52 Yr Old Getting Revalift and CO2 Laser Resurfacing

I had a TT and lipo almost 5 months ago and the...

I had a TT and lipo almost 5 months ago and the only other cosmetic surgery I really wanted after that is a lower facelift as I hate my saggy neck and jowls. I met with Dr. Nease and he suggested Revalift with CO2 laser resurfacing of the face. I have only a two week frame for recovery before heading back to work as a teacher and he assures me that is completely doable. For information purposes because Dr. Nease has developed the Revalift here is the details on it as per his website:

"RevaLift is a new concept developed by Dr. Carey Nease here at Southern Surgical Arts. It is designed to provide mid-range facial rejuvenation for women and men who want to combat signs of aging. Results are more extensive than a laser face lift but not as comprehensive as a full cosmetic face lift.

RevaLift differs from a cosmetic face lift in several ways. It focuses on revitalizing the lower face, targeting the upper neck and jowl. It does not address the eyes or brow or the lower neck. The procedure is recommended for adults who have developed mild to moderate jowls or excess skin on the upper neck, and perhaps some deep laugh lines around their mouth. RevaLift is a surgical procedure that typically takes about an hour and a half. It is performed using local anesthetic and IV sedation. First, the surgeon uses a laser to melt fat under the skin and heat the skin. This allows for shorter incisions, helps the skin tighten as it heals, and reduces downtime. The surgeon then makes incisions (about half the length of those needed for a cosmetic face lift) and removes excess skin. Before closing, deep stitches are put into the muscles in front of the ears, which enables results to last longer.

Because the incisions are so much smaller, scars are smaller. They are well-hidden along the hair line, in the ear and part way up the backside of the ear. Following surgery, most patients will experience only modest swelling or bruising. Total downtime is 7-10 days, compared to two to three weeks for a cosmetic face lift."

I will post "before" photos soon :-)

Quick Addition to Review

My surgery is scheduled for Dec. 16 and I have two weeks home for recovery before going back to work. I am pretty sure other than some residual swelling I won't have much in the way of issues going back to work from the facelift. A little more concerned about the laser resurfacing recovery but Dr. Nease assures me that I will be ready. I of course will be scouring all reviews here on to see how others have done and are doing with their recoveries!
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