well, my boyfriend took me out to the movies and we had a *fun* evening when we got back. It made me nervous but he was careful- bless his heart because I didn't move At All! I was afraid I'd mess up my anchoring stitches that keep the scar from traveling upward. Plus I'd read questions on here from gals that had hopped into bed too soon after TT surgery, and the docs really got onto them. I honestly think eating to much pizza in one sitting would do more damage than sex at 5 weeks. If that first post surgery poop didn't cause damage already, at week one, lol. Maybe that's all TMI, but hey, we're all human, and having a fairly common experience on here, right?
On a side note, I've been reading up on butt implants since I'm not a candidate for the BBL. everything so far that I've read looks really scary about those.

Going without the CG for a couple of hours.

My jeans hide the scar mostly. Except for that area that was the old belly button. The skin above the vertical cut is really squishy and has a lot of stretch marks in in. I'm trying not to get distressed over it. I just wish it would go away.

My insides are healing!

Ok- so I got my update reminder, and I ran inside to take some pics. Things aren't changing on the outside very much BUT- I slept on my side last night and felt great. Plus I don't whine about getting things off the floor anymore. Getting in and out of the car is almost normal. I do swell tight in the evening, and let me just say this- when I get tired, I get TIRED.

I forgot about exactly how unmotivated and tired I get when I have surgery- for about 6 months afterwards. Anesthesia, maybe?

So I'll post today's pics and here's what I think of them: I have an upper ridge. I have some weird pinches and gathers. It looks like my vertical (old belly button) is not sealing smoothly. My brand new BB looks scabby.

However- I also think in about 2 more months I really know what's going on with everything. Regardless of whether or not everything straightens up, I refuse to go under the knife again, because it takes me away from my kids. And I have a belly button. Finally. I wanted a belly button with all of my Heart!

Hmm. Accidentally removed part of a stitch.

I've been using silicone lotion, and when I took off my binder to wash it, I reached down and pulled a piece of the silicone off my vertical old BB/incision. A clear stitch that was shaped like a knee joint tugged right out. There's a little hole now. :( are ALL of them going to come out like that?!? I didn't even know that one even existed in the first place. It was just there all of a sudden. Surprises make me nervous. Wahhh! Heal already, lol!!!

Meant to post the pic of where the stitch just came out.

I'm six weeks po by the way.

RealSelf is awesome.

My BF has noticed that I'm always checking back on here, and he said, "I never knew that all this surgery was an option until you did it". It really surprised him. And he was so surprised that even just having one child could destroy a female's body and confidence in the way she presented herself. I guess he thought I was the only unlucky one, all this time. It was an interesting conversation. He gets it though. He thought it was awfully unfair that we had to deal with all of these changes, and that it must be really shocking for us to see the changes. He just hasn't considered how it worked for us, before.

A little over 7 weeks po

New pic. Been wearing silicone stickers/strips. Scar looks angry, lol.

My first post TT swimsuit!!


More swimsuit pics

"Back in the day"

This photo is from a WHOLE 9 weeks ago, lol! I had called my Dr.'s office to see if Dr. Nease would draw the incision line so I could get acclimated with how it would look. It was no problem, plus they decided to do blood work then, too. 2 weeks later, I got my real incision. So happy!

No more anonymous!

I was talking to one of my TT sisters about how to cover up the garment. Mostly I use half slips, tanktops, or half leggings to mask the contour (lumps and bumps) of the garment. And I always have to wear these thin...jackets(?) to cover the straps, because they show no matter what kind of shirt i wear.

9 weeks??

Saw Dr. Nease for my check up. He said everything looked food, have to go back in two months. Also if any stitches poke through I am to just pull them. He says my belly button isn't very deep because I didn't have very much belly fat, and the fat is what gives it depth. I'm perfectly happy though. He explained the dog ear removal, it's similar to mole removal and he does it in the office really quick. He said he'd fix it later on. Also, I don't have to wear the binder anymore. I didn't wear it last night or today because my right leg and ankle swelled up again. He said I should probably go see a vein specialist because I might have a faulty valve. This makes me nervous. Never had problems like this before. I only think of the word "clot" when this happens, and that's how my mom passed away. It's only been my right leg ever since I had my surgery. Man.

