Second Breast Reduction-32DDD - Chattanooga, TN

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Hello again! After my procedure in January 2016, I...

Hello again! After my procedure in January 2016, I was a 32DDD and wanted to go smaller. So we went back in! I am currently 8days post-op and I feel much better than I did the first go around. I took pain meds for 4 days following the procedure and stopped because they made me constipated and I am not a fan of medicine. The pain is moderate and tolerable, but very uncomfortable. Sleep is very hard and uncomfortable as well. This time around I have experienced some spasms in my right breast as if my breast muscles are clenching. So far I am very very VERY happy!! My breast are small and I cannot wait for theme to heel.

Two Weeks Post-Op

I am two week post-op now and I have mild discomfort. Sleeping is still very difficult and uncomfortable. I am slightly propped up, but find myself turning to my sides throughout the night. My breast are starting to itch and I find myself scratching around the tape. I will post 3 week post op pictures without the tape soon.

4 Weeks Post Op

I am now 4 weeks post op and I am feeling much better. I still cannot lift heavy objects, which is expected, but I have resumed most of my normal activities. Here are some pictures.
Dr. James E White

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