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My insurance has had me on a limb since Febuary...

My insurance has had me on a limb since Febuary 7,2016. It's now about to be June. They disapproved me the first time because I didn't show that I went to the doctor to complain about my neck or back. Thankful I did since 2013!!! Any who, I am 5'2 145 pounds with size G breast. I have been wanting this reduction since 6th grade.. If anyone can give me any tips please do so...

In April of 2015 I had a TT.. It was painful but I...

In April of 2015 I had a TT.. It was painful but I made it! Wondering if having a breast reduction is the same amount of pain? I didn't do them at the same time because I was unaware that insurance would pay for and didn't have the $$$ to pay out of pocket at that time. I went in fully ready to pay and my doctor told me to look into insurance and I'm so glad I did. I did get pain injections inserted to the muscle wall of my stomach and til this day I can feel certain parts. It's still numb. So I really didn't have a lot of pain unless I sneezed or coughed. Wonder if they have something like that for breast?

It's almost here!!!

I have an appointment coming up on June 23 just to talk to the doctor about what size the insurance company is knocking me down to and where I will actually be having the procedure at. 3 short days later I will be saying good bye to the aliens on the front side of my chest?????. I haven't purchased any sports bras yet. I will the day I find out what size he think I will be. I'm super excited as anyone else would and ready for it to be over so I can start the healing process. I am not sure how much I would have to pay as of now however I know my insurance covers 90%. So I think I'm ok there.. I hope no surprises will be coming my way as far as money!

It's all set

Went for my final pre op appt. My doctor said he would take me from a G to a D. However, I was wanting a full C and he said he could do that. I am very happy with the way my appointment went... My surgery was over 6,000 $$$ and with my insurance I paid $155 out of pocket. Looking forward to a new me! I'm getting there. I am a bottle of nerves right now.. Also I took 3 weeks off I figured if I need more I can take more. I went back 3 weeks after my TT so I'm guessing this BR I will probably take 2 weeks since it's not as bad. I will have to wait and see how it goes. I did buy 2 bras that snap up the front from Walmart . They were a roll back to 7.00. I got a small and a medium. I tried them on today and literally it was like nothing was there. Zero support. I will keep them until after my surgery and see how it goes.. My surgery is at 1 pm Monday and I'm going to work that night as long as I can. Not being able to drink or eat after midnight with a physical job I will try to make it. I have to be at the hospital at 11 and it shouldn't take no more than 3 hours. Pray for me!

Before pictures

I am currently a G. I weigh 150 pounds and I am 5'3. My boobs come to my elbow... I feel like they are a quarter of my body length. I have 3 kids 2 are grown and I am 37. I need my body back I'm going to get there!

Coming up surgeries?

Does anyone have a BR coming up this month?

What I Did Today

Today I went and got all of my lab work done. All they did was draw blood.. No pain no gain... I also went to Target and stalked the bra section. I put a 34C next to a 34D and I can say there was a difference. I am for sure I want to be a C so that if I gain weight I wouldn't go to a DD. My weight goes up and down so much. Also my doctor is going to lipo under my arm for free. He said he didn't understand why some doctors wouldn't do that to make it look natural and no under arm boob. That was my concern. I didn't want small boobs in front but still have side fat.. CHISEL me down BABY! I was thinking last night..every time I bend over at work I put my hand on my chest because if I don't they fall out.. In 3 more days all that will be over with! Boob-Ray!

Last meal

Today I plan on eating a big meal! Steak and potatoes at a nice restaurant! I have to work the next 2 nights. I get off at 5am Monday morning. I have to be at the hospital at 11 and surgery at 1 pm. Last night I wore a sports bra, regular bra, tank top, and a tshirt and guess what I saw. NIPPLES!!! Ugh not after Monday hopefully ..they remind me of a basset hound nose.. Lol I'm so giddy right now! I'm going to try and get some sleep..

I'm here

Here at the hospital and I have IV in waiting on my doctor to come in be put the good Marks on me!! Right now I'm thankful to God that Iam able to do this . Reading other ladies post as seeing the struggle of getting denied I think it's horrible . Thank you for all the support and as soon as I can I will update you guys... I'm really thinking about food right now to be honest lol

Hey Ladies

Surgery went well I woke up on fire! But it wasn't as bad as a TT!!!!! I have 2 drains in. And they sent me home with a month supply of pain pills. I fee the pain now so I'm going to take something before it build up. I'm in and out of sleep. I was drinking soup and a cup and eating ritz crackers and one fail down my bra. Somethings I don't think are going to change...I will have to get it later in the week lol. I need to empty my drains .. Finish eating and take my meds.. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!!!

Day 2

It's day 2 and I had to take a pain killer. I am not really in a whole lot of aches and pain just a burn around my incisions. Not sure what the hardest pain is going to be but I don't want it to build up. I have only dumped my drains twice. I slept sitting up with a pillow behind me and woke up when I heard my self calling the hogs.. Ate fruit this morning ... Pudding, jello, grapes and 2 bottles waters. The coldness felt great on my throat. I do have 2 cuts in my mouth do to them putting the tube down my throat. Happens all the time . So let's do a tally of what my doctor is going to find down my bandage.. Part of a ritz cracker, a little dried up pudding and a grape... I need a bib ASAP! lol

Day 3

Woke up in discomfort pain seems to be getting worse. However, I do not tolerate pain as well as others. I am still on soups and fruit with high protein. I just want to promote healing and eating healthy and drinking nothing but water will help that. The pain is harsh if I get cold and my nipples get hard so I try to stay warm. I'm addicted to rubbing them just because I can with one hand. I can't believe they are mine. I get to take a shower later on and I will post pictures of what they look like and I can't wait! I wrapped a towel around my neck so no food to report MIA. I took 2 pain pills yesterday and I just took one at 5 am. In all I think I have downed 5 since Monday. Yesterday I waited to long and the pain had me in a tipsy I will NOT let it build up like that again because it took about 2 hours to kick in. However, I will start taking half of one. And I have yet to have a BM. I will take something to get that going. Dr P probably. I am still releasing fluid in my drains about 30 ml or cc a day it is getting lighter. So my Mom came over to wash me up yesterday and as she was washing my back she said what is this and stuck her finger in it.. I screamed! Yeap a lipo hole. Gotta love my Mom she can't see a Sprite can that she has lost only to realize it's in her hand but she can see a tiny hole in my back! ????????????

