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I have hated my nose since I was very little (I'm...

I have hated my nose since I was very little (I'm 27 now). I have a consultation scheduled with Dr. Nease on December 28th and I am very excited. I submitted my pictures and got a quote over the phone, they just want me to come in for the consultation to be safe.

I am a previous patient of Southern Surgical Arts (I underwent breast augmentation, saline implants, earlier this year) and am very pleased with the results. Dr. Nease is board certified and I have read rave reviews on him. The only problem is that my husband is 100% AGAINST the idea of me getting a nose job. Oh well, it is my body and ultimately the choice is up to me. I have had to live with disliking my nose for years and having been teased for it in school, several photographs ruined because of it, having had to untag myself in candid pictures because I felt so embarassed.

My nose is the classic "Jewish nose", that a lot of women in my family got, except on top of it being long and extremely bulbous, it is also extremely crooked and appears to be tilted towards one side of my face. I feel that it is very masculine and de-feminizing and just doesnt fit my face. This is something I have wanted for a long time and I want to go for it! I realize I will probably lose a lot of "friends" and get a lot of flack from family and probably my spouse, but like I said, it is my choice, my happiness, and my decision!

Not going to go to the same people I had planned...

Not going to go to the same people I had planned on - they cancelled my consultation because I am pregnant and they said the cost could change because I will be going to have the surgery after the baby is born... Also they said I would have to wait 6 months to have the surgery... That is not true because the standard wait time is more like 3 months plus I am not breastfeeding, also I am not getting anything done below the neck. Many thanks would be given for any and all suggestions of good reputable board certified plastic surgeons who do rhinoplasty in TN, GA, and AL... was thinking about going to Dr Salzhauer in Miami until I read a horrifying review on him.

Going to get it done for real!

My surgery is scheduled and in 2 weeks (may 12th) dr Brocato performs the septoplasty to fix my severely deviated septum, then Dr Durst will perform his magic on the rhinoplasty portion to hopefully fix the crookedness, hump, huge bulbous tip, and lack of a "ski slope". I am hoping I don't have to have any revision rhinoplasty and that this helps with my sinus problems too.

So far so good... Waiting game now

I had my surgery on May 12th 2015 at the Surgery Center of Huntsville. Dr Brocato (ENT) did the septoplasty first and then Dr Durst did an open tip rhinoplasty. I had my bulb made smaller, septum straightened which made my nose straighter, and bump removed. All in all for all the challenges my nose presented they did an extremely good job and my breathing is 100% improved! Some days the swelling is worse than others and I need to stop picking at it (the sutures that are supposed to dissolve keep trying to fall out), so I have to focus on the end result which could take up to a year to see.
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