Ok, aside from that, I've been working my butt off, 12 hour days past couple of days, mostly on my feet, so I'm sure that doesn't help. I otherwise feel pretty good. I'll be straight honest- I wish that I could just have a break from everything that I do now and just rest. It has been years since I was able to just quit smiling at people and just relax. Not a bad attitude, just physically and emotionally tired right now, and I know it'll pass. Love

First day without binder

Swollen, but I'll live.

Bio Oil was on sale at my Walgreens!

And I got the last bottle! So I used it for the first time last night, and again this morning. It seems to be easily absorbed by the skin. Or my skin is so dry it just drank it in, regardless. And the night before that I used my scar silicone lotion from my ps, and the night before that, too. So this is the first time really that I've made an attempt to massage the scar. I'm posting pics so I can see if any thing's working. What I DO notice right now is that my skin feels...thinner? As in- I can feel the stitches under the incision almost well enough to draw a picture of them. That is weird to me. I remember last summer when I got my boobs and I didn't think about stitches at all. Then a few weeks later I felt sore under the boobs and I felt the incisions and could feel huge train tracks under them. So this is kind of like that experience. Another "oh eww" moment for me.

Precisely 8 weeks and 4 days.

Ok. I've been going without the binder for about 4 days. And massaging for that long, too. I hate to be redundant now by posting pics that don't look very different from each other, but for me- I think it'll help a few weeks from now if anything visually changes about my scar. Also, pretty sure my last few days of swelling was combination from working long shifts and getting ready for AF.

Back in the binder.

It just makes me feel better. I know that all the swelling and lumps are getting even pressure and in the morning I'll feel better. I just lathered up with Bio Oil and squeezed back into it. Here's what I'm aggravated with: my upper incision makes a ledge and hangs over my bottom incision. I don't think I've noticed that on other people. It makes me wonder if I have more fat on top than on the bottom of the incision. I can deal with just about anything except for texture issues- this is the whole reason I got a TT. Things need to go ahead and start lining up if they are going to because this is just not something I can deal with. No "ledge" for me, thank you very much. I don't even know how people fix that if it doesn't go away.

9 weeks and 3 days out.

These were my priority interests so far:
Pre-op: can the doc fix my belly because its UGLY?
Will the scar be placed low enough?
What is my new BB going to look like?
Post op: I have to do WHAT with these drains?!?
How low is my scar?
What does my BB look like?
Is the binder giving me a wrinkly tummy?
Do I have pleats and dog ears?
I want to stand up straight!!
Gah! I need a shower but it's so scary!!
Why can't I poop?
Am I gonna' fall apart at the seams if I get romantic??
Why doesn't my back have an arch anymore?
Should I have had them fix my arse too?? Where'd it go?!?
Damn-my scar seems high-no wait, this bathing suit hides it.
There's a big ole gap between my boobies. I thought they were pretty hot til I saw that lady's cleavage.
Should have gotten bigger implants. Maybe next time I'll do that plus get the arse fixed...
My scar looks lumpy.
I have a dog ear-will he fix it? Ok cool he'll fix it. Wait I forgot to make sure if he's charging, but it sounded free, ugh another bridge to cross.
Bio oil or scar sheets? What the hell is arnica, I have to get that. What the hell is bromelain, I have to get that. What the hell is steri-tape, do i need that? What the hell, my garment isn't the same as hers, will I heal right? Oh that gals doc didn't make her where a garment at all- so I'll be fine. What the hell is scar excision and revision-do have to do that?
Is my scar too high?
Will my scar turn white?
Will my scar travel up anymore?
Should I get my first tattoo to cover this beast of a scar?
Should I pierce my new BB while its still numb?
Should I get permalips or butt implants- no- gotta' focus-it's all about the TT right now...
Hmmm, I wonder what the scars from my implants look like-its been a year on those....
Taking pictures...posting...taking pictures...posting

Love you all, my surgery sisters!

Pics that I meant to post on the last post

Feel great today!

Noticing that the more I do, the more I'm able to do the next day. Cleaned house yesterday- which meant leaning over, bending, carrying, squatting, and a little twisting. Got up this morning and feel great! On a side note, I showed my TT incision to my brother, and told him how some people tattoo over it- he got look at my dog ear on my left side and he was like- "nah- you should put a big a$$ piercing in the dog ear." Leave it to him to make lemonade out of lemons, so goofy!! :) happy healing sisters!

