24 Years Old and So Far Loving the New Me!

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All of the women in family are big chested...

All of the women in family are big chested including myself. I knew since puberty that I wanted to do Something about it when I was able. Yesterday was finally the day!

At 8 years old, even the little boys in my class would be trying to look down my shirt. Anywhere we'd go, my mom was always being momma bear when she would see an old man staring at meand go dry something to them like "she's 11 years old Don't you dare keep staring at my daughter!" It was so embarrassing. I was pretty much confined to t shirts my whole life. Even my mom would get upset with the way I looked as I enjoyed the freedom of wearing a tank top in the comfort of my own house with just me and my mom And say things like "go put on a shirt!" Or "I better never ever see you wear anything like that outside of this house! Do you understand?" Like It was my fault somehow. Not like I was going to anyway...I was embarrassed of them too. I was never really one who enjoyed having large breasts. I never considered them fun or a blessing.

One I got married I gained a bit of weight, making my Breasts somewhat larger but have since lost most of it. Of course the boobs didn't go anywhere though.

Now that hubby and I have pretty good jobs (we Work at a health insurance company) and health insurance we decided now is the time. The authorization was a piece of cake since I actually used to work in that department..I was pretty familiar with all of the criteria and what it took to get them to approve it. My insurance company actually took my 3 years of massage therapy as conservative medical management. I actually ended up not haVing to have any Kind of xray s or mris to show that there was nothing else wrong with me. If you guys have any questions if you're getting denials or anything let me know and I'll try to help explain.

I went to Dr Mark Leech in the Chattanooga area and from the first second I met him I was impressed. He's very smart and quick witted, allowed me to bring my husband and mom to my pre op appointment to meet him and answered any questions they had.

I had my surgery yesterday. As soon as I came out of surgery and was in the recovery room I was in a lot of pain in my incision site. I remember not having enough energy to talk but tried spelling out in sign language "ow" over and over again... but I realized that it jUst looked like I was saying "0-3" and they had no idea what I was doing lol! eventually I was able to talk and tell them and they got me on some meds pretty quickly. I was hoping to be out of the hospital by about noon or 1 but I got so queasy anytime they'd move me or I'd look around our keep my eyes open too long I didn't want to try to get in a moving vehicle. The nurse gave me some medication that dissolved on my tongue for the nausea and about 30 minutes later I was ready to go. I kept my eyes closed the whole ride home just in case.

When I got home I was in and out for a bit. Slept an hour here and there. .. but I found it difficult to pee for some reason. I normally pee every hour during the day but I've only been going on 4 hr increments despite all the fluids I'm drinking. Not sure what that's about yet.

People talk about constipation With anesthesia. .. so far it hadn't been a problem for me as I only do number 2 every 2 or 3 days anyway. I was sure to go the day before my surgeRy and took a stool softener last night since I know it can take a while for them to work and I don't want it to become a problem later.

I've been taKing my pain pills every four hours. I can normally start to tell I need the next one after 3 hours but I'm paranoid enough taking them every four. Once it gets in my system pretty good there's not much pain at all. I've been pretty awake and alert except those first few hours getting home.

I'll post a before picture. .. One after I gained a bunch of weight and one after I lost most of it. I currently don't have any after pictures because I haven't taken off the dressings or anything at this time. I guess I should check and see when I can do that huh?

From what I can tell so far, my Breasts are so much smaller! After reading reviews on real self for the lay few weeks the biggest complaint I saw is that girls kept coming out bigger than they wanted. The doctor would say c and they'd come out a d. I feel like there's hardly a point If you don't get what you want and what you know is going to make you happy and feel better. My doctor originally said a large c. Since I was between a ddd-dd, if he said c and I came out a d I knew I would be furious. I wanted him to go as small as he could- I even Told him at one point that I'd take a full mastectomy if he'd give it to me! Of course that was out of the question but I managed to talk him down to a b. I figured the worst that could happen was that I'd come out a c and I could live with that. However I was very adamant with my Doctor that I wanted a b and if there was going to be a margin of error that I wanted them to be smaller, not larger. He seemed to get the point as when he was making me up prior to surgery he wrote a big B in my chest "so he wouldn't forget" ha! That gave me a good chuckle and I immediately felt better.

Even though my Breasts are swollen and feel like rocks right now I can definitely tell they are much smaller and will likely turn out just like I want them to!

Also as a side note, I'm not sure how much the procedure cost yet as I don't have a bill. It just won't let me post the review without Putting in a number.

