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Using the Embrace Scar Therapy Treatment for my...

Using the Embrace Scar Therapy Treatment for my second breast lift and compare to the scars from my first breast lift of which I only used Mederma. I'm looking to make the scars as thin and unnoticeable as possible. I'll start treatment this week which is week 2 Post Op of my breast lift and implant exchange - 405CC silicone.

Doctor appointment

Today my one remaining side stitch was snipped off and I was told I could use silicon sheets or silicon cream for my scars except the T area on one breast as it's still not completely healed. The T area gets Bacitracin ( which was used during week 1 PO on all the incisions ). No neosporin because the Surgeon said it contained some ingredient that he didn't like for his patients to use it. Sorry I can't remember exactly what he said on what the specific ingredient was.

I purchased the silicon scar treatment cream with SPF BioCorneum from my surgeon which was $120 ???? and then ordered 60 days of the Embrace, 4 Large boxes and 4 medium boxes from the Embrace website using their 20% off coupon. I decided not to order 8 large boxes because two mediums are just a little shy of the large and I measured from the top of my nipple to the bottom of my indecision, they should fit. Plus that saves me 100.00. I also found 2 boxes on eBay for $50 (yay me) so that should bring me into month 3. After that, I plan on using the BioCorneum combined with butterfly bandages and wound closure strips through month 4. Month 5 and on I'll continue with the BioCorneum until it's gone.

I remember my last lift the scars looked great until month 4 where they stretched some due to my breasts dropping. So this time I'm going to use extra support to relieve tension all the way through month four.

The Embrace arrives Thursday, so I'm using the BioCorneum and butterfly bandages until then.

It arrived!

Well it arrived today and I've been so excited to get home and put them on. I put on the large at the bottom and two mediums at the top. I honestly think ( now that I've had them on for just a little bit ) on the next round I'm going to put the large at the top, then the two mediums at the bottom on either side of the large. This way the large covers more area around the nipple at the top.

My nipples are hurting just a little from being flattened under the tape, but overall I like it.

additional pictures

3 weeks PO. 2nd set of strips applied

The first 5 days of the strips went well. Because my incisions were still new, the skin was puckered and swollen. After about 5 days with the strips I noticed air bubbles where the skin was puckered at the stitching. I couldn't push those bubbles out originally because of the swelling. I'm assuming this is normal and the box says condensation is normal. But, I could see the strips getting yucky from the inside. They did start to peel some on the edges but not too bad. For the most part, they stick very well. I had to use baby oil to clean my skin afterwards to remove the residue.

I could've made it another 2 days but I felt I should go ahead and do a new application so I could clean the incisions and let the skin rest for the 12 hours in between the changes. This way my skin would flatten out better before I applied the next strip.

The scars are still red but not too bad, they are not raised.

With the mediums over my nipples, it did hurt a bit because they tried to erect and couldn't. I switched the mediums from the verticals scars to the horizontal and used the large on the vertical. Now they do not hurt near as much and cover more area securely.

I like the added pressure on the incisions l, it makes them feel better.

I'm going to try and keep this set on for a total of 10 days.

I workout about 3-4 days a week and shower every other day or after my workouts dependent one what I'm doing for the day.

The strips are not super easy to align on the breasts. I have a hard time but managed to get the strips center aligned for the most part.


Videos of the embrace in package and putting on the medium size.

before and after 5 days

This picture shows the embrace silicon sheets over the area before and after 5 full days. I'll prolong the wear this week to 10 days since the application was able to go on flatter and more secure.

I think the scars look better through the sheets. They are more red when the sheets are off.

15 days of Embrace Scar Treatment

I can't tell too much of a difference from the previous 10 days. The scar seems a little lighter and staying thin this far. The only wide spot I can see is from the surgery itself on the vertical incision of the right breast.

The strips started to move a bit by day 8. I had a spray tan done on day 6 and by day 8 you could see where the strips started to lose its grip and move. I took the strips off on day 9 and let them off for 24 hours before replacing them.

25 days treatment, 6 weeks PO

So far I like the treatment. The strips around the nipple area tend to loosen around day 6 and have bubbles and a small amount of water under them that I try to push out. ( especially after the shower ) I feel like I could change them out at day 8, but I hold through the full 10 days. The strip part over the vertical incision and the under horizontal incision stays flat and secure, very little bubbling.

I can tell the embrace is enhancing the healing time as the scars are turning more pink much faster than my first BA. The scars are very flat at this point. I had a spitting suture on my left breast right in the middle of the vertical incision. I snipped it and put antibiotic on for 24 hours before I reapplied the new strips.

25 days treatment before after pictures

25 days treatment before after pictures

35 Days Treatment

35 Day Treatment. 7 weeks PO

The strips are staying on much better. The tops did peel off again around say 7 but once I got out of the shower and put my compression top on, they dried and the sticky tacked back to skin. I just made sure to press out the water from inside the strip.

The scars are looking so much better just this past 10 days compared to the previous. I feel the redness has peaked and is starting to diminish now. The scars are healing so much faster this time around! I'm impressed.

45 days embrace treatment.

45 days embrace scar treatment. I feel that they are still red but I'm ok with that for now. I think it's to be expected. I can see some of the scars around the nipple starting to turn white which is a good thing. The speed of scar maturing is crazy at this point! The strips stayed on and in place better than the previous ten days. Still happy so far.

55 days treatment

I have one more week of treatment left. My phone camera died and my charger is not with me. So, I used my professional camera to snap these shots. You can see the scars in more detail :).

They seem very red/pink again today and I've had the strips off about 24 hours. I read somewhere on RealSelf from a Q&A that the treatment helps vertical/horizontal incisions but doesn't to much for the nipple or a belly button area because it's round. I can tell at the top of my nipples that the scar is wider than the other areas around the nipple. The tops and some of the sides of the nipple are 1cm. The bottom and also some of the sides are 1/2 cm or less which is great. I wish the top was this thin, but hey, better than 2 cm!

I go back to the PS next month and I'll probably talk with him on some scar revision just to optimize my results. I want the scar to blend with the breast area as much as possible. I will need a breast revision on my right breast so I may have to put it off. I'll keep you updated.

6 Month Update

Used BioCornium 2 months after treatment. Scars are still red, should be mature in another 6 months. I'm happy with the overall results! I'll post again several months down the road.
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