Almost 10weeks

Actually walked the track at the park for an hour. I gave up counting the laps because I'm not a walker or runner. So I just went be the time, and figured 1 hour of walking was better than never. I broke out into this weird slow run thing for half a lap, and said nope because my belly felt weird. But I'm proud of myself! Lots of you gals on this site run, and it gave me the motivation to go and kinda' try it, lol! Been using bio oil every night and morning and my scar is lightening up a little, too.

Aha! I was tired because I got dehydrated.

It's been a rough week, and I had to sleep a lot and try to drink a lot of water. I've been dealing with tightness and uneven swelling. That little half dollar area of skin above my vertical scar gets swollen and pooches out really hard, and so do two little same size areas right beside my New BB. So when I rub my fingers over those areas, they feel hard and I can't stand it. I haven't been massaging my scar as hard anymore because the scar feels like a burn (aka the feeling I remembered from skin separating and becoming a stretch mark back when I was preggers) and I don't want that line to get wide. But I'm still using bio oil- I really think if anythings going to help, it'll be the bio oil. I'm posting some pics from this morning.

More pics

A little lumpy.

I've been going to bed at like 8 and 9 at night- sooo tired! Here are some pics of things now. I'm curious about going back to Dr. Nease in September to ask about the poofiness and the vertical incision. It really looks like it could be pulled down some more. ? We'll see. Keep healing, girlies!

Forgot the pics.

Fun with foundation- I had to try it!

Ok so I took some new pics of my belly. Then I grabbed my foundation and smeared it all over the scar and on the dark purple skin around my new BB. The foundation matches my face but not my belly, lol you'll see what I'm talking about, but I just wanted to see what my belly would look like minus the purple lines. I want to make sure that everyone knows that I would never do this if the scar were not healed. You could get an infection if you do it before you're sealed up. Love ya'll!

Finally know my bra size!

So finally, a year after implants, I finally went to VS and got sized. Tw first girl sized me really awkwardly and quickly, and said "34d". She said to try a "Demi" bra, and then she scuttled away. I've been in VS only one other time. So I crept around and found another girl and I told her what the other worker had instructed. And yey, that girl was sweet and had one, but when I tried it on, the cups gapped by my armpits, same as my current ones do. I took it off and changed back, totally giving up. But the girl caught me and asked me what it was doing, and when I told her, she measured me again, this time 32dd. And she produced one of those, too! My little daughter was with me- and she's really used to eyeballing these kinds of things with me. (After the first bra, her words were "oh no mommy, poor mama" cuz she had seen the little gaps.) Anyway, we both saw perfection, and both us were like "she did it!!!!" The bra was over $50, though, and the store was jam packed full of people and i could barely open the little drawers to look at the other bras so I have the little pink card with my size and I'm going to order some. Left that pretty leopard print one at the store :(. But it feels so awesome to know that I have a size that exists!! Relief!!! And it's not a 36d from Walmart, lol!! (All the smaller d band sizes there have stuffing in them- no room for an implant booby). So I know I just wrote a whole lot about the boobs when this is TT review, but I just wasn't happy enough to pay attention to details like sizing when my tummy was still a wreck all this past year. In fact, i threw away all my fancy stuff about 3 months after my implants because I was disgusted with the way my stomach looked and I knew at that point it was not getting better at all. I really do feel like a whole person now. I can buy matching fancy things again, and that is important to me.
Now- the TT- scar still looks the same I think. I've kept my binder on all weekend, day and night because it felt nice and it won't hurt anything. Here are some pics!

My back hurts

I'm 13 weeks out- and wondering if anyone else's spine hurts. At first I thought it was just the seem on the binder giving me a bruise in the middle of my back. But it isn't from the binder. It just feels like a bruise all the time, and I hope I haven't hurt my back from being hunched over for so many days in the beginning? Anybody else?

New pics 13 weeks I think

And I think my back hurts because I've been compensating and using my back muscles instead of my sore tummy muscles. Also noticed that my upper arms are more defined because I've been lifting my own weight all these weeks to get up. Time to focus on allowing my core to start doing some work!

Here's a pic of my over worked back.

Muscles are all swollen on either side of my spine cuz I haven't been using my tummy muscles for anything for three months, evidently.