Pat Summit

Rest in heaven Pat Summit. The best coach ever!! She kinda scared me but she was super passionate about her job and the game??????


Ok ladies I just took my first shower and got a peek at the girls for the first time.. To be uneaten I almost fainted. I had to lay down for a minute because it was so over-whelming. I haven't been this small since 4th grade. I sat and looked at them for about 30 minutes. I did get a little sick to the stomach because I am so flat but I know they will drop into position correctly. I did have lipo marks on the back of my neck and my sides including my under arm. It was at no additional charge. I requested it so that I could look more proportional. I was able to retrieve the food from the past few days and it made me chuckle. Took my mind off the size and the situation. My discharge is getting lighter and less on one side than the other. I took several pic. The girls are up high and they will fall for a natural look. I have had a head ache for about 8 hours I think it's just because I haven't had any pain meds so I did take half of one to wing myself off of it. Going to get some sleep see you ladies tomorrow


I think I am having a reaction towards the antibiotic cephalexin every time I take it my head aches are worse even when they seem to be subsiding . If I am up walking around I can feel the sickness lifting but laying down after I just took them I feel sick again with the head pounding.. I will call my doctor in a few...I haven't had a pain pill since the half I took yesterday .. Really don't need anything Although the zingers do hit pretty hard

Day 5

Things are going so much better.. Haven't been on pain meds the last few days. Found out that showers are my life. I have a sports chair that I sit in the tub and let the water hit my back. I did lay down a little bit more reclined and was in discomfort when I sat up. Lesson learned! Any who I'm eating healthy no fried foods and also no caffeine . I have on a small sports bra that I got at Walmart clearance for 7 bucks and it's actually doing the job. I will post pictures of that later. I forgot to do that after I got out the shower but I do have before pics. I think my left looks bigger than my right.. My right side of my body is bigger than my left normally and he did note that just wondering if he didn't over do the right.. I know I'm still swollen and it wouldn't matter to me if it was off a tad..

1 week update

I went to JCPenny and I got 3 braletts and they were $20! I can't believe it... And I got them in a size Medium.. One thing I'm noticing are the stretch marks on my chest they look like tiger marks or lawn mower marks! They are dropping nicely and I massage them every chance I get ! With one hand! It's so weird I don't have to gather them together. They are where they are suppose to be! If anyone has had issues with stretch marks please let me know what you use to take them away

Bras From JCPenny

Today I got the drains taken out! I feel like I am out of jail! As of right now they are so swollen you can't tell that I got a BR unless I take my bra off and they are still standing up! For right now. It doesn't matter to me if you can tell that they are smaller visually as long as I can feel it in my back and neck. I will post pic in the bras that I got from Penny's later the drains are a little painful right now. My nipples are extremely sensitive . Just a thin sheet over them makes me shiver! I do have pictures of them I will post now. My doctor told me not to wear any bras right now and not to go buy tons of sports bras. He said that I was swollen and will go down a size. These brallets are size medium and the brown one is so soft and more of a shaper. It was regular $14 but I got it for $10. The white and black was a set and I got it for 10 as well. The white and black one hook together in the back to make it a razor back. Super cute. I do like the brown one better because it comes past my stitches and the other two stop right at them. I bought one from Walmart that hooks up the front. Get this was 7 bucks!! I went to the doctors and asked for an extra one and they said it was $15.. SAME EXACT LOOK different name. Nah I passed. To sum it up Walmart sales the same exact kind of bra that they sent me home in from surgery.

2 weeks and 4 days post op

I went for my second visit to the doctor yesterday and he took my strips off and said that I was healing fine with no issues at all. He told me not to go bra shopping as of yet because I am still swollen some. He said I will probably be in a D cup which I can't say that I am happy about. I wanted a C cup! I will suck that up. I did get sized today and she put me in a 36C. The issues that I have with the brallet sits that a medium fits me around the waist but a little snug in the cup. A large is more comfortable but it's little support in the cup and around the waist. So I just get medium because I still have the big boob complex and think I have to feel the bra to know that it's working! They stay in place perfectly on their own. Also they jiggled today.. The harness is going away and the shape is coming along nicely. I still feel big though. Not huge like before but just big.. I did get a bikini top for my vaca next month. I got a large just to be safe.. If you have any questions feel free to ask

One month update

I feel great! I went out yesterday with no bra on lol couldn't tell .. They stood strait up.. Scars are healing well and I have been using vitamin e oil on them for dryness.. My left one is bigger than my right one but they of course are still swollen. I'm still sleeping in my back because I still get the zingers. All in all I'm very happy brallet shopping... No bras yet o have HAD to wear them long enough.. I like the freedom that the brallet brings. I believe I am a D cup so far but I wear a medium in brallets still

Before at the top. After on the bottom.. 3 weeks after surgery. Big difference even with the swelling

6 week update

Yesterday I went for a 6 week update and I have something he called a dog ear on the inside of my left boob .. I have gained so much weight not working out about 15 ponds and he wants me to loose it and come back in 6 more weeks .. I may have to do revision of it doesn't go away but he isn't for sure or not until I loose the weight..
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