Meant to add this one as a before

I was just able to get on my computer and find this pic. this is after i lost some weight but you can see my boobs are still pretty large!

Day 2 ups and downs!

We're working on weaning me off of the pain meds... at least stretching them out anyway. I was taking them regularly every 4 hours and am now waiting about every 6 hours. My head is a mess from the crazy sleep schedule.

Took a shower today for the first time. I think I'll be waiting another day our two before I try that again. After removing the gauze I nearly passed out and had to lie down. Even though I still had the surgical tape on My incisions, the thought of the whole thing just grossed me out. What didn't gross me our was taking of the bra I was wearing to see that it was, in fact, the B I'd been hoping for! Things can only get better from here! Check out my new girls!

Day 3 mostly downs- TMI warning!

I've stayed of the pain meds all day m the last time I had one was 8:30 last night- it's 4:30 now. The pain isn't horrible but it's more the stiffness that makes it harder to move. It will get easier though.

So my diet had been pretty healthy this entire time as I wanted to ensure a speedy recovery. My food has mostly been nothing but apples, crackers, fiber bars and almonds. I've drank tons of water and some sprite to make sure I stayed hydrated. I also took my daily stool softeners. Let me tell you ladies, none of it mattered last night. When my body Finally decided to have a bowel movement, I had never been more constipated in my life. Without going into gory details, I was in so much pain I was in tears. My doctor kept calling to make sure I was okay. I wasn't. 3 fleet enemas and 12 hours later I finally had some relief. Those 12 hours truly make me question whether or not having the procedure was worth it. I don't think I could go through that again. The doctor said that I really needed to try to get of the pain pills because that was the leading cause, despite my ridiculously high fiber intake. So I'm off. Ive not had anymore fiber because some areas of my body -ahem- are still in pain from that ordeal. I'm just really grateful to have a husband who went through all of that for me. The whole thing was just embarrassing and I hope it doesn't continue.

I know this was kind of a downer post but I was in unimaginable pain and discomfort foreseeing no end to it for a Long time. Really try to go without the pain pills if you can our at least spread them out more than the 4 hours I was doing.

Until tomorrow!

Day 4 Feeling Great!

Today was all smooth sailing! It was Isaacs first day back at work so that left me and my mom all day! I really didn't do much but spent all day out of this recliner! I'm pretty proud of that! I enjoyed the sun (well after taking my antibiotic this time, I didn't make that Mistake twice - though it did kinda make me feel like a vampire haha), watched my mom do my laundry, read a little bit, piddled around on my phone for a while, went back outside, ate some food, piddled some more until it was about time for hubby to get home and then we made some dinner. I ate a salad while they had grilled chicken, rice and sweet potatoes. I'm 48 hours without a pain pill and I feel fine. There's still really no pain as much as it is stiffness though with more bruising showing up, I imagine that will be where the majority of my pain comes from.

I took another shower today and that was all fine. I washed my hair while mom stood outside the shower and held my drains for a minute. I attempted to remove the surgical tape in the shower with a little success but then the air got stuffy and I didn't want to pass out in the shower so I stopped. Theyll take it off tomorrow at my post op. I also attempted to get my eyebrows back under control with some success. I felt the anesthesia hit me a few times today but I wanted to make it a day without a nap, which I may have done yesterday but I can't remember too well. Even without the pain meds, all my days are running together.

I've not been wearing my surgical bra other than the first two days, we couldn't get it back on so I think it may have been too tight. Did anyone else expedience this?

I've also not had another bowl movement yet but I'm not too terribly worried about that or looking forward to it just yet either!

Oh and I feel like my boobs are more swollen today than they have been this whole time. I'm going to ask the doctor tomorrow in my post op about the bromelain everyone keeps recommending. And Hopefully get my drains out!
Chattanooga Plastic Surgeon

Very down to earth, quick witted man. No nonsense answered any questions I had. The staff were very patient with my hundreds of calls and questions. My surgery was on a Friday and we had to contact Dr Leech at least twice over the weekend. He made himself available and quickly called us back. We even got on a texting basis toward the end when he was checking up on me! Once Monday rolled around his nurse called me first thing in the morning to check on me! I was very adamant about having the procedure and where I wanted to be afterwords and he was great at making that happen! The only reason I have 4 starts for time spent with me is because I didn't really need much time. I didn't need to be convinced to have the surgery or be given much info about it as I had already done all of the research on my own so I really got enough time for ME but others may feel they need more than I got, which I'm sure he'd be happy to provide.

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