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I am 23 years old,mother of two boys, both...

I am 23 years old,mother of two boys, both breastfed, im 5'6 135 lbs..I liked my breast before having children and even after my first son but 18 months after having my second son i feel deflated and flat at the top... im not concerned about size as much as i am roundness and shape. i would really just like to be filled out to fit my breast and the skin that i have.. i really hope i dont need a lift, i have compared my pictures to others on this site and the web and some pictures i have seen that look like mine have had to have a lift but others didnt... i guess its just something i will let my doctor talk to me about. also i think one breast is slightly larger than the other... i have made a list of questions i want to ask my doctor, and one of my worries is capsular contraction and ways to prevent it...i chose my doctor based on my sister and one of my frieds from highshcool..not to mention several woman i know in my town have used this same doctor and had great results..hope i can say the same.i know everyones breast are shaped different and have a different expereices so im just trying to be open minded...i just guessed on the price right now based on girls i have talked ill updated that when i find out. if everything goes alright id like to schedule as soon as possible....any advice on how my consultation will go or do you think i need a lift and how many cc's would you suggest?

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