The beach!!

I'm on vacation and I am so glad! I've been flaunting my 2-piece, swelling and all. I've been covering my BB, vertical, and big scar with sunscreen and it's been working great. I've been getting in the hot tub too, and it's 104 degrees in there. I have not immersed my chest in it because I'm worried about my implants getting that hot. I don't want the heat to leech out any silicone in my body, which may not even be a possibility, or maybe that's already happening of some small level on a daily basis. But still :).
The first night I got here, I tried to swim and could not. My tummy muscle locked up kind of funny, and it felt really strange where my muscle repair is. The next day, I figured out I could doggy paddle, or swim with bigger strokes if turned to one of my sides.
My vertical scar is fully visible above my bottoms, but I just have to deal with it this year. Most looks go to the breasts and not the new belly, I've noticed, lol.

3 months po TT

We're driving back home from Panama City Beach, but I wish we were headed to Miami instead! I've got to find a Florida home! Well I'm three months out from my TT, and for first time enjoyed going into surf shops and the hot tub, pool, and beach. For the first time in 14 years!! Elated is what I am. Miraculously healed or something. Perfect, by my standard! I'm grateful that I found a way to have this surgery. I'm absolutely thankful to Dr. Nease for fixing me- I don't think it must have been easy.
I'm posting some pics. I walked into a surf shop, and found a beautiful bathing suit- yellow- and each piece was only $10! I was nervous about the bottoms coming up high enough to cover the incision because I tried them on over my other bathing suit bottoms -(scared of koochie germs) but when I got them home and cleaned them, they fit pretty perfectly. They'd look the best at about an inch below the scar, as most bottoms would, but I can still make them work without giving myself a damn camel toe and looking like the bottoms are on backwards, too. Just a couple of things I've noticed after all of this, lol- gotta find the humor in it.

Weird burning feeling on side

I cleaned house all day yesterday and maybe I pulled something. But the right side of my belly above my scar feels like the skin came loose from the muscle. It burns and feels really crawly and itchy. I'm uploading some pics and the indentations on my scar are from jeans.

Healing, my sisters.

I thought I'd make a progress collage, for myself and others. For me, there has been progress on the inside of the TT and the outside. Especially in this past week. My belly skin has sensation in most places. It's not perfect by any means but if I draw a line with my finger from my vertical incision up to my new belly button, I can feel a raw tickle of sensation in most of it. I still swell in the evenings, and from the side view, I have a momma matronly belly from it. I try not to focus on that because I have a fear then that the MR is failing. My back hurts a little less, and I think it's because I've been focusing in trying to straighten my back out. If I reach my arms above my head, I feel extreme tightness below my sternum even this far out. So i don't have full range of motion yet, but I'm trying to stretch a little each day until that feeling goes away. Other than that, I've been doing squats and leg lifts, trying to tone the lower half. Since I'm not big enough to do a BBL, and butt lifts are not very safe, I've found exercises that are supposed to lift the butt and project it. Basically three different directions of muscles in each butt cheek, and you have to exercise each muscle a different way. Haha I think it's working, and there are muscles back there I never new could hurt, so I'm calling it good. Even the muscles at the top of the butt, right below the lower back are sore. I think that'll be the "projection" part. I may buy some Muscle Milk, and try harder.

Anyway, 'nuff about my butt. :) I hope you all are doing great in your recoveries and that you are also finding things to be happy about as you recover.

Made a mistake in the prior post

Up there where I said butt lifts were not very safe, I had meant to type butt Implants not Lifts. I've read about a loft of shifting around with those, and infections possibly. People have had to have them removed even days after they get them. I'm sure they work for some people though.

Brighter light to see my scar

Here's a more accurate pic of TT scar. Going back on the 11th to find out what's next, for it. Also, I promise I have more shorts than the ones that are always in my pics, lol- but these are my weekend and evening clothes. Here's a little psychology for you: part of what causes stress in our lives is making decisions. The more we can automate certain choices, the less stress we will have. This frees us to focus on other more involved decisions, and even lets us be more creative and productive in other areas. So a long time ago, I decided that if I'm not doing anything special, these are the clothes I wear at home. Always! For work or special occasions, I cycle through two weeks worth of outfits, then start over. This is like having two weeks worth of uniforms. And no pressure. Makes getting ready for work much easier, and I'm freed to think about work when I get there. Come home, change into the relax outfit, and get on with it. Saves money, time, laundry, you name it. The only thing the general population notices is if you look or smell dirty, and whether your clothes match your environment (i.e. prom dress on casual Friday or jeans at a business meeting). :)

3 and a half months po

Good morning, sisters! I still swell, even had to use the binder the night before last because I looked 4 months pregnant an I was do concerned that there was internal stitch damage. Today is much better.
Also, I can feel stitches under my scar when I use the bio oil. I am starting to wonder if they will ever reabsorb. I see my ps on the 11th, so I'll learn more about that. My six months po anniversary will be mid November and I can't wait! I really hope the swelling does not exist by then.

Stomach virus!!

Omg my sisters!! I've gotten so sick!! This virus is awful. Thought I had appendicitis but I just didn't want to spend money on a doc to have him or her tell me to drink more fluids. So I just called a few people this morning to make sure they would give me a call and see if I would answer the phone when they called before the kids came home from school- I literally thought I was dying. Still feel like hell.

Dr. Nease has mad skill: dog ear ninja

Ok, sisters- I went in for my appt- mind you they close like 15 minutes after that appt.- and he offered to take the dog ear off. At first I didn't junk he meant right then, but I asked and he said he could. So my youngest left out of the room, and he and his precious nurse came back into the room a couple minutes later with all the supplies, leaned me back, and numbed me with a little syringe. I was extremely nervous and I always stop breathing when I get shots- I don't understand that. The shot wasn't as bad as when you get a shot in your arm actually. Then he just cut it off- I can't look at stuff like that so I didn't see how. Then he put a few dissolvable stitches in and I saw afterwards when he and the nurse were placing gauze over it. That dog ear is GoNE! No more hanging over the top of the panties, lol! It was a little tiny bit swollen but he explained it gets like that because of the numbing injection fluid which goes away shortly. Right now, I don't feel it. It just occurred to me that I probably will in a little bit... But anyway, I'm supposed to leave the bandage on for tonight, and put more medicine and gauze on it tomorrow. I'll take pics then and show it off. Exciting!!

Pics of dog ear and wrinkles over time

So I got a new app, and I tried to condense some close ups of my scar and all it's glory since day one. Some of these photos might be a little out of order, but you can see where I'm trying to go with this. At first things were scary to look at and scary feeling. Basically it gets better, and it will keep getting better. I use- on occasion- Bio Oil from Walgreens. It's 11 bucks, but I got mine on sale for 9. I have not had any laser treatment on my scar, i think it'll lighten up on its own. I still have dissolvable stitches under my vertical scar and along both sides of my horizontal incision. It's ok. My lower belly is still hard, and still senseless, lol. And from the bottom of my sternum down to pubic area still gets tight by evening time, and kinda swollen. Another week and a half I think I'll be right at 4 months, which if you think about it, that's actually more than 16 weeks, right? It takes awhile to heal on the inside and outside from this one, for sure. It's a big deal. But I spent 18 months of my life carrying 2 babies, and even more time if you want to add nursing them, so...if it takes 9 more months to feel perfect, I've got this!

Dog ear removal and scar in general

I got my Bio Corneum out last night and put a film of it on my BB and the rest of the scar- except the dog ear cuz it has to close up first. Here's some pics!

Bio Oil and bioCorneum

Don't use the bioCorneum- sorry!!!!

Ok the only research I did on the bioCorneum was what the company had to say about it. Wrong thing to do, obviously. I just researched the pubmed journals on every ingredient in it- and it's all bad. Low to moderate concerns on each ingredient. Can build up in our system, can cause endocrine problems, can cause environmental toxicity, can cause cellular death and is related to cardiovascular problems, shows up in urine, and shows up in mothers' milk. And it's not just Biocorneum, it's a ton of sunscreens. Ingredients to watch for are: octinoxate, octisalate, octocrylene, oxybenzone. So I wish I hadn't used the Biocorneum - in fact it is still patent pending, and I won't use it ever again, plus I'm going to be mindful of what sunscreens I'll be using on myself and my children in the future. And I didn't know the Biocorneum was basically a sunscreen, because it was sold to me because i had a TT scar, and you see even the bottle says "advanced scar supervision".

Finally not tired all the time!!

Ok- so some of you all may know what I'm talking about- that fatigue that hits hard for no reason other than we just had our tummies cut and stretched and resewn, lol! I feel good! Like awake, and my body is not exhausted anymore. I got my TT on May 16th, so I'm exactly one day past my 4 months post op date- so however many weeks that involves, I'm not sure. But it's been a long time since I've gotten up in the morning, gone through a whole day of work, driven a whole lot (work is far away), and actually felt perfectly normal when I got back home. I have been yearning for this. I wish I had done a review on my implants last summer so I could see how it was for me last time. I really think with that surgery I realized at 7 months that I felt good and looked good (boobs were where they were supposed to be and I didn't feel the weight of them or the muscles jumping around in my chest when I moved my arms).
Anyway, I'll probably have some more tiring days after this, but I just wanted to share to let you all know that 4 months out, things are really normalizing!


Since I didn't do a boobie review last summer, you know I have to sneak the boobies in here and there. :) mentor 350cc smooth under the muscle.

Almost 6 months out

Still swell, and my mid spine hurts like hell-still don't know why. If you scroll up and look at my last pics, everything still looks like that. Maybe next year things will be better :)

Dog ears and thick line of fat above incision scar

I'll be going to a medical doctor in a couple of weeks to see how my muscle tightening looks at this point. I don't like how my stomach is flat when I'm laying down, but pooching when I'm standing. Plus- I feel staples or something under my scar, and so this is a discovery mission for me to figure out precisely what is going on under my skin before a year passes.

There is also more fat under the skin above the incision than under the skin below the incision. This causes a protrusion along the entire length of the scar above the scar. Nice little ridge that rests right over the top of any panties or swim suits I own. It's just wonderful. I swear to god- something has to be done about this scar, because I'll be damned if I have to give myself a camel toe every time I go to hide it. The actual scar would be bearable if the skin that comes together to make the scar line wasn't uneven.

Here's the thing though- if I have to get lipo to fix that, I've already been down that road once, and it is disfiguring. Last thing I want is more holes and gouges under my skin because of lipo.

Scar and stretch marks

Still have a step off above my scar. Stretch marks from my scar straight up to my new belly button. I suppose if I'd known more about what kind of procedures were available, I would have gotten spacers/skin stretchers first, then gotten the tummy tuck. I also would have expected that a doctor would have foreseen a difference in the fat under the skin above the scar and would have evened that out to match the skin below the scar, so there wouldn't be a ledge. I'm not a doctor, so of course I wouldn't have have known that might be an issue. But I guess thousands of dollars don't pay for little details like that. This plastic surgery crap is for the birds- since my adventures into it, I have noticed it is absolutely hit or miss with outcomes for anyone and by any doctor. Just a huge gamble each time, apparently. These people know the scar needs to be low regardless of whether a t-scar is longer than usual. Anybody would rather have a t-scar barely showing than an entire ledged horizontal scar riding an inch above any underwear or bathing suit. They can foresee the outcomes before we can. They know what they are doing.

One Year update

Would I wear a half shirt and flaunt the belly, ever? Nope-not at all, not currently.
But I can wear a bikini and stay a good distance away from people while swimming, or get in the hot tub when it's dark, no problem.
Oh-yes- and I'm completely flat when I lay down to go to sleep at night. Standing up changes all that. Lower tummy just pooches right back out.
Belly button is a little dark, the vertical scar is just plain strange, the revisioned dog ear is still a dog ear, and there is a shelf above the incision. The upper shelf hangs over the top of full brief bikini bottoms quite nicely. I could cover it by pulling up the bottoms, but I've found that it is either shelf, or camel toe. Would an inch lower for the scar planning have been that much more difficult? The answer is "nope".
On a high note, there is no more pain, and I can fully stretch and move. No more swelling.
Would I do this again? Only after meeting about 5 different docs. But even then nobody really knows what is going to happen after you pay thousands and get knocked out to be cut on by the doctor you chose. Good luck.
Chattanooga Facial Plastic Surgeon

Charming, but less than optimal outcome. My scar has a ledge because the fat was not evened out before I was sewn up. Dog ears. Horizontal scar is short- which is positive, but could have been lower even if it meant the t-scar was longer. Tension caused extreme and new stretch marks on fresh skin.

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